katana reference


January 31, 2015, 03:57 PM
Does anyone know anything about the swords from this company?


This specific model in particular: http://www.handmadesword.com/298.html

Are their other Japanese-style sword makers that you folks would recommend?

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War Squirrel
January 31, 2015, 04:52 PM
I purchased a sword from them (1060 line) quite some time ago. They are on the beefy side, thick and without much finesse compared to others in the price range. Their monotemper (whivh your damascus will have) is very tough. I have cut targets way more difficult than i should have with a sword in this price range. Even struck a door hinge on a board on accident, no chipping.
The edge grind was slightly off center on mine, but not so much to affect cutting. The kissaki also had a faint wave in it. I got it as a beater so i didnt care. A little working with a big stone got rid of it.
Fake hamon was an eyesore, i would rather it not present.
Mekugi holes were properly tapered.
Fake rayskin on the grip, obviously cotton ito but it was tight and functional. Kashira was glued on.

Overall a fun piece for little money. Very tough, but inelegant blade. For the same price i could have gotten a nice Musashi Bamboo with real hamon, or for a little more i could get a Cheness.

Yours appears to be on a different price tier than what i was buying on. Looks beautiful.

January 31, 2015, 05:14 PM
If you are looking to do some cutting on a budget, I have had good luck with this one. For the price it is a great beater or practice sword.

Trueswords.com is worth browsing.


1060 carbon, clay tempered hamon, full tang, decent handle
Mine has stood up to some pretty harsh abuse. I'm no master and mine is just for fun so I use it to cut brush up to and including 12 foot tall 3" thick sapling alder when it's time to clear the edges of the family field and a machete gets boring.

Really good customer service too. I ordered a couple of them as gifts and one of them came with a damaged sheath, probably during shipping. When I called them about it they just told me to keep it, then sent another free of charge.

January 31, 2015, 07:18 PM
We have a lot of katana threads with details on price/value.

Depending upon what you want to do with the sword and how much you're willing to spend there's a vast range of companies.

The lowest end of the recommendable spectrum are the Hanwei and Paul Chen and Chennese swords.

I typically recommend looking at http://www.sword-buyers-guide.com/authentic-japanese-swords.html

February 1, 2015, 08:42 AM
Thanks for the references. Looks like I have some reading for a snow day.

February 1, 2015, 03:37 PM
HSO, thats a great page to start with, In fact the positive review of the Musashi bamboo was what prompted me to get one.


It reviews very highly for the price point, they are still available although they aren't called the "musashi bamboo" any more.
I'll try to post pictures of mine later so you can see the hamon.

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