.308 bullet


February 7, 2003, 05:31 PM
I am currently using Nosler HPBT (155g) for working up my loads and learning the tricks of reloading. I also bought the Nosler Silvertips (150g) for varmint shooting. I now realize that I have different setups for reloading the 2 rounds (seating depths) and different zeros on the scope. To make things easy what bullets do you recommend that would be the best of both worlds (ie 500 yd target, 200 yd varmint)?

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February 7, 2003, 06:03 PM
i kind of had the same dillemma when i was working on my 308. i wanted 1 bullet to cover everything: paper-punching, prairie dog drilling and deer thumping.

i ended up settling on the 150 grain hornady interlock. the bullet was exceptionally accurate in my rifle, and since this rifle wasn't my long distance shooter (ranges exceeding 600 yards), i was not concerned about the little bit of bc i gave up; i gained velocity at the muzzle, though.

i can't be more pleased w/ performance to date.

i ended up going w/ varget powder, but also highly reccomend rl-15 for the 308.

good luck.

February 8, 2003, 12:05 AM
I've had good luck with the Speer 150 gr spitzer boat tail.

Robert inOregon
February 8, 2003, 01:02 AM
I have also had awesome results using 150 grain Speers SP.

My suggestion for learning the trade is get the cheapest bullet you can get your hands on and start loading. Some of the best bullets out there for smacking little critters and accuracy are usually the cheapest ones anyway. Spend your money on getting a variety of powders. My rifle powder selection is H4198, H335, IMR4895, Varget, H380 and H4350. Both Varget and IMR4895 are great choices for .308 Win.

Look at the picture below. You will notice that the crimp groove is exposed. That because the bullet is made to fit a particular rifle. That where you want to start, by making the bullet fit your rifle.


Johnny Guest
February 10, 2003, 03:05 AM
Your comment re: cheapest bullet available - - -
Some years back, I thought that nothing but Sierra GameKing and MatchKing--Called Internationsl Match, back then - - - would serve.

A shooting buddy talked me into splitting a bulk order for .30-'06 brass and 1000 Remington CoreLokt 165 gr bullets. Long story short--I was amazed at the accuracy he was able to get with those (relatively) inexpensive bullets and a healthy charge of IMR 4350 powder--In his rifle and in mine.

Laer on, I was looking for decent loads for a .338 WinMag. With all due respect to other brands and types, the best accuracy I could get with a hunting type bullet was with the Hornady Spire Point 225. this happened to be the least costly bullet available, in boxes of 100, and cheaper still when purchased in bulk from Blue Star in Arkansas.

I still like Sierra Game King for performance on game, but I do like to shoot. I do warm ups and big bore plinking with the Rems in .30'06 and .308.


February 10, 2003, 06:04 PM
The Corelokt is one of the faster opening bullet designs on the market. My loading bench currently stocks 125,150 and 165gr Core-lokts for my .308. They're inexpensive, and the 150 would make a fine varminter/distance round. You're stretching the boundaries of what they can do, but I certainly sympathize with your desire to have the "one load".

February 20, 2003, 04:59 PM
There are a lot of good 308 bullets out there. I like the Nosler's ballistic tips for deer hunting, too expensive for plinking though, there I use the Remington Core-Lokts in 165 grain. I then don't have to worry about differant bullet weights and recallibrate my scope. Many powders will do justice to the 308 winchester. I use AA #2520, 2460, WIN 748, 760, IMR-3031, IMR-4895, IMR-4064, and RX-15. Out of one of those powders, you should fine a load that is accurate in your rifle. Out of these choices, AA #2520, IMR-4064, and WIN 748 are my favorite's. It is best to buy a pound of each, and experiment with them. That's what reloading is all about, finding the best load for your gun.

February 20, 2003, 05:12 PM
I also use the Remington 165s and WIN 748. Lots of selection if the remingtons are not available without having to re-zero.

February 20, 2003, 07:45 PM
If you are already on the Nosler track, why not use the 150 ballistic tip? I had excellent results with my first attempt.
150g BT-BLC2-Fed 210M primer.

Robert inOregon
February 21, 2003, 12:55 AM
Cheap bullet phenomenon is simple. A plain lead core and thin copper jacket obsturates best in a rifle bore and is key to getting great accuracy. Lots of these high tech bullets are too hard which is great on game animals, but give mediocre accuracy.

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