Kerry: Records on Medals Spark Questions


Cool Hand Luke 22:36
April 24, 2004, 12:39 AM
Still more troubling questions about Sen. Kerry's Purple Hearts. You have to wonder if the reason why Kerry threw his medals over the White House fence was because he knew he didn't deserve them all. Oh wait a minute, he only pretended to do that. He threw another soldier's medals away and then lied about it saying the medals were his own.

(Oh, and Kerry also gets a 100% rating from the Brady Campaign)

Records on medals spark questions

By Charles Hurt

The military records that Sen. John Kerry posted on his Web site yesterday raise new questions about the actions he took to earn several prestigious war medals and whether he deserved them.

The Navy awarded Mr. Kerry three Purple Hearts, a Silver Star and a Bronze Star in just four months of commanding a gunboat along rivers in Vietnam. It's an extraordinary record, say many veterans, and one that raises questions on its face.

For example, those military records do not show Mr. Kerry ever missing a day of duty for injuries, there is conflict between some of the accounts and Mr. Kerry's presidential campaign still refuses to release some records.

"The idea that John Kerry would have put in for three Purple Hearts during only four months in country is just ridiculous," said Mel Howell from Evansville, Ind., a retired Navy officer who flew helicopters in Vietnam. "Most of us came away with all kinds of scratches like the ones Kerry got but never accepted Purple Hearts for them."

Upon inspection of the government documents posted on the Massachusetts Democrat's Web site, other questions arise such as the conflicting descriptions in official records of the injuries Mr. Kerry sustained on March 13, 1969. It was the commendations he earned that day — a Bronze Star and a third Purple Heart — that let Mr. Kerry request a transfer out of Vietnam and into a desk job eight months before his tour expired.

The Personnel Casualty Report from that day says Mr. Kerry "suffered shrapnel wounds in his left buttocks and contusions on his right forearm when a mine detonated close aboard" his boat.

But the citation for the Bronze Star that he was awarded for the same action described "his arm bleeding and in pain," saying nothing about arm bruises or shrapnel wounds anywhere.

"I don't want to say it's a lie, but it isn't true," said Charles Kaufman, a retired Air Force captain whose job once was to submit military award requests.

"His Bronze Star medal citation appears to be based on an injury he did not receive," said Mr. Kaufman, who now lives in Germany. "His arm was not bleeding. If the paperwork had said, 'Kerry had a bruised arm,' I wonder if he would have been given this medal for bravery?"

"They don't quite jibe," said James W. Doran, national service director of the advocacy group American Veterans. But he did not fault Mr. Kerry.

"Somebody up the command flowered it up," Mr. Doran said. "They just made it pretty for somebody's signature."

Several requests for comment were not returned by the Kerry campaign yesterday.

During Mr. Kerry's relatively short tour in Vietnam, he racked up a stunning record, based on the documents released by the campaign yesterday.

All of his performance evaluations rated him first or nearly first among his peers, and no evidence suggests he ever missed duty because of illness or injuries. He was credited with killing 20 enemy fighters.

"Intelligent, mature and rich in educational background and experience, Ens Kerry is one of the finest young officers I have ever met and without question one of the most promising," wrote Capt. Allen Slifer, Mr. Kerry's commanding superior aboard the USS Gridley before going into combat.

But some veterans say his record is too good to be true.

"Superhuman" is how Ray Waller, a combat medic in the Marines, described Mr. Kerry's record of awards.

"I don't remember anybody getting three Purple Hearts and leaving, even within six or eight months," said Mr. Waller, who as a medic was responsible for determining whether injuries warranted Purple Hearts. "And if they did, it was very, very rare — not to mention the Silver Star and the Bronze Star."

He also was surprised that Mr. Kerry never missed duty for the wounds that earned him Purple Hearts. Although Mr. Kerry has said one of the injuries caused him to lose two days of service, there is no evidence he ever lost time for any injuries.

"If he's got shrapnel in his buttocks, he's going to lose time," Mr. Waller said. "It would be impossible to have three wounds and never have a loss of time."

Though the campaign released more than 120 pages of Navy records yesterday, Mr. Kerry still refused to release medical records that more thoroughly describe the injuries.

Among the records that the campaign will not release is any explanation for the injuries that led to Mr. Kerry's first Purple Heart, less than a month after going into combat.

Although the campaign won't release one document, called a "Sick Call Treatment Record," officials allowed the Associated Press to view it earlier this week. It said: "Shrapnel in left arm above elbow. Shrapnel removed and app[lied] bacitracin dressing. Ret[urned] to duty."

"If it only required bacitracin and a Band-Aid, it sounds like a piece of hot shrapnel that was flying around and may not have even broken the skin," said Mr. Waller, adding that he'd never heard of a shrapnel injury that didn't require a tetanus shot and time off leading to a Purple Heart.

It was Mr. Kerry's first injury that already is the source of serious questions raised by his commanding officer at the time, Grant Hibbard.

Mr. Hibbard declined requests yesterday to be interviewed by The Washington Times, but he told the Boston Globe that Mr. Kerry's injuries were too minor to qualify for a Purple Heart.

"He had a little scratch on his forearm, and he was holding a piece of shrapnel," Mr. Hibbard said. "People in the office were saying, 'I don't think we got any fire,' and there is a guy holding a little piece of shrapnel in his palm."

But Mr. Kerry persisted and, to his own "chagrin," Mr. Hibbard told the Globe, he dropped the matter.

"I do remember some questions, some correspondence about it," Mr. Hibbard said. "I finally said, 'OK, if that's what happened ... do whatever you want.' After that, I don't know what happened. Obviously, he got it, I don't know how."

One possible reason why Mr. Kerry racked up so many battle awards in such a short period of time might be the command structure. Because awards are generally recommended by superiors, Mr. Kerry's bosses would have relied on accounts of the action from Mr. Kerry and his underling crew mates.

And because injuries warranting Purple Hearts are verified by medics — or corpsmen — it would have been a soldier inferior to Mr. Kerry who was in charge of determining the seriousness of his injuries.

"If the commander walks up to the corpsman and says, 'I'm wounded,' " said Mr. Waller, "his corpsman isn't going to say it's just a scratch, he's going to say 'OK

(Did I mention Kerry gets a 100% rating from the Brady Campaign?)

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April 24, 2004, 12:48 AM
Another Klinton ethical moment . If you can't do it, fake it. If you can't fake it, make it up. If you can't make it up, then get somebody else to make it up. .............

Who are the poseurs that KNOW early on to rack up the awards and citations in a savings account, or even, in this case, make it up. Is there some large, guiding hand that picks them and advises them? Or are they just wired that way (unethical, immoral, win at all costs)?

Cool Hand Luke 22:36
April 24, 2004, 01:16 AM
Who are the poseurs that KNOW early on to rack up the awards and citations in a savings account, or even, in this case, make it up. Is there some large, guiding hand that picks them and advises them? Or are they just wired that way (unethical, immoral, win at all costs)?

Kerry seems to have had the belief as a young man in his 20's that he was destined someday to be a great leader (POTUS). For him to act on that belief, i.e. to collect medals, with the same motivation as Clinton's "maintaining his political viability within the system shows Kerry does share Clinton's type of sociopathic arrogance.

Where in the name of God do the Dim-o-Rats find these mental deficients like Kerry, Clinton, Carter, etc.

April 24, 2004, 01:29 AM
Oh yeah. It is beginning to smell alot like the stench of Klinton.

April 24, 2004, 02:13 AM
:rolleyes: :( He lies just like Clinton!

April 24, 2004, 02:16 AM
I can't believe these morons actually get elected. Who are the idiots that vote for them? I still can't believe Clinton won TWICE!

April 24, 2004, 04:41 PM
Kerry's got a good mentor/handler. Can anybody say SCUBA TED???

April 24, 2004, 04:43 PM

Standing Wolf
April 24, 2004, 08:13 PM
Can anybody say SCUBA TED?

Not to criticize, but I believe you're not showing enough respect for the Hero of Chappaquiddick.

April 24, 2004, 08:24 PM
Ol' Ted was a submarine commander (oldsmobile class) in the inland waterway patrol. :D

April 24, 2004, 10:22 PM
How did Kerry miss out on the Medal of Honor? He probably didn't think of having some of his boatmates dive overboard so he could jump into the river and rescue them as they swam back to the boat or maybe he couldn't find anymore dead VC's or NVA's to shoot.
He's a disgrace!

April 25, 2004, 04:29 AM
Not to criticize, but I believe you're not showing enough respect for the Hero of Chappaquiddick.

Standing Wolf,
What was I thinking? I forgot that in his statement afterwards he corrected our thinking and made us understand that "he" had suffered, and that "he" was the victim of media persicution. I stand corrected and duly chastized!!! Bad peasant! Bad peasant! :D

I guess the key word here is enough respect. So in order to correct that ommission I guess I should have included the incident where a complaint was filed by a party guest that Ted was running around the party with his pants off. Remember that one??

But we digress from the original topic.

Maybe it has been covered elsewhere, but doesn't anybody wonder why Kerry's boatmates haven't stepped forward to vouch for the validity of his awards?? I'm not talking about his superiors, we all know how that works. I'd like to hear what the enlisted men on the boat have to say. If they haven't yet, somebody needs to ferret these guys out. I'd also like to hear directly from the medics that band-aided his dings.

April 25, 2004, 06:46 AM

If sKerry is truly the heir to Clinton, his boatmates are either inserted into positions of power and comfort-or they've tragically passed away in "accidents"...

April 25, 2004, 11:01 AM
If those of us who went to war in Nam were awarded Purple Hearts for each and every "combat related injury" the company who manufactured the medal would not have been able to keep up with the demand.
Mr Kerry's "heroic" war record was, IMO, an effort to garner three Purple Hearts and get the hell out of Dodge. It is unclear to me what heroic actions he demonstrated in a short four month tour in-country to receive both a Silver and Bronze Star medal and three Purple Hearts. As a 24 year old Huey helicopter door gunner and SAR swimmer during two tours in Nam and having performed numerous med-evac missions to extract dead and wounded, I must admit that the Riverine Patrol Boat guys did catch hell, I mean genuine bonafide HELL. I read that while under heavy enemy fire, Mr Kerry did leap into the river to rescue a fallen boat crewmember, for that he deserves praise and if all accounts are true, he deserves the Silver Star, BUT and a big but, to put yourself in for three Purple Hearts for injuries that were considered "treat and release" just to buy a ticket home, that negates any respect he may have earned from me as a 32 year military career vet. By those standards I should have several myself but I ony received one for the hole in my lower left side that you can still stick your thumb in. Just a flesh wound they said and after a few stiches and some needed bed rest, I was sent back to my Huey in just a few days.

The real thing that hangs in my craw is Mr Kerry's actions after returning from his "heroic" four month tour in Nam. If he truly earned his decorations, so be it but IMO he made a mockery of all of us who went over, did our job and those of us who were lucky enough to return home who were treated like the scum of the earth by people who were ignorant enough to be influenced my what AXX HXXXS like Mr Kerry had to say.
As for Mr LTjg Kerry's FITREPs, they were only average, just enough to be able to be considered for promotion, but I'm sure that his actions after his return would have removed him from contention for a promotion. He could have cared less, he just a very rich kid who wanted to wanted to draw attention to himself and make a lot of noise about war atrocities and etc because at that time that was the cool thing to do.
Now he wants to brag about his heroic tour of duty in Viet Nam but I can assure most Nam Vets are smart enough to see through his smoke screen. I just hope that the rest of the American people can see through it too.


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