SKS help: I did a search


May 14, 2004, 05:54 PM
And my question wasn't there that I could see.

I have a Chicom SKS that I bought years ago that had a syn stock on it. I bought it FOR that reason.

But then I got my C&R,

And then I bought a Yugo, and then an Albanian, and then I found a Romanian, and then I scored a Russian.

So, logic being what it is, and me already having a Norinco, but not original, I found myself rebuilding it back to as close to original as I can.

But the stock that I won on ebay that came with the handguard seems "short". The front lug (that metal piece that the furniture fits into) has about a half inch (maybe quarter inch) way to go down before it fits snuggly.

Now, I pulled the pin out of that part and tried to use a brass punch to "slide it down" but that puppy isn't moving. Is there a way to make this thing move down? Without special tools or hurting the metal.

I also need, if anyone can sell or send to me out of the goodness of your hearts:

Recoil Lug (that piece that goes through the stock and then you have to use that special tool to tighten it. The only reason that I made a description of the part is because I don't know if I got the part name right)

Bayonet hardware. This I know would be the most expensive piece because I need the blade, and not the spike. I would be more then willing to pay for the parts and for the shipping/handling.

Thank all of you in advance for your help. That is one thing that I love about the Highroad.


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R.H. Lee
May 14, 2004, 11:34 PM
I can't answer your question, 'cause I don't know, but you might try this place:

May 14, 2004, 11:36 PM
Okay, thanks, I'll await some posts from other boards.

Thanks anyway.


*edited because it didn't sound right, more like I was bashing or something and that's not what I meant, sorry about that.

May 15, 2004, 04:47 PM
Don't forget that your ChiCom isn't a C&R eligible rifle so you might want to check the legalities before buying and adding that bayo ... I'm almost certain that it is a n0-n0 for the chinese SKS's as it would violate 922(r) and NOT be exempt due to the C&R status ... like all the other sks's are.


May 15, 2004, 05:03 PM

This is a pre-ban rifle. Bayonet lug still attached. Which means, bayonet can still be added to it's original configuration.

The actual bayonet is not "against the law", the bayonet lug would be. Since this is a pre-ban rifle, with bayonet lug still on the rifle (not to mention that it came with a syn. folding stock, standard cap. mags, pistol grip, flash surpressor, as well as the bayonet lug) so I'm pretty confident by replacing the stock with a stock stock (always wanted to say this), remove the folding stock, as well as the flash surpressor since it interferes with the blade bayonet not being able to lock into place, I have a feeling that I'm not disobeying any unConstitutional laws at this time.

And if I am, then it shows you how stupid this AWB law is anyway.


Badger Arms
May 15, 2004, 05:54 PM
This isn't the AWB as the AWB does not cover the SKS uness it has a detatchable magazine. This is George Bush Sr and his import ban that also gave us thumbhole magazines. If the AWB sunsets, you still won't be able to legally attach a bayonet.

May 15, 2004, 06:32 PM
Badger Arms

Show me in the law where it says that I cannot attach the bayonet. Only bayonet LUGS where outlawed, not the bayonet.

Also, please re-read my reply. This is a PRE ban rifle, grandfathered in and it is allowed to be restored to it's original configuration, not modified, as it was, when it was legal, to get a modified rifle.

Also, you have to look at the rifle, being a PRE ban and think about this:

When I got, before the stupid AWB:

Folding stock
Flash surpressor
Pistol grip
Standand cap. mags (or called hi-caps by the anti's now)
Bayonet LUG

Now, by the AWB standards, as when I finish:

Bayonet Lug

That's it. That's all the "evil" that the rifle has now. Bayonets aren't on the "evil" list, the lug is on the list. Since this is a PRE ban rifle, and the bayonet lug is okay, the replacing of the bayonet doesn't go against the law.

My Yugo has the evil bayonet LUG and the bayonet.

My Albanian has the evil LUG and bayonet.

My Romanian has the evil LUG and bayonet.

My Russian has the evil LUG and bayonet.

So what the heck is the difference to replacing the original stock and bayonet on the Norinco?

I doubt even the stupidest jury would uphold a conviction in court, since I've gotten all of the other rifles, perfectly legal via my C&R, and I'm making this rifle to be the same exact thing as the other four that I already own.

Shows you how STUPID this AWB crap is. If I am illegal making the gun the original that it was, and stripping off the components that would make a current day rifle illegal, then maybe you should be asking yourself, is it time yet.


May 15, 2004, 08:06 PM
This is a PRE ban rifle, grandfathered in and it is allowed to be restored to it's original configuration,
Seeing as it won't be what you want to hear, I'll make this my last post to this thread: The quote above is where I believe you are mistaken ... well ... one of the places anyway. Pre-ban only means that you are allowed to keep it in the configuration that it was in when the ban took effect. If you modify this chi-com SKS, you will be assembling a firearm that would be prohibited from importation and that would be a violation of 27CFR478.39 also known as section 922(r). People have different tolerances for risk. Personally, I don't consider it a good idea to commit a felony just because I think that the law is stupid or unconstitutional ... but that just reflects my tolerance for risk.

So what the heck is the difference to replacing the original stock and bayonet on the Norinco?
... the other four are exempt from 27CFR478.39 because they have been granted C&R status while the chicom has not. This is a fact ... it is nether just nor unjust, rational nor irrational, right nor wrong ... just a fact.

I doubt even the stupidest jury would uphold a conviction in court, since I've gotten all of the other rifles, perfectly legal via my C&R, and I'm making this rifle to be the same exact thing as the other four that I already own.
... and I'd find it hard to believe that the stupidest jury would NOT uphold the conviction in court ... once they had it explained to them that their duty was not to decide if the law on the books is right but to decide if the law on the books was violated.

I'm done with the hack job of a legal analysis, you'll do what you will and I certainly won't lose any sleep over it.

Best of luck with your project,


May 15, 2004, 08:43 PM
edit due to not a high road response, as was rightly pointed out by Badger Arms.


Badger Arms
May 15, 2004, 09:21 PM

MWOAH: The tone of your message is very puzzling considering we are all trying to help. Take a look at the site above. After you read it, you will probably still be confused but it's the best source of information available. You are confusing two laws. The Assault Weapon Ban and the Import ban are two different but interrelated subjects you would do well to consult prior to making yourself a Felon.

Now, everybody take a deep breath and repeat after me...

May 15, 2004, 09:58 PM
Badger Arms, Sorry about that, was just frustrated and I responded quite rudely.

edited for high road response at the end.


May 16, 2004, 02:22 AM
Cleaning rod and crossbolt both listed here: , in stock. Looks like it'll set you back about $30 or so. Didn't look for the bayonet parts, but I'm sure they're there. They're pretty common - just saw a pile of'm at the gunshow today.

As for the furniture problem, try sanding off the inside of the metal and the outside of the wood where it fits into the metal. Common problem on AK/SKS variants is the pile of shellacish/tung oil buildup that freezes parts together and makes dropping new parts on a bear.

Don't let internet junkies get under your skin. It's just the internet - it has an "off" button. ;) Enjoy your SKS's. Glad to hear someone's finally taking off ghetto-blaster parts rather than putting them on....

Badger Arms
May 16, 2004, 03:27 AM
Hmmmm. Don't know what I've done to draw your scorn but I'll leave it at what has been said already. Good luck to ya.

Zeke Menuar
May 16, 2004, 08:33 AM

If you get the correct answer to your question, and you don't like it, quit running your mouth, make changes to your SKS and stop wasting our time.

If you want the correct answer, call or write the Firearms Technology Branch of the ATF and ask them yourself.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
Firearms Technology Branch
650 Massachusetts Ave. N.W.
Room 6450
Washington, D.C. 20226
(202) 927-7777


May 16, 2004, 10:43 AM
yankytrash, thank you for that link.

To respond:

I did call the ATF. The Norinco is on the C&R list. As with the Yugo SKS's, it is not listed on the booklet that came with the license. Same as many other firearms are not listed but are C&R.

The rifle can be put back into it's Original configuration. Since the rifle had a wood stock, bayonet, cleaning rod, etc.., the same as any other SKS, it is legal to put the rifle back together.

It cannot have any type of "modern" configuration. To put this rifle back together, it cannot have a flash hider, folding stock, etc. but MUST be built or returned to it's original military (as issued) config.

That is why I had to:

Find a stock with the blade bayonet cut and not the spike. The Norinco came with a blade, not a spike.

Find a blade bayonet, even though I have a spike in my parts box, this norinco came with a blade, and cannot be put together with the spike.

Find a fixed 10rd box to replace the removable 30rd.

Remove the flash hider, the syn. stock and any other "modern" parts.

As was with this original post, I was looking for parts to put this rifle back to it's ORIGINAL configuration. If you believed that I was doing something that I should not have, and posted your thoughts on the subject, and I replied that I had checked with the atfe then it should have stayed at that, without any type of "button pushing" that went on last night. I am guilty of responding when I should not have.

And, like any other Federal service or branch, if there are any others on the board who are lawyers, or C&R holders, or FFL001 holders that thinks that maybe this is too much of a grey area, then I would gladly take their advice to make a followup call before placing the rifle back to it's original condition.

Thank you and again I apologize to the mods and admins of the High Road for my defending myself but in a not so High Road way.


May 16, 2004, 11:10 AM
Also, after more research, below is the definition of an Assault Rifle:

This law banned rifles that had detachable magazines and two or more of the following characteristics:

-A folding or telescoping stock

-A pistol grip

-A bayonet mount

-A flash suppressor, or threads to attach one (a flash suppressor reduces the amount of flash that the rifle shot makes. It is the small birdcage-like item on the muzzle of the rifle)

-A grenade launcher.

By removing the detachable magazine (which, still could be added to the rifle), the syn stock that folded and had the pistol grip and the evil flash suppressor, with the rifle ONLY having the bayonet mount, this rifle is now considered a "good" rifle. You do notice that it says nothing about putting the original bayonet back onto the rifle, or about actual bayonets in general.

The rifle, as purchased in 1992, before the AWB, was the true definition of the so-called assault rifle, it had all the above except for the grenade launcher.

So, by the same law, I un-created an evil assault weapon and created a nice, safe rifle.


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