My XD expierence


May 19, 2004, 05:03 PM
I recently found a great deal on an XD40 with 4 mags. At the time I was looking for a good gun to use for shooting in my clubs IPSC event. I was going to use my S40, but was having allot of trouble finding a good holster that would work for competitive shooting. I got the XD40 for $360 FTF from a guy here in WI. First time I started shooting it I couldn’t believe how light the triggers was!! It is the first gun I have ever shot that has a trigger pull as good as my Steyr. IMHO the two guns are almost equal. There are things that I like about each gun.

My two favorite features of the SA XD are the excellent trigger, and the grip safety. The reason I am such big fan of the grip safety is because the other night it saved me from having a ND. It was late and I had just finished cleaning my XD. I use my XD as my home defense gun. I like to use my XD because I just bought a M6 light and laser unit that mounts on the front. I had loaded mag and inserted into the gun, I chambered a round, and then topped off the mag. As I was leaving my gun room in the basement I remembered that I had left some stuff in the pathway to the stairs. Since all the lights were out I decided to use the M6 to illuminate my path. For some reason the M6 was set to off so I was having trouble getting it to work. In my tired state my mind decided that to get the light to come on I should pull the trigger!!! I know that sounds crazy, but that’s what I did.

The good news is I was not holding on to the frame properly so the grip safety was not engaged.(thank God) The trigger was pulled all the way to the rear and stopped. At that point it started to register in my mind what had happened. I put the gun down and sat down in a chair. I probably sat there in the dark for 10 minutes analyzing what I had just done. It scared me to think that I had almost shot my gun in the basement while my wife was upstairs sleeping. I am now so thankful for the grip safety. The gun was pointed in a safe direction and would not have shot anything except the wall and maybe my computer desk.

I know the best safety is the one between our ears, but the grip safety on the XD saved my butt. This experience has made me slow down and think things through more thoroughly before acting. I hope my story helps someone. Oh by the way the XD shoots like a dream, and I have had great luck shooting it in our IPSC event.

P.S. I posted some about this over on GT.

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George Hill
May 19, 2004, 05:07 PM

That was a close call.

May 19, 2004, 05:13 PM

May 19, 2004, 05:21 PM
I love the XD for the same reason. I like it MUCH better than Glock....:D

May 19, 2004, 05:42 PM
Wow. That's ah. .. interesting. I bet it woke you up in a hurry.:p

May 19, 2004, 06:31 PM
XD's do have decent triggers, but thats because they're single action.

May 19, 2004, 06:32 PM
See? Grip safeties do have a purpose. ;-)

May 19, 2004, 06:39 PM
"XD's do have decent triggers, but thats because they're single action."

Do I smell envy from a Glock owner? J/K:D

May 19, 2004, 11:27 PM
XD's are good shooting guns, but I would never trade my Glock for one.

May 19, 2004, 11:51 PM
Hmm I am checking here. I don't remember ever mentioning Glock in my post. I didn't want this to turn into a Glock vs XD thread, but I suppose as close as they are that is inevitable.

They do have a good trigger, but I don't think SA is admitting to it being a Single Action. It sure feels like one though.

May 20, 2004, 12:14 AM
it's single action. rearward motion of the slide fully cocks the striker, and the trigger simply releases it. they prefer to market it as the ultra safety action or whatever.

May 20, 2004, 06:48 AM
Sort of like Glock marketing their DAO as a "safe action?"

Kahr carrier
May 20, 2004, 08:06 AM
Wow glad it didnt go off,but it does make you more careful after something like that happens.;)

May 20, 2004, 08:56 AM
Wow! That sounds like a pretty scary experience. However, don't let it get you down too much--just consider it one of Life's Important Lessons and move on. On the upside, you'll probably be doubly conscious of safe firearms handling practices from now on. :D

Congratulations on getting the XD! It is certainly a sweet-shooting gun. I have had a XD-40 Tactical since early 2002 (one of the first brought into this country, if Springfield are to be believed), and have put well over 12,000 handloaded rounds through it without a single jam of any sort. It's the pistol that follows me to the range all the time, and I continue to be amazed by its accuracy, ergonomics and utter reliability.

Oh, and hop on over to when you have time.

By the way, how did your Steyr fare at the hands of Mac's Shootin' Iron Restorations?


(See? I did not once mention the word "Glock" in this po.... OH CRAP!!!)

May 20, 2004, 01:34 PM
Don't worry about it dleong Glock isn't a dirty word. At least not here, if you were over at then you might have a problem.

May 20, 2004, 02:30 PM
eh, 90% of the threads over there are either a: omg, 40/357 mags in an xd9! b: 40 or 357, which should i get? or c: i can't decide, xd9 or glock 19?

plenty of discussion of glocks over there. friendly, too :)

Badger Arms
May 20, 2004, 08:12 PM
Remind me never to ask you to light my cigarette! :what: :what: :uhoh:

Now, is that Powder, Wadding, Shot or the other way around?

One of my two Negligent Discharges involved a broken extractor (actually missing) on a cheap blowback 22 pistol. I remember there was a round in the chamber so I was attempting to clear the gun however I didn't realize that the chamber was still loaded. This comes from years of just pulling back on the slide and looking. DIDN'T LOOK WELL ENOUGH. Funny, after my ears stopped ringing, I looked for the bullet hole and/or the case and found neither. It was in a crowded garage and I had the gun pointed in a 'safe' direction.

The other ND was when I had the gun pointing down at about 45 degrees and as I placed my finger in the trigger guard, the gun went off. Come to find out, somebody had given this Blackhawk a 'trigger job'. How nice of them. Scared the heck out of me. I tried the rest of the cylinder and was having trouble getting the gun NOT to go off. Sent it to Ruger for a refinish and replacement parts.

May 20, 2004, 09:38 PM
XD is a single action?? OHHH yea thats what it is...HAD to keep it away from the GROCKS in IDPA:D

I LOVEEE my springy....I was gonna buy a CROCK before I aquired the Springy XD-9C (MY PRECIOUSSSSS!) I wonder WHY anyone would buy a Grock:D

I am convinced that Gaston Grock SOMEHOW ripped off the design for his 17 from the Croation's:neener:

Thanks for the story Sturmruger...

The above post was written MOSTLY in jest

May 21, 2004, 10:28 AM
...TODAY is the DAY!!! I pick my XD40 from my FFL at 3pm. Can't hardly wait!

Hey sturmruger wanna hear something interesting? Mine's coming from WI too.


May 21, 2004, 11:12 AM
I am saving my pennies to buy a Barsto barrel so I can shoot 9mm out of my .40. A 9mm barrel is going to cost $200! The gun only cost me $360.

who me
May 21, 2004, 04:14 PM
I'm really interested in the sub-compact 9mm XD. seems a lot people likes this little gun.

May 21, 2004, 04:24 PM
That's crazy. Glad the safety worked! Glad also about not having a ND. I wonder how many times grip safeties have worked in that way?

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