May 25, 2004, 12:02 PM
An interesting aside on the range during the Springer accuracy test.

A guy that I'd seen a few times, but never had much conversation with approached me as I was about to start burnin' up the rest of my ammo. He had a Kahr Auto Ordnance with a busted extractor. He told me that another shooter in the bay told him to walk over and ask me about it since it was the third one in about a thousand rounds. The original and two Wilson Bulletproof parts.

I gave him one of my range spares...I carry a couple with me for the shooters who bought guns with MIM extractors and find themselves 25 miles from home with 200 rounds of ammo and a busted extractor...

He thanked me and went back to his bay. About a hundred rounds later, he's back. Busted extractor. (The one I gave him was MIM. I'm a nice guy, but I ain't nice enough to give away new Hardcore extractors)

I put a Hardcore extractor in the gun and started tryin' to figger it out. Good ammo..check! Magazines...check! The guy didn't drop the slide on a chambered round. No sign of a push-feed/extractor hook snapover on the last round...check!

Then I remembered! I opened up the bag and got my handy-dandy Go/ No-Go gauges and dropped in the Go gauge first. It dropped in and stopped with the rim about a 32nd inch below flush with the hood. I dropped in the No-Go, and it went a smidgen below flush. The gun was headspacing on the extractor instead of on the chamber shoulder!
Bad scene!

I looked a little closer at the slide, and the shoulder behind the hook was protruding ever-so-slightly out of the breechface, and taking a hit every time the gun fired...which wasn't helping anything. Soooo...the slide was out-of-spec too. Badder scene!

If you're getting broken extractors...even the good ones with a lifetime warranty...check these two areas. He'll be sendin' the gun back to Kahr any minute now...



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Oscar Orum
May 25, 2004, 12:37 PM
Tuner, You are indeed a wealth and most generous to share.
Is this suitable to put in the 1911 clinic thread?

May 25, 2004, 01:33 PM
Oscar asked:

Is this suitable to put in the 1911 clinic thread?

I guess so...but it's rare to see one with the headspace that far out, that
it might be 20 years before I'd run into it again. Whoever chambered that barrel was asleep at the wheel, no doubt.

If it's okay with kaylee, I'll stick it in the thread.



March 26, 2007, 07:39 AM
"Had he dropped the slide on a chambered round, nope, check"
When loading my carry weapon, I drop a round in the chamber, drop the slide,set the safety, insert the magazine, holster it and off I go.
So, I just learned I'm a DUMB ASS, in this respect.
Could have broken my extractor, and then got in a tactical situation, and reduced 7 rounds to 1 or maybe none.
Today it's strip 6 weapons and inspect exctractors for damage, maybe do some repairs.
Makes sense, but never crossed my mind.
Thanx for the lesson.

March 26, 2007, 06:19 PM
Not that Auto Ordnance has ever had any problems or anything:rolleyes: but....

As far as another headspace issue, check out this thread:

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