Suffered a firearm theft??


May 29, 2004, 12:01 AM
Every now and again I read in a thread where someone mentions having had ''gun X'' stolen.

I am interested to get a feel for the theft methods ... just to better review security. Remember the guy who had a load of stuff stolen in NY state?? I cannot unfortunately find the link. I printed off his list and went into local police to distribute the info. We have had no feedback on that at all .. so I guess no news - is bad news:(

Like most here, I tell very few about my interest - let along let em see stuff and where it's kept .. safest way I think. Anyways ... to those who have suffered a theft .. do tell what were the circumstances. Was it carelessness?? Was it poor security?? Whatever... Might be interesting to review this subject for all of us.

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May 29, 2004, 12:21 AM
-When the stolen wrecker backed in Through the front of business and hauled away the Big safe...the bonus for them were some of my guns.

-After the tornado and flooding ,and I finally made it home - "tourists" I guess wanted momento's.

-Guns in a safe that suffers a fire don't count I know- still means one is without the firearms tho'.

-Loaned a "relative" my most sentimental gun... stolen by half bro for dope while trusted in thier care.

-Wrecking yard said no gun in vehicle, when they retreived my car after it was totaled. Once I recovered and saw what was left [ and how lucky I was] everything else seemed to have arrived just fine.

-Repeat the above post - add 4 guns that turned up missing from a locked truck...that required prying the darn thing open with special tools. 2 cases of ammo and $3k in cash. I swear that trunk did not suffer that damage in accident...granted stuff looks weird from Ambulance...still tho...

May 29, 2004, 12:24 AM
I kept my first 1911 in my glove box, stolen from there. I always locked my doors when it was in there. Either I forgot, or they found the hideakey. I suspect I left it unlocked, DOH!

I also was a residential burlgary victim. The neighbors waited for my wife to leave to pick up my son from skule and broke in. Among other things, took two 870's, bastages. They even stole her scriptures! Obviously, they didn't know what was in the case. Anyway, insurance bought two new 870's nicer than the old ones. All firearms now reside in a 1,000 pound safe.

May 29, 2004, 12:41 AM
Steve ..... that sounds a sad list of ''incidents''.:(

May 29, 2004, 01:12 AM
1st time:
Bad guys must have cased out their targets ahead of time. They drove their car around to the back of the house and ripped the rear door off its hinges while my parents were at work and I was at school (college, wasn't old enough for a CCW at that time though). They ransacked the house taking our antique Marlin lever action 35 rifle and our Rossi 20 gauge coachgun. They didn't find the 12 gauge sxs, the 30 30 levergun or the S&W 38 pistol but tore my parents room apart after they found the holster for it hangin in the closet. In addition to the firearms they stole my entire CD collection, my stereo, my brand new car stereo that I had just bought but not installed yet and the electric guitar I had worked weekends at a crappy hot dog stand forever to buy... I have a very low opinion of thieves. The worst was when the cops finally caught the punk a year later we found out he and his idiot friends had tried to use the Rossi and couldn't get it to work (guess they didn't understand cocking the hammers)... they threw it in the saint johns river to dispose of it after they were done. We never did find out what happened to the Marlin (sucks because it was my Great Grandads). I apparently missed them by a few minutes, if I hadn't stopped to talk with my Lit professor before coming home I would have rolled up on a car load of armed men in the process of breaking the law. Since I wasn't old enough for a CCW at that point I would have been totally screwed, even now I would prefer to avoid 3 to 1 odds.

2nd time:
Friend of the family came to visit with her new boyfriend...her choice in boyfriends turned out to be pretty bad, he supplemented his income by burglarizing homes. He drove up from Miami a few weeks later, busted the front door and walked over to the alarm panel cutting the wire bundle from the control box. Since he had already searched the entire house while "sick" one day of their vacation he knew where everything was. He got all the remaining guns plus the replacements we had bought in the 2 years since the first time. He also got a strongbox with close to $2000 in cash and various electronics (VCR, etc).

May 29, 2004, 01:28 AM
Ed ..... hell and damn that all sux. I fancy I'd be out on a vengeful mission.

Makes me realize why I carry 24/7 ..... never know when some fruitcake may be on the premises unexpected .... and I'll assure a warm welcome while he waits for the popo to arrive.

As for ''new boyfriend '' .... hell, no wonder I am a geriatric cynic ..... I trust about ... no one!:D

May 29, 2004, 01:43 AM
Back in my wild, young, and stupid days, I brought an 870 to a friend's party because he was 'warned' someone was going to 'get him back' for supposedly causing a disturbance at their party. That trouble never showed up, but a street weasel 'friend' of my friend stole the 870, and had to step over me to get it. :eek: (At least I had enough foresight to pocket the shells before bed.) My friend called him later that day and asked him if he'd stole it. He answered no.:rolleyes:

Sylvilagus Aquaticus
May 29, 2004, 02:07 AM
I haven't had the misfortune ( burglar has had the misfortune) of a break-in but my brother and father have each had incidents. My brother was burglarized by a neighborhood kid who was looking for items to sell or trade for marijuana and the like. He came in through a small window at the back of my brother's house. The kid had to move a 55 gallon barrel over to use as a step as the window was about 6 feet from the foundation level, broke the window out with a hammer he'd found under the carport.

The loss was a NIB Winchester 94 Centennial 66, a S&W K22, and a couple of .22 single shot rifles in addition to a jar of loose change, beer from the 'fridge, and various music tapes. The Winchester was recovered some 10 years later during a drug house raid, but was very much the worse for wear. The others have not been found.

About 10 years ago my father's house was burgled by middle school kids who were skipping school. Their school was 2 blocks from his home, in a nicer residential neighborhood, and was only one of 3 hit that day. In all, these little cretins hit over 30 homes before they were picked up for truancy (at their homes) and were found with a few stolen items in their possession. Access was usually gained by kicking in the back doors of the residence, although some were accessed by going through the unlocked front door while the homeowner was in the house. If the door wouldn't budge, a rear window was broken or jimmied. My father lost a S&W 36 and a PPK/s, both loaded, from hiding places in his bedroom along with a moneyclip and his wife's purse and carkeys.

Once again, none of it was recovered. In both cases all serial numbers were recorded and given to the local police agencies.


May 29, 2004, 02:16 AM
I still have bad days. But that's okay. I used to have bad years
- Anonymous

May 29, 2004, 03:28 AM
I've done some stupid things in my time....this is one of them.

I've lived in apartments for the past few years. Being located in the central parking lot and shooting something nearly every day, I really hated dragging guns back and forth from my car to my home every morning and night. I really didn't want to advertise that I owned firearms.

Now you have to understand...the complex I'm in is pretty decent..but there's some less desireable homes around me. There is also a Quik-Stop on the other side of me...lots of seedy characters cut through my complex to go to the Quik-Stop. I left a Kimber Stainless Pro, Ruger Vaquero, Mossberg 835 and a Ruger Mini-14 in my pseudo trunk (it was a sports car).

I *believe* punk kids cut through my complex towards the Quik-Stop and were looking for targets of opportunity. The guns were hidden away, but a holster was left out and visible. My car was parked no more than 15 feet from where I was sleeping and I never heard a thing. They took all four guns, but left ammo, holster, checkbook and stereo behind.

Anyway...the police showed up and took all the pertinent information and told me not to hold my breath. Within a week, I met a bail bondsman who said he could probably track them down. I passed serial numbers and my contact info to him...I called him weekly for a month or two and no leads were established.

Out of the blue one afternoon, he called me and said he had my Mini-14 in his hands the night previous. He told me that the gentleman who had it was a client of his (felon) and that he had paid a sum of money for it. The story goes that he was a criminal and couldn't own guns legally so he bought the Mini-14 illegally to protect himself as people were threatening to perform a drive-by on his residence. :rolleyes: The bondsman told the criminal that the gun was stolen and that I wanted it back...the "kind gentleman" offered the gun back to me, but wanted to be compensated because he paid for it. I told the bail bondsman in no uncertain terms that I was going to pay to get a stolen firearm back.

I called the police. Long story short, they told me, "Honestly, if you ever want to see them again, you'll pay for it." Ohhhh no....H*ll no....I called the bail bondsman back and told him to keep the gun...they'll get caught with it sooner or later and I'll get them back the right way.

Well....within a week the Vaquero, Mini-14 and Mossberg shotgun were returned to me via a local gun store that I'm a regular at. A woman, an obvious drug user, came into the store and laid the guns on the counter and said "These are for Ed *****," and turned around and walked out.

I don't know who it is and I don't care to. I'm still missing the Kimber, but it'll come back to me someday. Needless to say, I don't associate with the bail bondsman anymore either...They walk a very fine line between respectable part of society and criminal as far as I'm concerned.

I do feel bad that I let guns get into the hands of criminals...but I definitely learned my lesson. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is left in my vehicle anymore.

I've done one other dumb firearm related thing, but I'll save that for another thread. ;)


Ky Larry
May 29, 2004, 11:12 AM
My next-door neighbor's punk son (16 y.o.) broke the lock on my car door and pryed open the glove compartment. Stole my CZ-75 9mm and a carton of cigs. He "rented" the gun out to his punk pals for holdup's in retun for part of the money. Fortunaely, the police caught the punks and , after a few months, I got my gun back. Never again will I leave a gun in a car unless its unloaded and in the trunck in a locked case. Thank God no one was injured.

May 29, 2004, 11:38 AM
Had my truck stolen out of my freakin garage when it was 4 days old! Among other things in it was my very first “real” handgun, a S&W 65-5. The cops thought the thief used a universal garage door opener. This was before they had the units that reset your code every time. I came home from work and hit the garage door remote when I was around the corner from my house like I always did. The door took a while to raise so usually by the time I got around the corner it would be just about open. When I pulled up to the driveway I noticed the door was still closed. When I pushed the button again the door opened and my truck was gone. Insurance paid for the truck (less than what I paid of course) and most of the contents after it wasn’t recovered for 60 days. They found what was left of the truck 2 days after the insurance check cleared. I got over the truck but never the gun. I’ve seen many model 65’s since then but never the -5 version. I bought a GP141 to try and fill the void. For all intents and purposes the GP is a better gun but it just aint the same. Like my sig line says, if your out there…… “DIE SLOW!”.


Standing Wolf
May 29, 2004, 02:37 PM
I sold two guns to a recent parolee from Stillwater Prison in Minnesota in 1985 who used a fake driver's license and checks. I sold them because a client had ripped me off for $5,000. It wasn't quite the best year or my life.

May 29, 2004, 03:03 PM
I loaned a NEF 20 and my first centerfire Win 94 to my Brother in Law a few years ago. 3 days after leaving them there, his next door neighbor kid stole those and quite a bit of other stuff from them. 3-4 years later the police found the NEF, but it had been cut down so much we couldn't get it back.

May 29, 2004, 03:19 PM
They busted the sliding glass door to my apartment off the tracks and ransacked the place. Stole my 10/22, a Security Six, and 870 and on old crock pitcher full of wheat pennies and silver certificates. NRA paid off on the guns but the old pitcher was my Grandmothers and had more sentimental value to me than the guns. They threw everything on the bed and wrapped it up in the bedspread to carry it off. What pissed me off was there was an obvious palm print on the sliding door and the cops wouldn't take prints. Funny thing was the Mayor's house was broken into the same way and two weeks later they caught the guy guessed it ....his palm print on a sliding glass door.:rolleyes:

Also had a Ruger MKI disappear out of my car. I think a "buddy" took it but I could never prove it.

May 29, 2004, 04:50 PM
Back in the early '90's I lived in a run-down apartment bldg that didn't have the best class of residents. A guy moved in next to us who'd been convicted of murder and done time for it, although not near enough. He did things like tapping power to his apartment from someone else's roof AC unit, anything he could to get everything for free. He found he could enter the building's attic from his apartment and simply drop into anyone else's unit and take what he wanted. I lost a S&W N-frame .357 and a Jennings .380 to him. I've always hoped he had to use the jam-o-matic Jennings to defend himself and it jammed. It didn't help I had a GF at the time who sold my stuff for drug money, and I also had a Remington Nylon 66 rifle "dissappear". Those 3 guns didn't total more than $450 since I'd won the Nylon 66, but it taught me some good lessons. Now I have a 1200 lb safe, live in a good neighborhood and have a good wife. :)

Mark in California
May 29, 2004, 06:27 PM
While working security, somone broke into my house. My neighbor scared them away by turning on her outside lights.

I lost a Colt Gold Cup, all myTools, and Cameras's. Was working armed, broke down my own door and found a note telling me I had been robbed. It took me ten min. to calm down enough to realize it was written by my mother.

It was the most helpless, enraged, victimized feeling I have every had.

May 29, 2004, 06:37 PM
I can feel for every one of you who has had a loss of gun or guns ... I can best imagine the extreme anger .. most I can relate to was when I had a check book stolen years ago.

Not even sure theft produces just anger .. it's more than that eh!

May 29, 2004, 06:41 PM
I had just gotten back in town from a business trip down to southern Utah, to find out that my roommate was having a party. I had been driving for a good 8 hours and felt like crap. One of the kids at the party started talking to me as I was getting a little more comfortable. We were up in my room, chatting. I took off my shirt, and took off my shoulder holster. MY breain wasn't working too well, as I unloaded the gun, and set it on my dresser. I threw on a different shirt, and this kid and I headed down to the party.

After sitting with this kid for a good 3 hours and drinking and chatting. He looks at his girlfriend and says they have to leave, but he wants to take a piss. So, I sit oustide and continue chatting with his girlfriend, a few minutes later he comes out says bye, and leaves.

THEN I remember that I left my gun sitting on the dresser. The gun is no longer there. The kid didn't go the bathroom, he stole my Ruger and left. Turns out this was a friend of a friend of a friend, where no one really knew who he was. So luckily we get his girlfriend on the phone, and try to tell her to turn around and come back to this party, without telling the kid why. She gets in a yelling match with guy on the phone about how her boyfreind is a good guy and would never steal anything, etc... After the phone call, the boyfriend asks her to drop him off at the corner, hands her my gun, and says he doesn't want to come back to the party for fear of what we might do, and he asks her to pick him up from there on her way back (he was lucky he didn't, cuz I wasn't in the talking mood). The girlfriend came back, and dropped off the gun, he never went to pick up the boyfriend.

I made a few REALLY dumb decisions with this one. I left my gun open on my dresser, I put it there while someone watched me. I went out the next day and bought a firesafe lock box that fits my gun. Also, I grabbed my phone as soon as I realized my gun was gone, to call the police. My roommate tried to tell me not to call the cops because all the drunk kids at this party were underage (the dumb thing I did was listen to him), I told him he had 20 minutes to get my gun in my hand, or I would have the cops at the apartment. Luckily I got my gun back. I moved out of the apartment a few weeks later, because I realized NONE of the kids partying there were trust-worthy. and I got the locking box for the guns.

May 29, 2004, 07:10 PM
Not even sure theft produces just anger .. it's more than that eh!

Alot more! My situation got resolved soon after when I found the GF was banging the murderer - and I never saw him again because I made it well known he was a dead man if I did. I told the GF I was going my own way, and the next day when I went to work she had a parking lot sale where all my stuff including my truck (which she had cut the tires on) were sold, given away, whatever. The manager found my bed behind the bldg where whoever bought it had stashed it so I got that back and it was all I had left when I moved into another apartment. Even after alll that it was worth it to get away.

May 29, 2004, 07:11 PM
I lost a 357 in a burglary 25 years ago. Right now I keep all my guns two secure safes. I'm in CA, so if I was robbed, it would take me a long time just to replace my handguns due to our one gun a month law. So even if my insurance paid off, I just don't want to go thru the hassle.

May 30, 2004, 12:22 PM
I had a Makarov stolen from a locked trunk by a family member. It was later found and returned to me by the police.

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