GOA Alert: Most Important Senate Race In 2004 Is Oklahoma


Bartholomew Roberts
June 11, 2004, 04:49 PM
The Return of a Proven Champion

Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund E-Mail Alert
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June 11, 2004

Dear GOA supporter,

I am excited to be able to report that there is now hope for the
U.S. Senate.

At least in 2005.

That's because Dr. Tom Coburn (a retired three-term member of the
U.S. House of Representatives) has decided to try to return to the
city he does not care for -- Washington, DC.

Coburn is a candidate in the July 27 Republican primary in Oklahoma.

If you followed the recent debacle in the U.S. Senate, you know that we have little hope there at the moment.

The Republicans proved to be totally incapable of using the
parliamentary means at their disposal to block anti-gunners from
sinking the bill to give relief from frivolous lawsuits that had
passed the House overwhelmingly.

Senate Republicans did not have one member who was willing to buck Majority Leader Sen. Bill Frist when he decided not to block the
Feinstein-Kennedy and Company assault on gun owners.

Why does Tom Coburn's campaign for Senate in Oklahoma offer so much hope? Quite simply, I am as certain as I can be that had Tom Coburn been in the Senate this year, Feinstein and the rest would have been sent packing.

You see, when Coburn was in the U.S. House, he managed to filibuster a spending bill the leadership wanted to pass. And in the House, it is just about impossible to filibuster.

Well, in the Senate, it is very easy to filibuster. One simply
needs the will. Clearly Coburn has the will and is prepared to buck
the leadership if need be.

Coburn was one of the best friends gun owners had in the U.S. House during his six years there.

I am asking you and other members or supporters of Gun Owners of
America to make a generous contribution -- directly to the Coburn
for Senate Committee at P.O Box 977 Muskogee, OK 74402.

You can also donate online at http://www.coburnforsenate.com with a credit card.

If you live in Oklahoma, I hope you will also be able to volunteer.
You can do that online also at coburnforsenate.com (http://www.coburnforsenate.com).

The campaign can also be reached by phone in Tulsa at 918-294-8352 and in Oklahoma City at 405-721-4281.

This is the most important Senate race in 2004.

If Dr. Coburn wins this election, gun owners throughout America win.
And the Senate will be transformed by the presence of a seasoned

Please join me in contributing as much as you can up to the legal
limit of $2,000 per person per election ($4,000 for the primary and
general combined).

Coburn entered the campaign late and already has a substantial lead
over his Republican primary competitors. The same polls also show
that he is the only Republican that can hold the seat of the
retiring Republican incumbent, Sen. Don Nichols.

Please send your maximum contribution today to Coburn for Senate.


Larry Pratt
Executive Director

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June 11, 2004, 09:34 PM
Good to know, thanks Bart, and GOA.

June 11, 2004, 09:50 PM
You can buck Frist all you want but he is ultimately in charge and ultimately makes the rules.

I have a hard time believing Larry Craig was willing sign an agreement with the Dems on S 1805.

Bartholomew Roberts
June 12, 2004, 07:14 PM
Any pro-gun Senator is a benefit when we are only three votes shy of being able to defeat even a straight renewal of Feinstein's bill IN THE SENATE.

This Senator has several good qualities though beyond that though. He is unabashedly pro-gun - no namby-pamby "I support your right to hunt"; but a strong "This ban is nonsense and should have been repealed". He has shown he will stand up to his own party as well as the other party. He had enough procedural savvy to bring House business to a halt and the House doesn't even allow filibuster.

Somebody like that is definitely someone we can use on our team.

Standing Wolf
June 12, 2004, 07:47 PM
You can buck Frist all you want but he is ultimately in charge and ultimately makes the rules.

I voted Republican in 2000 and 2002, and look what it accomplished. The Libertarians seem to have more to offer.

Bartholomew Roberts
June 13, 2004, 10:13 AM
For the Libertarian inclined voters amongst you, you might peruse this GOA alert from 1998.


As a Representative in the House, Tom Coburn joined Rep. Ron Paul in being one of only SEVEN Representatives to co-sponsor every GOA supported bill.

The bills Rep. Coburn sponsored in 1998 were:

Citizen's Self- Defense Act (H.R. 27)
Lautenberg Gun Ban repeal (H.R. 1009)
the semi-auto ban repeal (H.R. 1147)
Brady Instant Registration Check repeal (H.R. 2721)

Not only does Tom Coburn have a voting record on guns that even a Libertarian can love - he has actually been elected in the past and in a hypothetical match-up with his Democratic opponent, he holds a 12 point lead in the polls. Coburn continued to sponsor and bring up a semi-auto repeal when the Republican party as a whole had already written it off after the failed 1996 attempt. Add to that his opposition to portions of the Patriot Act and attempts to impose fiscal responsibility, this is certainly a candidate third-party gun owners can identify with.

His major problem is the Republican party apparatus remembers him too well from the House and is supporting OKC mayor Kirk Humphreys instead - even though in the same hypothetical poll, Humphreys loses to the Dem candidate.

Also for the record, in the 2002 House elections - there was no Libertarian candidate running in Oklahoma and the party received zero votes. If you don't like the way the Republican party is turning, here is a guy who can help change the direction; but he has to win the July 27 Republican primary first.

June 13, 2004, 02:44 PM
If I lived in OK I would vote for Mr Coburn

He is replacing Don Nickels right?

Bartholomew Roberts
June 14, 2004, 08:46 AM
Yes, Sen. Nickles is retiring and Tom Coburn is running for his seat.

He faces Kirk Humphreys (former mayor of OKC) in the Republican primary run-off on July 27. If he wins that, the Republican party will have to support him or risk losing the Senate seat to a Democrat.

another okie
June 14, 2004, 10:20 AM
Dr. Coburn is indeed very pro-gun rights. He was my representative for three terms. However, to say this is the most critical Senate race seems unlikely to me. His probable Democratic opponent, Brad Carson, is also very pro-2nd Amendment. (He is currently my representative.) Just check his web site and voting record. Check his NRA rating.

So while it might hurt gun rights some to have another Democrat in the Senate just on general principles, the prospect of Senator Brad Carson should not scare gun owners.

Bartholomew Roberts
June 14, 2004, 11:31 AM
Well, it is good to know that no matter who wins, we will have a good pro-gun Senator from Oklahoma. However, I have to admit that Democrats make me nervous.

Look at John Dingell - here is an NRA Board of Director and a Democrat. He fought the semi-auto ban at every turn; but when the Democrats enforced House discipline and said "This is the way you will vote on this issue".... Well, that is the way he voted.

I'm sure most Republicans would do the same in that circumstance; but that is why I like THIS Republican - I don't think he would sell us out regardless.

June 14, 2004, 03:37 PM
I voted Republican in 2000 and 2002, and look what it accomplished. The Libertarians seem to have more to offer.

Libertarians have little to no chance of winning, especially at the Presidential level. A vote for a liberarian or other third party is a vote for Kerry and his gun ban friends.

The Liberarians' problem is they are trying to build a party from the top down (my personal opinion is they are more interested being a spoiler than winning). If they are really interested in being a force, they need to demonstrate they can win at the local level (county supervisor, state legislature) to build a bench and demonstrate a winning record in order to move to the higher offices (governor, House, Senate).

What needs to be remembered is even though the Republicans have a numerical majority in the Senate, it is not a working majority because of the squishy moderates like McCain, Snowe and Chafee that never miss a chance to stick it to the President. Until we get enough Republicans to offset the moderates, there might as well be a Democratic majority when it comes to passing legislation. At least we can for the most part control what comes to the floor.

June 14, 2004, 04:51 PM
Although I am libertarian leaning I think it would be good to elect a Republican that has integrity. Last election GOA endorsed Marilyn Musgrave for a house seat and not only did she vote for the lawsuit bill, she also voted against Bush's Medicare expansion. This candidate sounds good and I might just send him some $.

Jack T.
June 14, 2004, 05:05 PM
Yes yes yes.

If JC Watts won't run, Dr. Coburn is the guy we want. Mayor Humpreys ( who's brother is a sports guy on the Sports Animal:) ) is a solid Conservative Christian, but Dr. Coburn has been to Washington before. A man of real morals and principles. I know, that is a oxymoron, a politician with principles. . .but Coburn is different.

He kept his medical practice open while he was in Congress. . .when some folks pressed him on it, he said he wouldn't quit delivering babies just because he was in Congress

Further, the Dems are running Brad Carson for that Senate seat. When Dr. Coburn decided not to run for reelection to Congress, Brad Carson won that seat. We do not want Carson up there, even if he is an Oklahoma Democrat (which are more Republican than certain Republican Senators).

Bartholomew Roberts
June 21, 2004, 01:41 PM
Just a reminder that Dr. Coburn has to survive the July 27th Oklahoma Republican Primary before he can even stand a chance to help us out in the Senate. If you live/votein Oklahoma, please pass the word.

June 29, 2004, 09:01 AM
Dr. Coburn spoke at Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club's monthly meeting Monday evening, 6/28/2004, and presented himself again as solidly pro-Second Amendment, a definite non-political-insider, a strong proponent for fiscal responsibility, a force for sanity in the continually more bizarre world of health care, and a dedicated Christian, family man and Oklahoman.

If you're an Oklahoman, please visit
www.coburnforsenate.com (http://www.coburnforsenate.com) and see what you can do to help him win this race.

Bartholomew Roberts
July 8, 2004, 04:35 PM
Just a reminder - the Republican Primary in Oklahoma is July 27!

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