FitWorks Health Club Posting "No Guns" Signs


Patrick Bateman
June 12, 2004, 05:36 PM
Just got back from the gym in downtown Kleveland, OH. Saw the No Guns sticker on the front door that wasn't there days before. Now I'm trying to figure out the best way of going about getting these signs down. Leaving the gym is an option but would rather try to get them to bring them down first. Don't know if alternative gyms in the area will end up posting, too. I saw on that a FitWorks in Cincinatti is also posting. Guessing this will spread fairly quickly. They have 15 locations with 2 of them in Kentucky. Fairly nice gym setup and would rather stay but won't if it comes to it.
I live in downtown Kleveland and I walk through some of the seedier places in America to get to the gym and having something with me in a smartcarry-type rig might help out someday. Now all I can carry is my folder, spray and surefire. If you saw me in public, you wouldn't think this person is someone that gets attacked, ever, but I have been (streets of Dayton, turned out nicely for me). People that know me that hear that think the guy must have been crazy or desperate or both and that's exactly what he was. Goes to show some that you can't be too tough looking to not get attacked. Just lucky he was alone.
By the way, is the site and the address for my fitworks location is 530 Euclid Ave Colonial Marketplace, Suite 23A Cleveland, OH 44115. Phone: 216-344-9267. Manager: Chas Comparato. Toll free number is: 1-877-FEEL-FIT which must be their main office.
Thanks for any help and suggestions with this.

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June 12, 2004, 06:39 PM
As much as the prohibition galls me, I would be really, really concerned about the theft of my gun while at the gym. I wonder if they get so many reports of things stolen that they are literally trying to cut their loses. There isnt going to be a practicable way of working out (at least working out hard) while keeping it concealed, with the possible exception of a fanny pack, which may be of dubious legality. If you are going to keep it in their locker the management may have some liability concerns. Before people start moaning about crazed gym terrorists, the odds of needing a gun in the gym are far, far smaller than the odds of lockers being broken into.

I might consider ascertaining their logic before dropping the hammer on them. When you think about it, public pools and hospitals also have some very sound arguments for banning carry inside their premises. They may not be "good" arguments, but I could see the logic.

PS: The first time I attended a training in Cleveland, I asked my wife to meet me their with more guns. My normal 2 were not enough. The only town I have found in Ohio that is more of a armpit than Cleveland was Dayton:scrutiny:

Patrick Bateman
June 12, 2004, 06:56 PM
Thanks for the reply sendec. I would likely be carrying it smartcarry-style so I wouldn't be leaving it in a locker. Just west of Cleveland in Westlake, last week or so a Chief was working out there and came back to his locker to find a guy going through his stuff in front of him. He took off running and it turned into a car chase with the Chief and his boys getting him. I wouldn't trust a locker in anyway for my firearm. Coming from WA state, I can't think of one good thing about the places I've been in Ohio except you don't have to go looking for trouble here. Guess that's a bad thing too. Hmm...

June 13, 2004, 12:44 AM
sendec makes a good point, but the best solution there is just a "No Storage of Firearms in Lockers" rule.

I pack when I work out ... I just continue to wear the same IWB holster I would wear walking down the street.

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