What am I missing on this list?


February 13, 2003, 04:23 AM
Anything I'm missing in the way of catagory or caliber? BTW this looks a lot cooler in my spreadsheet..

What I have:

Purpose : Gun : Caliber : Type
Practice Pistol : Ruger 22/45 : .22LR : .22 Semi-automatic bull-barrel pistol
Practice Rifle : Ruger 10/22 : .22LR : .22 Semi-automatic thin barrel rifle
Gallery Gun : Remington 572 BDL Fieldmaster : .22LR : Pump .22LR
General Rifle : Springfield M1A National Match : .308Win : Semi-automatic rifle
Hunt and Run : 98 Mauser Action conversion : .308Win : Bolt action rifle
Home Defense : Ruger Sp101 : .357Mag : Snub Nosed Revolver
General Pistol : Steyr M40 : .40 S&W : Semi-automatic pistol
Small game : Browning 20 Gauge BPS: 20 Gauge : Bottom eject shotgun

What I am probably going to buy:
Grab and Go : M1 Carbine : .30 Carbine : Smaller version of the M1A
Scoped long range hunting : Sig Blaser : .308 : Bolt action Rifle
Practice Rifle : Ruger 77/22 : .22LR : Bolt action rimfire
Target Pistol : Ruger GP100 6" barrel : .357Mag : 6" Magnum Revolver
Clay / Trap : Browning Citori Satin Hunter : 12 Gauge : Over/Under shotgun
Fun Gun : Browning : Semi-Auto 22 Rifle : .22LR : Tubular .22 rifle with breakapart
Backpacking : Henry Repeating US Survival Rifle : .22LR : Self-contained .22 rifle that floats
CCW : Kahr P40 : .40 S&W : Semi-Automatic pistol

2nd's of the same gun:
2nd Rifle : Springfield M1A Scout : .308Win : Semi-automatic rifle
2nd Carbine : M1 Carbine : .30 Carbine : Smaller version of the M1A
2nd BPS : Browning 12Gauge BPS : 12 Gauge : Bottom eject shotgun
2nd Steyr : Steyr M40 : .40 S&W : Semi-automatic pistol

What I sold:
SOLD Spray and Pray : Romanian SKS : 7.62x39 : Attached 10rnd Magazine rifle

I would like to get a Steyr S40 as my ccw, if they ever make it to the states again, for magazine, controls, and logistical reasons.

I'm anal, and so I've standarized on a few calibers:

Handguns: .22LR for practice, .40SW (Semi) .357mag/38Spl (Wheel) for work(I would actually like to switch to .357Sig, just so ballistically, I can expect similar performance from my semi's as well as revolvers, sick huh?)

Rifles: .22LR for practice, .308 for work

Shotguns: I have a 20 gauge which I love, but would like to add a 12 gauge also. I'll standarize on the 12 gauge if my gf can handle the load. Otherwise, 12 & 20 gauge.

As far as Rifles, I have my national match in wood, (Americana!) and then probably want a second one in black (tactical!)

I currently don't have a gun in my "Spray and Pray, Desert outing" catagory. I had an SKS but sold it and bought the Remington pump .22LR. (Nope, no regrets!)

The AR15 is a contender for that catagory, but I don't want to add another caliber if I don't have to (logistics!!) and also, I hate the AR's. AK's are minute of pie plate at best; and so I could get out once outside the PRK, but I'm wondering if I'll be satisfied with such horrible accuracy...

Anything as far as major catagories that have slipped my mind??

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February 13, 2003, 04:43 AM
You missed something....

Uberti Hawken Rifle
Half stock .50 Calibre. Weight 9.5 lbs. overall length 50inches

You will want to get a casting kit and .490 roundball mold for casting your ball. RCBS (http://www.rcbs.com/equipment/moulds.html) has everything for bullet casting.

This is a fine deer rifle and it will look good at the Rendezvous.

February 13, 2003, 04:51 AM
I agree with sixgun_symphony..... you have an impressive armory in preparation for WW-III but if the politicans get their way, we may be fighting it with muskets!

February 13, 2003, 04:59 AM
T/C Hawken rifle (http://www.tcarms.com/mlrifles/hawken/index.html)

The T/C Hawken rifle is a good rifle for starting out. Its a good shooter and one can get it in .50 or .54 caliber. The bigger caliber is the better choice if you intend to hunt elk or buffalo.

February 13, 2003, 02:40 PM
Armalite 50 to your list and a UZI for close in work....chris3

February 13, 2003, 02:56 PM
I don't see any themes jumping out at me from your list. It would be easier to tell you what you need if you had the guns categorized by theme :scrutiny:

Sorry, it must be from talking to Skunk too much :neener:

February 13, 2003, 03:04 PM
Where is your Practice Revolver? maybe a Ruger SP-101 in .22 LR perhaps? Must practice that DA shooting for the home defense gun. You're not allowed to cock it when clearing rooms, you know...:)

February 13, 2003, 08:32 PM
I don't have a practice revolver, and I haven't added it as a catagory, mainly because 38Spls out of a 6" GP100 shoot like .22's. That said, most women can't really aim for long durations with a 6", and so thanks, I'm going to add that to my list.

I've shot a musket before!! The things with ball ammo is ACCURATE!! I was amazed, got all 5 shots on the X! But hard to do a tactical reload, but will consider it.. :D

Still need a spray and pray, I will now be in search of a practice revolver, in .22LR (of course!)

I do have a goal of getting a .22LR in every action I own! Why? So I can take the women to the range and teach them an action, without having them worry about recoil..

Is there a break-open action in .22LR? :scrutiny:

10-Ring, the sad part is, I had this list BEFORE I met skunk... :banghead:

Themes; It works like this:

Handguns: practice, general util, ccw
Revolvers: practice, general util, ccw, homeD
Rifles: practice, general util, hunting
Shotguns: hunting, trap/skeet, homeD

practice rounds: .22LR in all actions
general util: .40SW, .357Mag, .308

Easily themed...

February 13, 2003, 08:47 PM
Why not try to find guns that overlap?

Home defense, car gun, competition, practice (w/ .22 conversion) = AR15 (when I find a fulltime job outside Cali)
Home defense, car gun, competition = Benelli
Home defense, competition, practice (w/ .22 conversion) = Beretta
CCW, home defense, competition, practice = P7M8

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