Gun Fingerprinting, the easy solution.


February 14, 2003, 10:58 PM
Let me give you a little background..

A man slipped and fell in a local grocery story, and sued. Well, he had a "member" card, and what they found was his "purchasing history" and on it was quite frequent purchases of beer etc.. So during the lawsuit, the question of whether or not he was drunk at the time and purhaps that's why he fell was brought up. The man was shocked to find out they "invaded his privacy" by looking at his purchasing records. Well, technically, it's THEIR record, tied to a card, not to him... But of course, that card has HIS name registered to it. (Sound Familiar GLOCK???)

So the local libertarian chapter did something about it. Every meeting, they would all dump their Vons cards or Ralphs cards etc.. into a bin, stir it, and everybody take a card and leave. This way, who had who's card, nobody knew, and so this was an easy way to prevent datamining and profiling.

So... All you glockers out there, get together, swap barrels and slides, and be done with the fingerprinting problem!!


The other solution of course, is to shoot very often. Shooting alters the characteristics of the barrels etc..

So all you people, get a few friends, and play swap the barrel. It's fun, easy, and pisses the ATF off..

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February 15, 2003, 01:42 AM
You would be required by law to submit a new sample everytime a change to the fingerprint is made.

Oh well, good try. :)

A current proposal in Maryland goes something like this: You need to submit a new sample everytime a gunsmith performs a job which would alter the fingerprint a gun and only a gunsmith can alter a firearm. The government claims in this proposal that they are willing to fork over $5 in compensation for compliance. :what: Taxpayers sure are a generous sort, eh?

Now, everybody likes a clean chamber right? The gunsmiths could get rich polishing chambers at $2 a pop. How many guns do you have and how often do you need the cyclinders changed? You could quit your day job! Just think of the lines!

Starting to remind you of what happened with the Canada registration scheme where they ran the government into the ground with cost overuns?

February 15, 2003, 09:49 AM
Yeah, but if we did, the serial number wouldn't match:(

I think I'll just shoot it until the fingerprint changes.

February 16, 2003, 12:35 PM
Well, let's just outlaw toothpaste then!! I mean, toothpaste is one of the things used to alter fingerprints, not to mention it's a tool of the devil...

If we outlaw toothpaste, we can then mirror England's gun laws AND their dental hygiene habits.:D

Seriously, I don't understand how you can resubmit for a fingerprint change... I go to the range, shoot 200 rounds, what I have to resubmit a change form now??

fine, we all fill them out, and send it to are respective congressman's house... It will be like the scene from Harry Potter, where letters keep dropping in...:banghead: :barf:

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