"Amerika" 1987 14½ hr mini-series - compares to new Homeland Security?


February 15, 2003, 03:35 AM
years ago I got a bootleg copy of "Amerika" the ABC 14½ hour mini-series (w/commercials) starring Kris Kristopherson, Robert Urich, Mariel Hemingway and others. To me it was like chapter 2 of the movie "Red Dawn"......

When talk of our new Homeland Security started getting serious, something made me watch it again. The story line involves dividing the country into divisions and the central US was made into a separate country called "Heartland"...... interesting?

I found an archive website that describes it and even compares it to "The Day After" of the same vintage starring Jason Robards. It is at: http://www.museum.tv/archives/etv/A/htmlA/amerika/amerika.htm

and a most unusual source if you would like to legally buy this movie ($25 for 12 hours without commercials) or choose from several similar others, check out: http://www.weirdvideos.com/newworld.html

Am I paranoid or is someone out there really watching me?

Opinions, other "cold-war flicks" or website links would be appreciated........

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February 15, 2003, 09:12 AM
So, you're paranoid. It doesn't mean they really aren't out to get ya:eek:

Another thread notes security details around Federal agency heads, etc. I agree these and other measures may be needed in times of war, national emergency, etc. I am however concerned that the structures (and policies) take on a life of their own, even after the situation that originally warranted their creation has gone away.

Since I travel a lot for work, I'm OK with the airport hassles, for now. I don't want my plane blown up, etc. When we have more completely dealt with Osama, Saddam, and other BGs, I'd like to return to less stringent security methods.

Maybe I'm being naive, but I think our freedom to do just about anything we want as long as we don't hurt anybody else is very cool. It is what makes this country the best place in the world to raise a family, start a business, be a rocket scientist, or a gun nut.

When we allow a few idiots (native born or foreign) to wreak havoc and create such a fear that we begin restricting our own freedoms, we surrender what is most precious about our country. Our government (we elected them) is acting to protect us, but organizational behavior NEVER champions individual liberties. It's about what works for most (common good?).

The greater the role we "ask" government to take in protecting us, the more restrictions we will place on our own freedoms and activities.

Sorry for the ramble, it's Saturday.

Art Eatman
February 15, 2003, 10:49 AM
45Badger, while I'm in accord about increased airport security, I totally fail to see what frisking Girl Scouts has to do with security. Or taking a Medal of Honor away from an 80-year-old man (Joe Foss). Or worrying about pocket knives or fingernail clippers.

Guns? Okay. Bombs? Sure.

But you let a terrorist grab a stewardess and threaten her with a knife, and I'm gonna do my best to kill him--and I care not whether she lives or dies. Same if he has a gun, for that matter. In other words, the best security is passenger attitude. "Sheeple shouldn't fly."

More security? Sure. My problem with a lot of the recent law (such as the Security Act, etc.) is the potential for misuse by The Establishment against any who they deem to be political opponents. Much like the so-called Campaign Finance Reform, that tramples on the First Amendment rights of such as the NRA.

Stipulate for the moment that every terrorist in the whole world has a total change of heart and mind. The laws are still on the books, the agents are still employed, and they gotta justify their existence.

The 55-mph Speed Limit was passed as a symbolic energy-conservation measure. Even after the price of oil was down to $10 a barrel, it was still a fight to get it rescinded--15 years later. It had taken on that "life of its own", with people making a living because of its existence.

No different from the War on Drugs, which was already lost by 1973...


February 15, 2003, 12:18 PM
Im with Art Eatman on that one.I will take this further though. If Im on a plane and some terrorist grabs a hostage, and im close enough to get to him. I will do all I can to hurt him severly and/or kill him. Not to blow my own horn, but i have 5 years of Aikido practice behind me, and i practice daily. When applied in an offensive manner it is deveastating. Limbs break, windpipes are crushed etc,,
At least the way i like to do it:D Not that you use the worst moves on just anyone, but a threat such as a terrorist deserves the very best:D Im not afraid of a knife,boxcutter, etc. I can disarm and break a limb or impale him with his own weapon. If he has a gun, big deal. Most people,75% or so shot with a handgun survive. If they crash the plane im dead for sure.You have to do SOMETHING! Sheeple shouldnt fly is right.;) I also think frisking a 10 year old is some kind of perverse joke. I dont fly much, but still.:rolleyes:
Now we cant even carry small pocket knifes on board! As if we were the problem. Guns are a no no. People as a whole, expect others to protect them. The cops,big brother, someone, anyone but THEM. That is the attitude that makes victims IMO.

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