Wal-Mart firearms


July 16, 2004, 11:46 AM
Anyone ever purchase a rifle or shotgun at Wal-Mart? Did you save very much compared to a gun shop or gun show?

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Black Snowman
July 16, 2004, 11:54 AM
For my 18th birthday my Dad got me a Remington 11-87 from Wal-Mart and I think more recently he purchases a synthetic Rem 700 from them. The foregrip on the shotgun had a large crack in it and had to be swapped.

Be forwarned. Wal-Mart items are frequently not the same quality as the normal retail versions even if the model numbers are identical. I recommend supporting a local shop rather than taking my chances with a Wal-Mart "special run".

July 16, 2004, 12:04 PM
I bought a Winchester model 70 Super Shadow in .300 WSM last winter from Walmart. I have yet to find anything on it (others than the simmons scope) or its performance that leads me to believe that its quality is any less than one I could have bought elsewhere, and that is comparing mine to my brothers super shadow in .270 WSM that was purchased elsewhere at around the same time.

Did I save some money? My package deal was $399.99 before tax. But if you factor the 1.75 hours that was wasted on triple checking paper work , finding a manager , and a bunch of others hoops that needed to be jumped through, I really did save all that much.

R.H. Lee
July 16, 2004, 12:10 PM
I bought a Marlin 336W from WalMart on GWB's inauguration day, Jan 20, 2001. As I recall, it was about $100 less than anywhere else. It is my first and only Marlin, so I have no basis for comparison, but it appears to be high quality and functions flawlessly.

July 16, 2004, 12:13 PM
My dad got a Ruger 10/22 a few years back and there wasn't any hassle. The gun was nice too. At the same time we got a bushnell scope. The scope had one of it's internal lenses go sideways, but the nice people at bushnell traded it out for a new one.

July 16, 2004, 12:53 PM
I've bought a couple guns at Wal Mart. The prices were good and the quality was exactly the same as anywhere else.

The notion that they are deliberately sending substandard guns to Wal Mart is beyond ridiculous.

Black Snowman
July 16, 2004, 01:01 PM
I didn't nessisarily point to the guns but Wal-Mart does get special, cheapened products. Such as vaccuum cleaners with shorter cords and less expensive motors. My Premiere model 11-87 was an exclusive Wal-Mart item when I got it. It wasn't lower quality than other 11-87s it was just a standard 11-87 with the skeet barrel but without the more expensive walnut stock the Skeet had at the time.

A Remington employee posted here a while back that there were indeed special runs of guns sold to Wal-Mart that were cheapenned to be able to close the deal. I imagine it isn't anything that would effect safety or functionallity but after hearing some of his horror stories Wal-Mart wouldn't be my 1st go-to place for a gun. Now that it's been mentioned I guess my 10/22 I used to have came from Wal-Mart too. It was a real tack-driver being as good or better than most of the target models I've seen. Got lucky I guess :) Sold it to my brother and it's still going strong.

Average Guy
July 16, 2004, 01:13 PM
When I was in the market for a 10/22 and a pump shotgun, I priced Wal-Mart and decided to buy from them. The only thing was that there had to be a special manager on duty, and he/she was only there from 9-5, M-F. At the time, I worked those hours and had only a 1/2 hour lunch, so there was no way to get there in time. I figured if Wal-Mart didn't want to make it easy on me to buy from them, then I wouldn't. Big 5 got my shotgun biz (twice).

Since then, both Wal-Marts in my area (Orange County, CA) have stopped selling firearms. A notice went up that firearms sales would be "temporarily halted" while employees were trained, but as I expected, the long guns never returned. The cases now hold only air rifles. IIRC, this happened right around Columbine time (the event, not the movie)...or was it 9/11?

July 16, 2004, 01:47 PM
I picked up a Henry Lever in 22lr for back yard plinkin. Was $149 cheaper than the Dealer down the street. Transaction was all of about 20 minutes.

July 16, 2004, 02:31 PM
I got a Savage .22 for my brother at a wal-mart in Matamoras, PA.

Was cheaper than similar .22s at the gun shop. But the wait and all the paper work and finding manager stuff as mentioned above was a real PITA.

Probably the last gun I'll buy at wal-mart, even though it was just intended as a plinker, I'll look around for a used gun or slightly better gun next time.

July 16, 2004, 02:52 PM
Well, let me tell you about my recent encounter with Wally World. I participate in Cowboy Action Shooting/SASS and ordered a Marlin 1894 Cowboy Competition Rifle through Wal-Mart. The price was less than what an FFL could have got it at their cost. (I checked – as I’m friends with a lot of the local ffl’s because of my holster biz.) Then when you add in the FFL’s mark-up, I saved even that much more. Part of my savings though went to the discount I received for being a family member of an employee. That was all fine and good.

Where the problem arose was when the rifle arrived and I wanted to take it home. I have a CCW permit for here in FL, which, in part, allows me to purchase the gun and walk out the door without having to wait the 3-day period. They still have to do the call-in check, but that only takes 5 minutes. So as I attempted to leave, with the rifle in hand, the store manager told me I had to wait the 3 days. I tried to explain to him what a CCW permit holder is allowed to do, but he wouldn’t budge. :banghead: (My wife is an assistant manager at this same store, but the store manager doesn’t know me from adam.) As I was leaving the store, I told the associate helping me to ensure the store manager knew I was calling the main office in AR and filing a complaint.

Long story, short is I ultimately ended up talking with both the main office and the district manager for which this store/manager falls under. Fifteen minutes after talking to the DM and explaining the situation, I received a return call from him saying I could go pick up my rifle. Five minutes after that, I got a call from the store manager saying I could come pick up my rifle.

The moral of the story is apparently this store manager had been following this 3-day policy all along and no one had previously questioned it. The only thing I’ll buy from Wal-Mart in the future is ammo for some of my guns, period. It’s amazing that even the hierarchy/management is clueless when it comes to gun sales.

July 16, 2004, 03:28 PM

If I had a nickel..... I dunno, it seems most managers of chain stores are clueless about many things gun related.

CCW here in Ohio has been around since April 8th and the number of chain-type stores that have posted no CCW even though Corp. policy says its OK isn't even funny ... I inform the Managers that they needed to check with Corp. cause they would probably frown on a Rogue Manager creating policy.
I can't say I'd stop buying as long as I can educate them on what is correct.

Look at it this way, you have now made it possible for any future customer with a CCW permit to walk out with their purchase.:D

July 16, 2004, 03:41 PM
ordered a Marlin 1894 Cowboy Competition Rifle

Ok, but the 3 day waiting period in Florida is pistols only, CCW or not you should have been able to take it home that day.

Edit: Thinking about it most walmarts don't even sell pistols, so the 3 day waiting period isn't something they should have had to worry about at all.

Das Pferd
July 16, 2004, 03:47 PM
The moral of the story is apparently this store manager had been following this 3-day policy all along and no one had previously questioned it. The only thing I’ll buy from Wal-Mart in the future is ammo for some of my guns, period. It’s amazing that even the hierarchy/management is clueless when it comes to gun sales.

It seem like the guy was just misinformed, and once they learned their mistake they fixed it.

I would do business with anyone like that anyday.

July 16, 2004, 05:35 PM
I've been told that Wal-Mart doesn't comparison price on guns and ammo. That becomes obvious when you compare them to other chains such as Academy. While Academy isn't the cheapest for everything you can get cheaper ammo there. I also noticed that Academy sells their synthetic stock Remington 710 in either 30-06 or .270 for cheaper than Wal-Mart ($299 with scope).

brad cook

July 16, 2004, 05:41 PM
I like my local walmart. The guy at the sporting goods counter seems knowlegable. I went to pick up some ammo for my son (Hi-Point carbine) but wasn't sure what cartidge the gun used. Wally world guy knew right off the bat. Also told him my son was having trouble with his 10-22 jamming he recommended a couple of things that helped alot.

July 16, 2004, 07:23 PM
As an add-on to the above:

I’m not trying to imply that every Wal-Mart associate does not know his or her job. There are some very knowledgeable, and very helpful, people who work at Wal-Mart. Their training with respect to the sale of guns, however, is limited.

It was just at this particular store, and on this particular day, that no one was knowledgeable with respect to the sale of this rifle. In fact, after trying to explain what the laws were, the store manager first told me that it was Wal-Mart’s policy to apply the 3-day wait. After I told him that was not true, then his response was that it was the law in the county we’re in. When I told him that wasn’t true either, he told me he was keeping the rifle and I could come back in 3 days to pick it up.

Wal-Mart, for particular models of rifles/shotguns, does generally have better prices. I was out the door for less than $600 for the Cowboy Comp rifle. The price at every other place I checked was $700+.

And I suspect that at some point in the near future, I’m going to want another rifle, and I’ll go to Wal-Mart to get it. It just won’t be this particular Wal-Mart. :p

July 16, 2004, 08:05 PM
One of the local gun shops actually sends people to Wally World to buy certain rifles, shotguns, and ammo. He's honest and says that his cost is usually higher than Wal-Mart's out the door price.

Standing Wolf
July 16, 2004, 08:35 PM
Wall Mart is my shopping destination of last choice: no service, and virtually all the stuff on the shelves is third rate junk from communist China.

July 16, 2004, 08:37 PM
I bought an 870express magnum at walmart a few months ago. I can't remember the price but i know it was 30bucks cheaper than the shop I normally go to.

I also don't like to go to walmart unless i absolutely have to but this was a good deal.

July 16, 2004, 08:42 PM
I'm gonna have to cast another positive vote for Wal-Mart. I recently bought a beautiful 10/22 in stainless for $115.00. This was $100.00 less than a local dealer wanted for the same rifle!!!

I buy my all my .22 ammo there as well as clay pigeons. 90 Count case of white flyer is only $3.99! Now that's a bargain.

July 16, 2004, 10:21 PM
A little off topic, but it reminded me of a funny story. A friend of mine was just killing time and noticed a cheapo version of a Remington 30.06 at Wal-Mart. Plain jane with cottonwood stock. He went across the street to K-Mart and saw the same model gun, only with the engraving and walnut stock, high end version. He asked the girl behind the counter why there price was over $100 more than walmart for the same gun. She said that couldn't be, but if it was she would match it. My buddy said if she could match it he would rather buy from her. She called walmart and asked their price on the remington 30.06. Hung up the phone and said " I don't know how they are doing it but I'll match it. :D

July 17, 2004, 02:34 AM

Bought my cheapo shotgun from wally world. Its some kind of mossburg 12 ga. pump. It works fine.

Getting out the door took some time tho... after i watched at least 6 people parade in front of me the whole time. (including haveing to come back the next day because of my "call" - after the one and only DWI I got... i've always had to wait at least a day for them to decide i was "OK" to sell a gun to)

Even after the call - and the return visit.... it took forever to actually get out of the store... bleh

I'll stick w/ some of the gun stores i know around here. At least when i come back after the govt. decides i'm not gonna shoot everyone its a written check or a visa swipe and i'm outta there.


July 17, 2004, 04:07 AM
I bought an 870express magnum at walmart a few months ago. I can't remember the price but i know it was 30bucks cheaper than the shop I normally go to.

I had a 20 gauge version of that gun, and possibly a 12 gauge and .410 of the same- my dad got all three at wallyworld, when there was a new gun registration thing. Back several years before 01. Sold the 12 off, eventually sold the .410 and the 20, but they all ran like clockwork.

Loved the 20 to death, it was a youth model, small and light but not too light, about as much kick as firing five .22 bullets at once, ran like a watch.

July 17, 2004, 06:44 AM
I picked up a Henry Lever in 22lr for back yard plinkin. Was $149 cheaper than the Dealer down the street. Transaction was all of about 20 minutes.

Great deal as I thought they only cost 200.00 to start with.:p

July 17, 2004, 08:29 AM
I picked up a Henry Lever in 22lr for back yard plinkin. Was $149 cheaper than the Dealer down the street. Transaction was all of about 20 minutes.

Great deal as I thought they only cost 200.00 to start with.

Yep, my local dealer wanted $338 out the door :eek: , WalMart was $189...

July 17, 2004, 08:55 AM
Yep, my local dealer wanted $338 out the door , WalMart was $189...

That's a good deal. I will have to check it out. I have been looking at buying one for about a month now. The 189.00 is the going price on gunbrokers, not including shipping.

Ky Larry
July 17, 2004, 09:16 AM
Several years ago, I bought a Weatherby Vanguard 7mm Rem mag at Wally World. IIRC, it was about $100 cheaper than any local dealer. It has worked perfectly and will shoot sub MOA with factory ammo. The Wally World in Cynthiana, Ky had a Browning A-Bolt .270 for $475 a few years ago. I should have bought it on the spot but decided to wait until the following pay day. Needless to say, it was gone when I went back. If you decide to buy from Wally World, they can order almost any rifle or shotgun if they don't have it in stock. Personally, I always try to buy from local dealers first. We have 3 Wally Worlds in Lexington. The sporting goods dept at North Park is pretty good. The other two bite. YMMV.
Remember: CAVEAT EMPTOR (Let the buyer beware)

July 17, 2004, 11:37 AM
some of the makers have diffrent grades of rifles they sell to wal-mart than what they send to distributers. on that marlin of yours did you carefully compare it to the ones in the gun store? likely yours has a birch stock rather than walnut and the blueing is likely to be not as deep. mechanically they are the same.

I bought a Marlin 336W from WalMart on GWB's inauguration day, Jan 20, 2001. As I recall, it was about $100 less than anywhere else. It is my first and only Marlin, so I have no basis for comparison, but it appears to be high quality and functions flawlessly

July 17, 2004, 02:06 PM
some of the makers have diffrent grades of rifles they sell to wal-mart than what they send to distributers. on that marlin of yours did you carefully compare it to the ones in the gun store? likely yours has a birch stock rather than walnut and the blueing is likely to be not as deep. mechanically they are the same.

BS. i can't beleive people actually think that gun makers have special machines set to the side that make guns only for walmart. not only would that look bad for walmart, but it would make the gun manufacturer look bad also. i just moved away from mayfield kentucky. i worked at the walmart there. 5 minutes up the road from walmart is the remington plant that makes the 597 and 710. they used to make other models but don't anymore. i knew about 15 people that worked at the plant. never once did any of them tell me about the "walmart side of the plant" and i did ask several times, cause this topic comes up a couple times a year.

apparently most people can't comprehend the fact that if walmart buys 1,000,000 guns they get a way better price than a gun shop that buys 2 guns from the same place.

July 17, 2004, 03:00 PM
I guess it's true what someone said: Why would any gun manufacturer want to get a bad reputation at the world's biggest retailer?

July 18, 2004, 02:44 AM
hey guys and dolls

Yes I work for the big guy at every corner ( and really I have no alliance to them but to the 2nd )but to think that a company ( as big as Wal-Mart )would sell less than second's(as some people are stating )..... Really come on guys......( I'll buy the tin foill if needed )...... my last job was to sell to Wal-Mart and yes my small company had to jump thru alot of flaming hoops to get Sam's wink but ......... and this is a big BUT they would not accept.....our product if it was a less than a functioning or performed as lesser than stated.

The rumor of Wal-Mart buying or FORCING less than average is just a big myth..........

if you dout me............show up at the Gastonia,NC Store 1385 and I'll be happy to let you prove me wrong........... you bring the barrel viewer and I have the micrometer for your reading and/or inspection.........(recently calibrated)
It just goes against good business

Please come on down or up :p and Please show your THR membership


July 18, 2004, 02:49 AM
I think this misunderstanding comes from the Mossberg shotguns. Mossberg has a discount line, almost like a separate company, called Maverick. Most, if not all of the parts of the Maverick 88 are interchangeable with a Mossberg 500 series. The biggest difference is the safety on the 88 is a crossbolt, not a tang. MSRP is $199. This line is sold at Wal-mart, IIRC.

July 18, 2004, 02:53 AM
more people than walmart sell the maverick 88. i bought mine 11 years ago from a store called warshals in downtown seattle. only problem i have ever had with it was that i knocked the front bead off when i stepped on it. glued a flourescent orange fishing bead in its place, worked better than the original brass bead. i payed $139 for it after tax....

July 18, 2004, 04:43 PM
I always try to support a local shop but one time I was hot to trot and bought an 870 with just the slug barrel. I think the price at WalMart was about $80 less than Galyans which normally has very decent prices on items like that. It was just the cheap faux woodgrain stock and matte black metal, but I think it was only $219 or $229 at the most.

Now, I will admit that it took so long to get help, I initially left the store and went down to Galyans then to a small shop before returning to buy the gun from WalMart.

Generally though, I always suggest to support small local shops as long as they have reasonable pricing or are willing to work on the pricing to make the sale.

July 18, 2004, 05:30 PM
It's hard for me to believe that Wal-Mart gets "cheapened" rifles to sell at a lower price. It what way are they "cheapened"?

You can order from their catalog and get the same rifles you get at a dealer for a lower price, as long as it is in their catalog. But you'll have to wait several weeks for it. Obviously, you can't get ARs, AKs or SKSs at Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart is the leading seller of firearms in the country. Plus, they pay their employees less, and there is no service after the sale. That's why their prices are lower.

I would not buy from Wal-Mart. I'd rather support a local dealer.

July 18, 2004, 05:34 PM
I don't do Walmart.

I beg to differ on the products being different. They do ask products to be made to their specs. Vaccum cleaners, pop the cover and see plastic and junk vs metal and quality, different amp ratings and such. Drills - Black and Decker made a WM spec'd cordless drill, wxterior looked the same, guts were not. Watches, no secret there, there is a difference in mov'ts, you get the better quality from the Mom&Pop watch shop with service and respect, or you save money and get the less quaity mov't form WM and the ohter discount stores.

Charles Daley...he puts together pakages for a run, he does a run for WM and similar discount chains.

When a product COSTS the mfg $2 to make, WM plays the game and "tells you" with their whoop-te-do all powerful being THEY are doing you a favor IF they choose to stock your product...WM will want to pay .80 COST for product...this is less than mfg costs and YOU will jumo though hoops to meet WM needs.

Yes there are differences in stocks, and features, not everytime, but it is there.

I know old man Sam has to be very upset in his grave - his fear was that WM would become what in fact it has. I will be most happy the day they go out of business.

Academy sold the 870 for $199, Sports Authority for $209, WM for $229.
I can buy ammo cheaper at AS or SA than WM.

Mom bought clothes at Academy for grandkids, real clothes, made in the US, with real quality for less money that what she had looked at with another sib at WM. She didn't want to go WM [because of me and learning for herself], but that is where that sib took her and mom was a passenger.

We went later to Academy with the sizes , and bought.

I paid a $1.19 less for Simple Green at NAPA than mom did at WM btw.

I will continue to shop at the Mom&Pop, I can get service, advice and respect for my business. I don't get data-mined, I don't support the Chinese, I don't have my personal info all over the place in a data base that WM chooses who knows what with. WM can burn in hell as far as I care.

When is the last time WM gave you a free invite to hunt/ fish? Invited you to a BBQ? Donated guns and ammo for a kids's shoot, ammo for a CCW class, donated monies to help a Elderly person get a CCW? Sell a gun at what they had in it, give ammo so that lady could have a CCW? Donate 2 dozen sets of ears and eyes and ordered the Eddie Eagle tapes for a kids teaching/shooting clinic.

So I didn't get $80 off a gun by buying from a Mom&Pop store. What did the kids, the ladies, elderly get instead? Yes I enjoyed the dove hunt, and the fishing. Not everything I do is for me, Not everything the Mom&Pop does is for them. WM's bottom line is WM...oh those cute heart wrenching ads for donations they do...tax deductions.

I'm adament about this , I am not changing my mind. I know/ have known folks in the know on this.

July 18, 2004, 07:49 PM
When is the last time WM gave you a free invite to hunt/ fish? Invited you to a BBQ? Donated guns and ammo for a kids's shoot, ammo for a CCW class, donated monies to help a Elderly person get a CCW? Sell a gun at what they had in it, give ammo so that lady could have a CCW? Donate 2 dozen sets of ears and eyes and ordered the Eddie Eagle tapes for a kids teaching/shooting clinic.

1 walmart store donates more money to the community each year than all the mom and pops in the area donate in 5 years. while it may not specifically be so one elderly person can get a CCW, if an organization comes and asks for funds to get 20 elderly people ______ they will usually get it. thousands of dollars go to local boy scout troops every year, if they choose to buy eddie eagle tapes with that money then they can. i have taken several customers fishing with me. not all walmarts are alike. some suck big time!! but saying walmart doesn't donate stuff is just plain wrong.

July 18, 2004, 08:28 PM
Yes they do donate.
If not for PR and tax write off they would not.

Ask the folks just how hard it is to actually get the money. I'm not taling about that big check presented with press pics either. I mean the real monies.

About as hard as the supplier getting thier monies. The same suppliers that go bankrupt because WM does not pay.

So if the almighty gawd of business is so great and all seeing...why not pay the suppliers, give the employees the hours to allow health and medical, treat the ladies and other employees right and not discriminate?

Its a real bitch for a single mom to "try" to do the best she can to raise a kid, without getting hit on, that can't get the hours to qualify for insurance. Oh yeah sure the donated monies are there for the kid at the hospital...that is after the fact. Looks great on the media...the single mom is huring for money and still has to deal with the medical bills incurred before hand, the lawsuit she finally becomes a part of in a class action suit. This ass for cash BS WM pulls is wrong.

Perception of the public is what WM is literally banking on. Much better than the Wizard of OZ. If this great and mighty lord of the business is so friggin great, then why are they not in some countries. Some folks have business practices against this. Why are they not welcomed? Why are they having a new plan to go to smaller stores?

Be careful...I'm in AR, I remember shaking hands and sharing coffee with a fellow in an old pickup...his name was Sam.

I have a right and a choice to buy guns , anywhere . Just like I have a right to buy anything anywhere I damn well please. I choose to NOT do business , and buy guns from folks that spit on my Liberties, insult my intelligence, abuse employees rights, and send monies to folks that I consider to be my enemy. I do the best I can , to the best of my knowledge to not suport these folks - to maintain the ability to perpetuate these things I feel is wrong.

I fight against these wrongs, I have sent monies to support my RKBA, I have sent letters to other businesses in other states that do harm against my kind.

bogie is one example of a member , and I have sent and done my part in his state...matter of principle.

So as the old adage says " when they came for me...nobody was left to help".

Well by gawd this Southern Boy ain't gonna support Walmart, I ain't perptuating this kind of business.

There is more to responsible firearms ownership , than guns.

Sometimes it requires not saving a buck, but as the man said "To thine own self be true".

I can look any person here on this forum dead straight in the eye and honestly say I have fought for Liberites, RKBA. I can also say I did the right thing by folks and my business practices.

There is more to life than money and the saving of money. If that is all a man has to stand on...he ain't got much of spine in my eye.

Oh the single mom, had a job with benefits. WM pulled the infamous BS they do and put them out of business. WM getting a "sweet deal" on turn lanes and traffic routes didn't help either.

So the WM was a temporary thing until the other job opportunity opened up - her going to night school was going to pay off. Life happens , kid had a serious emergecy...

I will never buy it.
Hell even that old man in '72 Sam) tried to tell me to buy either the $1200 or $2k dealie on stocks...a JR in HS is more interested in tail and beer...that is when he is not raising 3 sibs and taking care of his mom...

I stand firm. No Walmart guns for me - ever!

If I could and it would fly, I'd propose me against a WM person.

Gimmee a 12 ga and a 1911, one on one last man still alive dictates whether WM remains or not. I play for keeps...I won't lose. Folks frown on this kind of stuff...but prinicples mean a lot to me, and I'm serious enough to back mine up.

So do folks stand upright with a strong straight spine, and sleep with a clear concious as I do? OR Do they say one thing , support those things they claim to dislike to save a buck?

Hell I figure I don't need to fire but one rd a of 12 ga slug at 50 yds. Damn WM gonna ask permisson to think, the WM gun won't run...This won't take long.

Nothing wrong with being frugal, getting a good deal I do it. Being frugal is just part of a man's character make up. Shouldn't be the total definiton of Character.

I'd rather buy a used scratched up 870 from Tamara or Marko's than a new one at WM.

July 19, 2004, 12:00 AM
Ask the folks just how hard it is to actually get the money. I'm not taling about that big check presented with press pics either. I mean the real monies.

i don't need to ask folks how hard it is to get money from walmart. i have sat on the community involvement board. i know what it entails, apparently you do not. someone comes in and fills out a piece of paper. if approved by the community board then the money is given usually within a couple weeks. wow....that is tough.

if you don't want to shop at walmart then good for you. leaves more stuff for me. this thread was about walmart selling "second-class" firearms. not "do you shop at walmart, and why don't you?"

July 19, 2004, 12:15 AM
I've bought three guns from Wally World - a Marlin 795SS, an 870 Express, and a Rem. 700 Mountain. All three were obviously much cheaper at Wal-Mart than the other gun shops around my area (these same gun shops charge 900+ for a Bushie AR :what: and 200+ for a Hi-Point :what: ). All three are fine guns. Here are their stories:

:) The Marlin purchase went off without a hitch. Took about twenty minutes, but friendly staff and everything.

:o The 870 was a bit worse. Apparently Palm Beach Kounty has some stupid 5-day waiting period on long guns. My driver's license address is in that county, but since I was buying the gun in Gainesville, that didn't apply. Eventually got straightened out. Again, the guys there were nice and fairly informed about guns (though not THR-level informed ;) )

:fire: The 700 Mountain was the worst. I bought the gun, took it home, cleaned it, and started mounting the scope. The next morning, the manager calls and says that Palm Beach Kounty has a 5-day waiting period. I tell him about purchase #2 and he says that's not what they told him when he checked it. Rather than make an issue out of it, I returned the rifle and waited a week to pick it up. Everyone working there was courteous and apologetic, but still, I felt bad.

I might buy another gun from Wally World (perhaps a 10/22 or a .30-30 lever gun). Sure there are hassles, but the guns are so much cheaper, and the service really isn't that bad (at least, from particular folks).

Smokey Joe
July 19, 2004, 01:40 AM
(Rant mode: ON) Walmart is big and growing bigger every day, at the expense of small local businesses. You all have heard the horror stories about ignorant salesclerks and rotten after-sale service at Wally World, and these are found because after the sale, a big corporation doesn't give a flying d**m about you, and service costs money to provide. The occasional exception is touted by the Waltons as typical.

Mom and Pop's Guns and Ammo goes out of business and Mom and Pop take a job at Wally World for $6/hour because they can't compete, can't afford to move elsewhere. Poof, there goes their expertise and support for the local community. And they won't give any better service at the walmart than the high school kids who work there, because they are discouraged from doing so, just get those customers to the cashier as fast as you can. Smile while you do it, but hustle! (I have family that works at wally's—I hear the horror stories.)

Of course walmart can afford to sell cheap because they buy 1M at at time, and the big corporations that manufacture the stuff would rather do that—It's more profitable for them, too. It's also more profitable to sell less variety and lower quality goods, as long as you sell tons of it. You want the good stuff? Sorry, go to the small expensive store, sir, IF you can find one—we just don't carry that line.

My hometown hardware store died after more than 100 yrs in business, when Wally moved in in the next town. So did the last old-fashioned hardware store in Wally's town, with creaky wood floors and steel bins you got the nails out of with a small rake and paid for by the pound, and the owner would tell you what kind of nails to use on your job because he had used them all himself. The local lumber yard is tottering—I can get STRAIGHT 2x4s there that are suited to the job at hand, and plywood cut to order, any way I want it, and hardwood, in stock, sawn to my specs—Try that at Home Depot!

There's one place left locally that receives firearms for you on their FFL for a reasonable fee. Their prices on goods are maybe 20% more than Wally's. They're having a hard time staying alive—everyone gets their guns and fishing gear at Wally's and just buys ammo and bait at the small place. (Wally doesn't handle bait—I guess it doesn't adapt well to being delivered by the semi-truckload.) Do you think Wally will receive firearms for you on their FFL? Would you trust Wally to do so? When wallyworld had driven this last feeble competition out of business where will you get your bait?

These mega-stores are killing small businesses right and left, just like huge factory feedlots are killing the small farmer. It's all in the name of profit, and we the peons are just units to be pushed through the system, supplied with their choice of goods and "service" and made to pay dividends for the owners. Just like the cattle, but with one important difference.

It's all short-sighted; the corporations can's seem to see beyond next quarter's profit being larger than this quarter, and in the process are destroying the America in which we older folks grew up. And—here's the difference—Unlike cattle, you and I CHOOSE to help the mega-stores do it. Every time someone goes into Wally's and buys, just because it's cheaper, they drive one more nail into the coffin of the small business retailer. In my more pessimistic moods I wonder if this trend will stop before the mega-stores have become the embodiment of Orwell's nightmare, and force us all to not only take exactly what they say, no more and no less, but also to actually love them for it. (Rant Mode: OFF)

July 19, 2004, 02:18 AM
I agree. Good post!

I stand firm on my position. There may be "some" WM that do better than others. The fact remains there have been monies spent with the "assurance" WM monies were going to cover...and drug their feet.

I stand firm, on the differences on quality of Mdse, including the #$%- damned guns! Not every single one, make or model, but it is there.

I wouldn't sit on a community board with WM in the same room no matter what.I've participated in "service or needs" . I don't trust the local city board to spend it correctly , crooked polititicans are just as bad about PR stunts. All those pockets wanting money. Now, the private enterprises in need of something, I can get involved with - with a clear conscious same for the local Children's hospital.

Ask St Judes' in Memphis about that pc of medical equipment they were needing. I forget what private philanthropist and private corportations actually paid for equipment they needed...waiting on a check.

On one "need" I picked up the check for 1.5 millon in 30 minutes. I made a call , ask can you help with this, reply yes, the check was ready when I arrived. So yeah I am not a dumbass. I have the right to be wrong - which also means I have the right to be correct.

Tear down a vaccum cleaner - Dirt Devil, Black and Decker Drill, Pulsar, Seiko Watch, Call Remington, Ruger, Beretta, and Marlin.
In the old days when WM had handguns, Ruger, Taurus and such had different grips and finishes.

I have taken apart or observed the guns while being worked on, by a gunsmith. Side by side comparisons don't lie.

I will not sway on this, I am firm. For some we are going to agree to disagree, or somesuch.

July 19, 2004, 08:33 AM
BS. i can't beleive people actually think that gun makers have special machines set to the side that make guns only for walmart.

Well, I can tell you that some of the camera kits that Walmart sells are different from the ones shipped to regular camera stores. For example, for more than three years now, the Canon Rebel kits (Rebel 2000, Rebel Ti, etc.) available to camera stores have included a 28-80mm zoom lens. The kits sold at Walmart usually include 35-80mm zoom lenses. This configuration, with the less expensive, less desirable lens, is not available to camera stores. In fact, the 35-80mm lens was officially discontinued many years ago by Canon. (We asked our Canon rep about were Walmart gets theirs. We were told, in so many words, that they do special production runs for Walmart. The camera body is the same, mind you. It's just the lens that's different.)

Sometimes the product is inferior at Walmart. On other products, they sell the same quality level of product for less. For instance, they sell the Nikon Coolpix line for about .5% less than we do. Yes, point-five percent.

Yes, Walmart does sell some of the same products for lower prices. They also sell lesser products for lower prices. Unbelievable to some, they even sell some of the same products for higher prices. Their price for size 123 Lithium batteries, for example. Our camera store sells them for 4.99 each. You can get them online from flashlight dealers for far less. The local Walmart here sells them for about $5.75 each, last time I checked. Caveat emptor, and YMMV.

Incidentally, our price for the battery includes testing your old battery (and sometimes telling you we don't need to sell you a new one yet, unless you want to keep backup handy); installing the replacement battery (a real value-added service to some less-coordinated customers); cleaning of your camera's battery contacts, if needed; cleaning of your lens if requested, or if we notice it needs it; advice on the operation of your camera, including, if asked, what every single one of the buttons does, etc. This sort of personal service allows us to sell thousands of camera batteries a year; even though many people tell us they assume the batteries cheaper at Walmart, which they aren't.

And now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

Edited to add:

I know this post doesn't talk about guns, but I assume similar business practices apply in the purchasing department when sporting goods are being ordered.

July 19, 2004, 10:25 AM
Mom&Pop Jewelry / Watch shops They also change the batteries CORRECTLY Clean the contacts and such.
There was a number of lawsuits with WM and incorrect battery changes. They really messed up some watches. IN fact for a bit they were not allowed to.
Special production runs for Them is the norm. Applicable to guns as well.
Local Mom&Pop will mount the scope and boresight, toss in a lens pen and Gun Sock, put the sling on. No sling swivels? Well, depends on price of gun and how good a customer. Many will toss it in, or only charge for the swivels and labor is free.
When a wife comes in with the shopping list for hubby, and asks the fellow is this the [name gun] he wants, the Mom&Pop just grins and says yes. He keeps a customer wish list. They don't talk down, but provide a service. Hell of a sight to see a gun guy actually help a lady wrap a package she is excited to be taking to hubby.

Its what you do.

You teach people how to treat you. I refuse to be taught to buy because they say I have to from them, that quality, in that bulk amount, bring in my own basket and the elderly folks - we do have an aging society - they are not going to walk all over a big store, and carry out their own groceries or whatever. Diabetics, bad feet, knees and hips ...the elderly ain't gonna do it- they cannot.

Sad when grandparents try to buy a grandkid a gun and cases of ammo and clays and nobody will help them get to car. Another customer had to.
Wait until you have a knee or hip replacement you will understand. Heck, even a appendectomy makes one appreciate a little help.

Recovering from sugery and I live alone. Pharmacist deliverd my 'script, the M&P grocery brought groceries and put them away, and brought me some food I could eat already prepared. A M&P gun store ran by and checked on me, brought me some snap caps so I would not go stir crazy. Loaned me some gun rags to read and some techincal data to peruse.

I have a name, I have an identity, these folks know this, and I have respect from people I buy from.

Mr. Clark
July 19, 2004, 11:11 AM
Some people want the extras and are willing to pay for it. Some don't. It's called a free market. It includes the freedom to buy things you don't think they should buy or that are of a quality you don't think they should accept. Some people are willing to pay less money for slightly less quality because they have LESS MONEY to begin with. A free market includes the freedom to make assumptions about price and pay more than they should or to comparison shop and pay the lowest price. Or to pay slightly higher prices for some things because in general prices are lower and everything is at the same location and doesn't take up half a day driving to half a dozen different stores, a major factor.

While I don't like their use of imminent domain, and think they deserve a serious smack down for it, if all of these communities really didn't want Wal - Mart there, Wal - Mart would go out of business. If people really preferred Mom and Pop stores people would be shopping at them. Those who do already are.

If Mom and Pop can't compete, Mom and Pop need to find another way to make a living. I have no obligation to subsidize their income for nostalgic reasons or to pay for services I don't want or need.

I guess some people only want a free market if every one makes the choices they want them to make. Have different priorities or a different lifestyle or make a different decision for any reason and you are the reason for the decline of western civilization.:rolleyes:

July 19, 2004, 11:43 AM
The two manufacturing lines comment is facetious anyway. You don't need two lines to make two different grades of guns. What you do is skip or shorten steps like polishing and finishing or simply use cheaper materials (either to purchase or manufacture) on the existing equipment. Or you make the guns out of softer steels/woods so that you can machine faster and wear tooling less. You don't need to have a separate factory, you just need to run the guns through quicker and cut a few corners.

Does the walmart gun have a good hardwood stock? Softer woods are cheaper to buy and machine. Does the walmart gun have the same level of heat treatment and internal parts fit/finish/polish? Maybe it does, but maybe it doesn't and those steps cost money.

Some of the savings walmart has is because it buys in bulk and takes advantage of economies of scale. Other savings is because the company is just cheap in every derogatory sense of the word.

July 19, 2004, 11:54 AM
Well how come Academy Sports sells the 870 for less money? Free market, no problem. Folks on a budget, no problem. I can appreciate that. Saving multiple trips by shopping at one store - no problem.

Earlier I posted, my mom went to look at some ideas for grandkids, clothes and shoes, some sports stuff. WM was more money and made poorly. This is where that sib took her as she was a passenger.

Mom went to Academy, with the grandkids sizes and wish list. Academy had better quality for less money, she bought shirts, jeans, tennis shoes, socks, T ball, paintball, basketball stuff...and they carried this out and put in the trunk of her car for her.

IIRC Freemarket does not mean one loses the ability to buy better quality for less money, receive customer service, in a one stop shopping place.

I'm no mathmatician, but $199 for a AS shotgun is less than a $239 WM shotgun - right?

$3.86 for Blazer 5rd box of 9mm is a good buy at AS. In the 50 rd box of WWB 9mm AS gets $4.67 or $4.87 - this comes out to $9.34 or $9.74 for 100 rds...last I heard that was less than WM in a 100 rd value pak which I believe a fella said he paid $10.99 or $11.99. The Springfield 1911 was $439 best I recall at AS at WM...oops sorry they don't do handguns, do they?

AA Target loads - AS $ 3.89 a box, same fella said WM was $.4.99. Paintball, whatever rd count was $24.99, I'm told by another shopper "this is the good stuff at a great price" that bought these he paid $29.99 at Wm for "lesser quality paintballs"

So we here we have compared two places to shop, big chains, no M&P, and one has more buying power than the other.

Academy gives better quality for less monies and many more things are made in the US, helpful courteous staff and employees, carries items out if need, carries handguns and whole slew of ammo...rifle and shotgun ammo where one can reach it for themselves, you want a case of Shotguns shells- grab it. You want 10 boxes of .270, there it is - grab it.

Ain't the Freemarket great!

I can shop at Academy , get all this great stuff for less money. Ever single firearm I have seen from them is a quality product. NO skimp on anything, all the complete supplies are in the box. Winchesters, Rugers,Beretta, 870Express and Wingmasters...the good stuff. NO different finish, grips, or stocks. I asked where the guns come from, yep the distributers ring a bell, same folks my gun buddy or M&P get stuff.

Folks can go to WM and spend more money for less quality.

Ah yes...freedom, freemarkets, ain't it great!

Mr. Clark
July 19, 2004, 12:56 PM
So if Wal-Mart is out of touch with the market and you have an alternative and are using it, what's the problem? I thought your problem was that they are such a huge monopoly that they drive everyone else out of business and force people to buy crap? Funny how Academy is still around and you are choosing to shop there. Funny how they offer even better deals than Wal-Mart. How is that not even worse for Mom and Pop? Why are you not railing against Academy's effect on small business?

If Academy (don't have one around here) is really so much better than Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart will shape up or go the way of Woolworth's or Walgreen's. Either way, we will be better off for it.

If the working conditions at Wal-Mart are really as bad as you say, why do people stand in line for applications every time a new one opens? Is it, maybe, because they aren't that bad and certainly better than unemployment? Either way, people are better off for Wal-Mart, and it's competition, not worse off. Without Wal-Mart there would be less jobs and things would cost more. Or is Academy going to hire people it doesn't need and charge prices to compete against companies that aren't there, just cause they're nice folk?

July 19, 2004, 03:01 PM
Of course gun manufacturers do special runs. For instance, here's a good description of Wal-Mart's Beretta 390 from Shotgun Report.


OTOH, I haven't noticed a difference between the $550 Remington 1100 black synthetic-stocked guns at the local stores and the discontinued one I bought a Wal-Mart for $328. Maybe there is a difference, but I couldn't turn down the deal and I wouldn't have bought one for $500+ so I don't feel too badly. And anyway, I do my part to keep the local shops in business.


July 19, 2004, 03:02 PM
That is the original question.

IN that regard I contend there has and is a difference in quality, price and service. Academy ,Sports Authority and the like are other "chains" that sell firearms and in my and others experience, yes there is a difference in quality, price and service.

What the M&P or even my buddy with a FFL says or even recommends? I will share. On that 870 Express or Marlin 60, for instance, they say go buy it at Academy or Sports Unlimited. By the time they order it and add shipping, it is cheaper. What my gun buddy and other M&P do have, these chains don't, are the premium ammo choices, the higher ends guns, the service on these guns and such. The chain store don't have Capsian Frame and slides, that's fine, my buddy does, but he doesn't stock a Marlin 60.

Now if you want a tack driver Marlin 60 he will order one and do his magic...this again is for the cutomer that wants that which is not available at a chain.

He will order the NEF or Rossi combo guns, mount a scope on it for a kids first gun.

My gun buddy and the M&P's offer those firearms, ammo, scopes ...etc. the chains do not. They stay in business by offering what they do not.

There is a wafting of euphoria around Walmart and employees...there is a tunover and a very big class action suit at the moment.

Sam Waltons fear is that WM would become what it has.

Smokey Joe said it best-

I wonder if this trend will stop before the mega-stores have become the embodiment of Orwell's nightmare, and force us all to not only take exactly what they say, no more and no less, but also to actually love them for it.

I take serious note of the gummit is doing this in regard to Liberties and Freedoms. Folks are letting too much stuff slide and being forced into situations without knowing it. I'm one to take note and take precautions, think outside the box , review history and apply to present and future.

I recall the folks that lived in the U.S.S.R...they had one big store, they were told what to buy and when they could by it. They liked it ....they knew nothing else..."citizens" marching like cattle, getting that item on that day..."citizens" marching home...

There is a big picture outside the box.

There is more to life than Black Bread on Thursdays.

I'm really not trying to be argumentative. What I am trying to do is get folks to think. Think outside the box , the big picture. I'm only 49, I have seen some changes,others older than I have have seen more.

We have folks younger...they do not know, one is to teach and help others along...or such as I was raised.

Little things here and there go unnoticed. My SSN states "not for purpose of identification" , folks let it slide. The Jewish community raised a fit...they had history, they had "numbers" on their bodies. Today that SSN is one's health care ID, student ID...etc.

Little gun laws here, another one there...a Liberty or Freedom given in here and another over there...

It won't matter...until one day "What Happened".

The Founding Fathers set things up things to not be controlled.Things were set up for the people to take action if at some time the gummit was getting controlling. Control is not good. Now look at control be it gummit, gun laws, freedom, liberties, shopping...

Mr. Clark
July 19, 2004, 03:42 PM
The chain store don't have Capsian Frame and slides, that's fine, my buddy does, but he doesn't stock a Marlin 60.

My gun buddy and the M&P's offer those firearms, ammo, scopes ...etc. the chains do not. They stay in business by offering what they do not.

I recall the folks that lived in the U.S.S.R...they had one big store, they were told what to buy and when they could by it. They liked it ....they knew nothing else..."citizens" marching like cattle, getting that item on that day..."citizens" marching home...


I usually look forward to your posts. I have learned a lot from you about guns and home security, but it is quotes like that that make me wonder of there aren't two of you.:) The second one is just sooo far divorced from even the reality you described in earlier posts. Maybe I am just failing to understand what you have to say. In any case, we'll just have to disagree. Take care.

July 19, 2004, 06:14 PM
I have never purchased a firearm from WM -- and probably won't. My gunsmith (an honest man), one day took me into his shop and showed me a large pile of broken gun parts, taken off WM guns. He says that they DO use cheap parts on a lot of the guns they sell, and that he can often spot a WM gun as the customer brings it into the store, before he even handles it.

He makes money on repairing these guns, so he has no reason to lie that I know of. He may be wrong, but that is his opinion, and it seems reasonable to me.

(There was a particular shotgun, I can't remember the make/model right now, that had a camo plastic stock -- he had about 10 of the buttstocks in the pile, broken right at the wrist!)

R.H. Lee
July 19, 2004, 06:24 PM
Some people want the extras and are willing to pay for it. Some don't. It's called a free market. It includes the freedom to buy things you don't think they should buy or that are of a quality you don't think they should accept

At the same time, it is not honest or ethical to sell a product represented as being of equal quality (such as a brand name firearm) if it is in fact substandard.

I do not know whether WalMart's firearms are "special substandard runs" or not. I know Sears used to have firearms made with their name on them.
That is not the same as buying a name brand you don't know is inferior. (if it is). I would sure like to get a straight answer on this, althought I am no longer a WalMart shopper and never will be again.

R.H. Lee
July 19, 2004, 06:33 PM
some of the makers have diffrent grades of rifles they sell to wal-mart than what they send to distributers. on that marlin of yours did you carefully compare it to the ones in the gun store? likely yours has a birch stock rather than walnut and the blueing is likely to be not as deep. mechanically they are the same

That's a good question and I don't know. I suppose I could take the Marlin to a regular gunshop and lay it beside another one for comparison. I have no way of knowing if the internals are the same quality. I bothers me that WM might pass off something as something it is not.

R.H. Lee
July 19, 2004, 06:35 PM
guess some people only want a free market if every one makes the choices they want them to make. Have different priorities or a different lifestyle or make a different decision for any reason and you are the reason for the decline of western civilization

I guess WM interprets "free market" as predatory business practices and violation of labor laws. :rolleyes:

July 19, 2004, 06:44 PM
I usually look forward to your posts.Nah...I'm not that well liked around here, even I know that. <serious smiley here>.

My second quote- I remember watching the black and white movies showing people in communist countries. Wrinkled faces, squinting eyes, faceless, one large blank face shuffling....a few feet....shuffling a
few feet until the were in from the cold and wind. The shelves had Black bread and very limited amounts of other foods I forget, the black bread stuck with me. They were glad to have it, even in the limited quanity they could buy. One could sense they wanted to say how they really felt, fact they could not spoke volumes.

I am a white male, My Sociology instructer , a PhD was a Afro- American a few years older than myself. He and I hit it off great, still friends. For a class project he and I went to a local WM and watched the people.

I made a comment about the b/w movie...I got the funniest look..."Oh my, I knew this reminded me of something" . He remembered the same b/w scenes. Folks were not shopping they were buying . Kind of like folks that are not living instead they are existing . Appearances are the same...if you stand off to the side and really look they are not.

My point was if we people allow ourselves to accept whatever is made available and just pay the price, then why is there ever a need to improve quality?

We fuss , rant and cuss, about paying the money we do for the quality we get now-a days. The craftsmanship, the deep blue finishes, the metallurgy...of old...we let slide , and accepted MIM, more stainless, and now polymer, bad trigger pulls, ILS systems and whatnot.

So If folks get accustomed to buying a firearm, or the scope made to a Mega-Mart standard, then the quality firearms and scopes will go to the wayside as well.
The M&P will either be out of business, the firearm /scope folks will quit making them - or both.

The buying public allowed / taught the Mega Stores and the Mfgs, that "yeah okay I will pay this much for that quality".

An old boss once told me that 3 things determine the price of all goods and services. Greed, Greed, and Greed.

We took some exchange students out to Walmart to observe. One from Croatia, one from Pakinstan. This "Western Culture" was a new eye opener to them, they admitted - overwhelming was the word.

It is funny, they wanted to go to another store, the PhD and I were surprised at this.Oh they needed some pens and school stuff, wanted some desklamps and even bought some junk food. They were embarrassed by culture reasons. In a whisper and blushing, they needed some bras and well, um...they wanted a different quality and willing to pay a bit more for it than the Mega Mart. Off we went.

We all 4 discussed and then later shared in class these Sociological observations.
These ladies , one from Croatia, one from Pakistan, made some observations that well, we in the US don't see, we are absorbed in the culture here. "Western Culture" allowed them to buy the quality they wanted, in the quanity they wanted whenever they wanted.

Aside - I took the young student from Croatia shooting. :D Her dad had a single shot shotgun, her brother a single shot .22 rifle. She was actually a pretty good shot. She was a staunch believer in the 2nd Amendent.
that girl I swear had more fun. She had gun safety knowledge, another surprise, not the 4 rules as we quote , but she had it. Handguns were a real hoot for her. One day we did the clay targets, and rifles. She couldn't wait for the next day. I started her off on .22lr..."Okay, but I do get to shoot all of those[ pointing to the guns I had ] as many as I want before I leave right?" :D
Yep...she did...never guess what she went bonkers over and became sad when she shot all the ammo up...Commander Size 1911. "I like big holes".:p
Her second favorite...a model 19 with the .357 loads..." I like the look and feel, it goes boom!"
Sheesh...I created a monster. * grin*

My bit for International Relations. " The Croatian that would not stop shooting" sounds like a neat title .

Smokey Joe
July 21, 2004, 01:25 AM
I wonder if Slater had any idea of the kind of philosophical hornets' nest he was stirring up with his innocent request for information! Gentlemen, this has been fascinating! This kind of exchange is one of the reasons I spend entirely too much time at THR. :D :D :D

Ya know, we all went off the deep end so far on the walmart part of the equation, that we never got around to comparing WM with a gun show.

IMHO, there isn't a comparison. A gun show is a temporary gathering of likeminded people, as opposed to a permanent place of business, and while both buyers and sellers are there trying to make a great bargain, you never know for sure what you'll be coming home with. You usually can't go to a gun show specifically (for example) to buy a Mossy M500 with a 3/4-choked bbl. You CAN go to WM—or to your local M&P—with that intent. At the gun show you might find the Mossy and you might find something else. Or not. But at the gun show you can use up half a Saturday, and exchange pleasant talk with a lot of nice folks, and maybe do some important learning about ballistics, gun mechanics, reloading, Lab retrievers, etc, etc, in the process of looking. You MIGHT get a super bargain on something.

July 21, 2004, 02:29 PM
so if the guns that walmart sells uses softer wood, or cheaper internals, or whatever else ya'll are coming up with, then there would have to be some way to tell them apart. the easiest way being a different model number. so since the model numbers are the same, that must not be it. maybe it is serial numbers then. well in that case when a store orders several of the same type of guns they would have sequential numbers. i have logged thousands of guns into several different stores acquisition/disposition books and can tell you that is an extreme rarity when it does happen. so there must be a notation on the box itself then. i have bought firearms from M&P gun stores in the past, and the frotns of their boxes look exactly the same as the ones i sell at walmart for the same types of firearms. walmart gets their guns from lipseys and sports south just like everyone else. so unless you can come up with some hard proof showing that their firearms are of lesser quality then it is all just hot air. my brothers-friends-sisters-moms-2nd uncle once removed told me this is how it is, so it must be the gospel truth. i think there is a little too much tin foil being used around here.

as to the gunsmith that apparently keeps piles of broken parts around just to discourage customers from buying from walmart. i've known several gunsmiths over the years. never known any of them to keep broken piles of junk laying around in their shop. if it is broken it goes in the garbage or is returned to the customer with their repaired firearm. is he only a gunsmith or does he also sell firearms?

July 21, 2004, 04:29 PM
Kooter --

as to the gunsmith that apparently keeps piles of broken parts around just to discourage customers from buying from walmart. i've known several gunsmiths over the years. never known any of them to keep broken piles of junk laying around in their shop. if it is broken it goes in the garbage or is returned to the customer with their repaired firearm. is he only a gunsmith or does he also sell firearms?

Since I posted that, I guess you are asking me.

No, he does not sell firearms, only fixes them. He does not care one bit that you buy from Wal-Mart (he does not "keep piles of broken parts around just to discourage customers from buying from Walmart") -- he charges the same to fix a WM gun as any other. As I stated in my post he has no reason that I know of to make this up, but again as I stated in my post, he could very well be wrong -- it is just his opinion. I was just offering this as what little knowledge I have on the subject -- I did not offer it as proven fact, as you seem to have taken it. Sorry if I did not make that clear.

Perhaps as a Wal-mart employee you can be our authoritative source on these issues in the future.

As far as broken piles of parts -- he has lots of room and he is not that tidy.:D

Every once in a while he backs the truck up to the loading bay, piles junk in and takes it to the dump. This is in a very rural area and there is no trash service unless you choose to hire someone -- he would rather do it himself when "THE PILE" gets too high!

July 21, 2004, 06:47 PM
I too bought a 10/22 at WalMart, then went with my buddy to buy a Remington 597. The store makes a great deal of difference. My local store, no 'tude, took a while longer than the local gunshop to get the paperwork done, but once it was done, on duty manager was called, walked me to the door, and thanked me for shopping at Walmart. And I saved $30 bucks over any place local. My buddy, at another store, had to wait almost an hour to get paperwork done, and then they wouldn't accept one of his forms of ID, ran home came back, had to restart the process. Once we were done, the manager insisted on walking us all the way to the car (although that could be because we purchased a couple boxes of WWB along with it - poor b@stard, we had stopped on the way from the range, opened the hatch and there were 5 rifles [sleeved] and a couple of pistol cases back there, thought he was gonna faint.) Got a good price there too, but was it worth the hassle? Dunno. Another good thing about Wallyworld is their special ordering. You can download their catalog and order stuff the stores don't stock.

And WalMart does get special runs of guns. I saw a "Walmart exclusive special edition 10/22 'Carbine" (Didn't look any different, but didn't look that close) when I was shopping around. The real question is, with so many people sue happy, with so many state's attorney's general getting so corporate-extortion happy after the tobacco settlement, how suicidal would a gun maker have to be to put less that standard quality parts in any edition of one of their guns? Swap the barrel, change the trigger guard, different stock; fine. But do something that can potentially render the weapon inoperable or unsafe? You'd have to be on crack.

July 22, 2004, 01:24 AM
Lets see what guns I got at Walmart in last few years...

Winchester 94 in 30-30 for $199
Remington 870 Express for $199
Remington 1100 Express for $325
Ruger 10/22 for $109

Thats all.:D

October 15, 2004, 05:01 PM
In this day and age of runaway law suits, with the trial lawyers focusing all their attention on bringing down not only the firearms industry but also Wal Mart, it is simply ludicrous to suggest that either a major firearms manufacturer like Remington or Marlin or Mossberg, etc or Wal Mart would EVER EVER EVER risk selling an inferior product. Not gonna happen.

If they did, and there was EVER an accident, both said Firearms Mfg and Wally World would be owned by lawyers.

Also, for what its worth, I've purchased guns from local sellers, from gun show sellers, from pawn shops, and from chains (Gaylan's and Wal Mart). I've never had problems with any gun (other than one with a screwed up sight that I picked up at a gun show).

From Wal Mart I purchased a Mossberg 500 (???? I think) shotgun for my father in law's Christmas present a couple of years ago. Real easy experience, took only 15 minutes for the paperwork and the only "thing" was that the manager had to walk the gun out of the store with us (which was fine as my wife went CHristmas shopping and he ended up helping us load her car up).

I purchase a ton of ammo and targets from Wal Mart - they are great for last minute bulk target ammo purchases, but will buy real ammo (carry rounds, actual hunting rounds) from my local or order it from Natchezss.

October 15, 2004, 06:21 PM
I bought a Thompson Center Encore in 308 Winchester that I special ordered from them a few months back. I inspected it and found no defects in the frame or barrel; it is one of the best shooting rifles that I own.

The only problem that I've had with it was ammo related as I tried shooting some surplus stuff from India that apparently had no quality controls. I should have known better, fortunately the only thing that happened was a shattered scope. I'm looking forward to using it for deer season next month. I also believe that the price was the best that I could have gotten it for compared to several other gunshops around town.

October 16, 2004, 02:10 AM
When I lived in CA they pulled the guns at the local WalMart, and then I move here and the same thing happened. I don't like the stores anyway and have never and will never buy a gun there. I won't pay 3 times what it's worth either - if a local dealer can't make a deal I'll get it somewhere else. There's just too many guns for sale at places like THR to ever waste my time in a WalMart - hoping they sell guns and if they do maybe they'll have the one I want. Blah.

October 16, 2004, 08:32 AM
http://forums.techguy.org/images/smilies/thumbsup.gif Mr. Clark

IMO, Wal*Mart is the epitome of a free market company. Some folks don't like their cut-throat mentality but as the saying goes, 'If you can't stand the heat...' Some folks like to treat business in a friendly manner, others like a pitbull during feeding time. That includes working there.

Also IMO, (most) Wal*Mart(s) isn't (aren't) ever going to sell everything available. Plenty of room for the gun shops and other specialty stores. (IIRC from some folks posts, some Wal*Marts with more friendly sporting good departments will order EBRs for you.)

Should we have started boycotting corporate Wal*Mart when they were a mom & pop store?

October 16, 2004, 12:30 PM
Bought a Stainless Ruger with a Lamanated Stock for $325.00 on clearance at Wally World. People may complain about them, but sometimes they're the only game in town.
My only problem with WM is the slow lardbutts blocking the way while talking on their cell phones.

October 16, 2004, 05:18 PM
It seems as though we are in a no win situation here.

Mom and pop retailers are going out of business due to the price and convenience of larger scale retailers. Walmart, Academy Sports, Bass Pro Shops and Cabellas are just a few retailers that compete for the existing market.

Mom and Pop retailers cannot match the prices of the larger stores. We all understand that fact. At the same time there aren't enough of us willing to attempt to support smaller stores by paying higher prices for any given item. It's hard enough to even try to get trap, bullseye, silhouette, hunters and casual recreational shooters to ban together to support our 2nd Amendment rights, much less support the "little guy" with their wallets.

Will there be any "salvation" for the little guy in the future or will the corporate stores take over all of the existing market? Your guess is as good as mine.

I've bought guns, ammo and supplies from types of places. When I'm faced with the choice of paying $100- $200 more for a weapon, I'm sorry, but I have to take the cost savings. Am I a part of the problem? Probably so, but my financial situation dictates that I make a budget conscious decision. The same goes for tree stands and other hunting items. I often find lower prices at Bass Pro Shops or Cabellas. The local dealers aren't even close.

Good Shooting

Jim K
October 16, 2004, 05:47 PM
I don't know about Wal-Mart, but for many years Sears, MW and other big chains had guns made to a price especially for them. Those guns were usually marked with the chain's brand name rather than the manufacturer's but they were obviously cheapened, with inferior wood, less polish, and such short cuts as a fore-end tip painted on. They were in no way inferior in terms of functioning or safety, but they were certainly cheaper. Sales people were told to tell the customer that the gun was "really" a Winchester 70 or whatever, even though it was not of the quality of that rifle.

In addition, much of the .22 and shotgun ammo sold by the big chains is "promo" ammunition, and it is definitely different from the standard "name" line. Shotgun shells are lower powered and hard to reload. The hulls are thinner and will not accept standard wads. .22 cartridges have misfires and sometimes are thin enough to have case splits. Only centerfire rifle and pistol cartridges seem to be standard quality, probably because of the higher pressures involved.

One other thing worth mentioning. If you choose to buy your next gun at Wally World, don't dare take it to your local gun shop to make good on the warranty if something is wrong. If Wal-Mart tells you where to go, live with it, send it to the factory, or pay for having it fixed; don't expect someone else to fix it free.


October 16, 2004, 06:11 PM
WalMart's receipts claim "Wal-Mart will facilitate the repair of damaged merchandise for the length of the specific manufacturer's warranty." I haven't had to take them up on that, but last time I bought a gun there, I was waiting on line behind a guy they were fixing up.

October 16, 2004, 11:14 PM
I'm no fan of Wal-Mart, but I have trouble believing that they'd intentionally sell firearms of lower quality.

Big 5, for example, sells Marlin 1894C .357 rifles for $299; they're $100+ cheaper than other 1894Cs because they don't have walnut stocks. I see nothing wrong with that. Apparently others agree, because I don't see any threads about evil Big 5.

Sometimes you can get some great deals at Wal-Mart. Today I was at the Wal-Mart in Mineral Wells, Texas and saw a Weatherby Vanguard in .30-06 priced at $250. That seems like a pretty good deal. (I didn't buy it because I don't need one.)

I also saw Remington 870 Express shotguns for about $250--you can routinely buy them at Academy or Oshmans for $200. (Of course, the nearest Academy is about 40 miles east of Mineral Wells.)

October 17, 2004, 01:07 AM
MAN - this post got dragged out of the ground =) rofl

July to Oct. =) hehehe thought i recognized it =)

My cheap as dogsnot "maverick" (mossy) works just peachy - 1st day i had it ran a wally world pack of 100 12ga. shells through it w/o one problem =)


October 17, 2004, 01:19 AM
Ok, we can mostly agree on something from all these post...

1. Walmart mostly has bad service.
2. Walmart squeezes out the little Mom and Pop places.
3. Walmart pays their people poorly.
4. Walmart sometimes has "special products".
5. Walmart squeezes their suppliers.
6. Walmart goes offshore when they can, even though they brag about carrying American products.
7. Walmart wants to be the only store in the area.
8. Walmart tries to brainwash their employees with cheering, and chanting.
9. Walmart wants to control the retail market, totally, then where your good pricing go?

October 17, 2004, 01:34 AM
1 - i've not really had bad service there.

2 - squeezes is a term used by people who can't afford to change to keep thier business alive. Even big corporations have to change/adapt to current market... just cause "mom and pop" doesn't want to change doesn't make it wrong.

3 - my buddy is making 7 bucks an hour there - last i heard min. wage was nearly 2 dollars lower. Its not great money - but what do you want
for "unloading a truck"

4 - Don't know about "special products" As stated elsewhere in this thread - you might get plastic instead of wood stocks (etc)- and i'm sure that "special order" was done in the "mass order" category that said firearm company was more than happy to make for them. I doubt any firearm company would want to put thier name on something that was inferior. (at least in function) Now if wally world can save ... 100 bucks say? per on firearms they purchase for thier stores that have plastic fore-ends or whatever vs. wood and what not... then it becomes the buyers choice to purchase that. Or pay more from someone else cause they like wood better. Its still about choice ya know.

5 - Ya don't have to sell to wally world. I'm sure thier suppliers make money - otherwise - they wouldn't be suppliers, they'd be out of business.

6 - every company that can goes "off shore" Even the government - if you've been reading up on the subject of out sourcing.

7 - Walmart doesn't want to be the only store in an area - they want to make money - just like every other business/store. If they can manage to be the only store in the area - more power to em, its called the free market

8 - Cheering and Chanting: when i heard about this from my buddy i was like ROFLMAO. Don't know any of them that became mindless zombies. I'm sure it is yet again another cheasy corporate attempt to enhance "teamwork" and "company pride" and other BS like that. They all do it btw... just maybe not as obvious.

9 - Read number 7. Besides - if they "controlled the retail market" then they would soon be under anti-trust laws and would soon find themselves split into baby-wally-worlds.

So no - can't say i mostly agree on any of those points.


October 17, 2004, 04:23 AM
Why blame Wal-Mart?

For years and years Gibson Guitars sold their seconds a a much cheaper price to dealers. These were instruments that had such a tiny defect usually in finish only, that you had to know where it was in order to find it.
I mean you had to SEARCH. But up in the middle of the back of the headstock, righ below the serial was a big 2 stamped INTO the wood, so you'd know you were buying a factory second.

Did these come off a separate assembly line? Nope. They just didn't pass inspection. Nowadays they don't inspect that closely. So you can very well end up paying the price for a 1st class guitar and get somethung slightly less. The problem is that we can come to expect that. We nwo know that we as the buyer had to inspect it to see if we want to pay that price or not.

Follow me here.

Gun Company ABC inspecta all of their guns. The one that don't come quite up to snuff are set aside into a separate area. Now these guns are 100% mechanically (as far as thry're tested) There just might be a Gibson type #2 finish flaw somewhere. WM calls up and says send us another 1000 model 123s. The company looks and sees 873 guns in the "#2" pile. They just add 127 regular guns off the line to those 873 and ship them to WM.

Now does your local store get one of the 873 or one of the 127?

Another example is Guitar Center.

Guitar Center sells over 50% of ALL Fender guitars produced!
Guitar Center doesn't care if there is a slight pin head sized imperfection in the finish of a Lake Placid Blue American Standard Stratocaster or not. Because it is just going to be removed from the box, immediately hung on the wall without any tuning or setup and it's going to be fondled and man-handled by 216 pimple-faced teenagers before finally being sold for the "Guaranteed Lowest Price."
(Trust me on this because I have unpacked & hung quite a few guitars for Guitar Center.)

You're local hometown music store might only get ONE Lake Placid Blue American Standard Stratocaster per year unless they are a master dealer and special order it. The one they get will be picture perfect. Because it's quite likely that the store owner will be the one who opens the box and tunes it, checks the action, polishs it and hangs it on the wall BEHIND the counter.

Many times you DO get what you pay for.
ANYTIME you pay less, you should expect less.
To expect otherwise is folly.

October 17, 2004, 09:31 AM
I have bought several boxes of Winchester White Box .45 from Wally World. The first time I bought some the Sporting Goods Department Manager asked me if I had used it before as sometimes there is a problem with chambering HP ammunition. I assured him I had and thanked him for asking. Good service all the time there.

October 17, 2004, 01:03 PM
I'm not sure how I'm more likely to get a second at WalMart, when either WalMart or the gun store get whatever the distributor pulls off the shelf when the order comes in. It's not like I've never bought a gun in a gun store and then later had the same guy talking to me about what a piece of junk it is because he didn't recognize me... I look over a gun before I buy it either place, and one nice thing about WalMart is if it's not a special order, they have more in the back so you can pick the one you want.

As for paying less, the reason I'm paying less is because WalMart doesn't quote maximum MSRP, like every local gun shop. It may be peculiar to this area, because in any of the four other states I've lived in, I could generally assume that whatever I read about MSRP that the real price would be less. Any time I'm looking for a new gun, I get a quote from every gun store in the area, and not once have I been quoted less than top dollar.

October 17, 2004, 01:11 PM
I have a Ruger 10/22 International, laminated stock, in Stainless Steel. It was a 'special run' for Wally World, and it is a dream. With a Simmons 4 X scope, it is good for 40 to 45 yard head shots on squirrels.
I also bought a Mini-14 Ranch Rifle back in '93, and a Marlin 1894S that has served as my main whitetail rifle for years.
I find the quality of their firearms to be equal to anyone else's offerings.

October 17, 2004, 01:59 PM
Somewhere between forty and fifty years ago it was Sears and JC Penny and other corporate stores that were killing off the mom and pop stores. Now it's Wally world that's destroying the fabric of America. I'm sorry, but America is all about free enterprise and capitalism. Adam Smith when he wrote Wealth of Nations was writing about a more efficient econmical system, but it's a hard system and there's no room for sentiment.

If a business can offer the same product as their competitor for a lower price and still make a profit then so be it. The consumer will listen to their wallet. I dare say that if Mr. Smith could be brought into the present he's probably wonder what the heck all the excitment is all about. And by the way I know what it's like to be unemployed so please don't try that on me.

If there are so many Walmart haters out there then who in the heck is shopping at Walmart? Our system is more efficient, but it's also very hard on people. Actually I can see a time when yet another evil corporate chain will be beating Walmart and everyone will be up in arms about that.

Forgive the strident tone, but my mother is a Walmart basher. I've been hearing this argument for the past couple of years and it's old. Ironically she will shop at Target and Shopko and Barnes and Noble. Now are these Box stores better? Here in the Boise area Barnes and Noble was directly responsible for shutting down a long time local book store. Everybody was sad, but they still went to B&N. Why? Because they had a better selection and their prices were lower.

Watch You've Got Mail. It covers this very issue. Face it Capitalism is hard. But it's also given us our way of life.

R.H. Lee
October 17, 2004, 03:46 PM
Most of what WalMart sells is cheap crap made in third world sweatshops that none of you would work in. It is inferior merchandise that contains a huge profit for WalMart, and serves to satisfy (at least temporarily) the consumer lust that seems to be the driving force of this "economy". I won't support it.

Jamie B
October 17, 2004, 04:32 PM
Well said, Checkman.


October 17, 2004, 09:33 PM
I've bought a few guns from wal-mart over the years. Of course, I only did so because I was an employee at the time and I got a nice discount on them. I picked up a stanless synthetic 10/22 a few years back. Not much to say about it, it's a 10/22. Price was right, it was brand new, and it's been more or less flawless. I bought an 11/87 some years back. Premier model, it came with a beauitful walnut stock. Very pretty wood on it. Of course, that same wood has many dings, dents, and scratchs in it now. But hey, that's what happens to a deer gun. It gets used. Then I picked up a mini-14 from them i believe last year. Stainless standard. Very nice rifle, I had to special order it. It's ran with the precision of a fine swiss watch so far. There again, it's got a few dings and dents in her. But, honestly, I dont' care what kind of wood is on the gun when I buy it or what shape the metal is in. So long as it's gonna do what I need it to, and i'm willing to pay the price that is listed on it, or the seller is willing to accept what I'm offering, it's a good deal to me.

October 17, 2004, 11:34 PM
Most of what WalMart sells is cheap crap made in third world sweatshops that none of you would work in. MOST of what Wal-Mart sells is BRAND NAME merchandise.

Don't blame Wal-Mart if Black & Decker or Toshiba or Nikon or Hotpoint or Sunbeam or anyone else has their stuff made overseas.

For all of y'all who bash "third world" products, turn over the keyboard you're sitting in front of. I doubt that anyone here has one made in America. I'll even wager that no one has one made in Japan. EVERY keyboard I have seen over the past 5 years has been made in China or worse.

Check the tag inside your baseball cap. There's a good chance it was made in Malaysia or some other place. The last S&W hat I had was made in Shri Lanka.

Check the labels and boxes in ANY store. You'll wonder if ANYTHING is made in America anymore.

Welcome to the 21st century. We live in a GLOBAL economy and y'all better learn to live with it because it ain't gonna change.

October 18, 2004, 12:20 AM
For all of y'all who bash "third world" products, turn over the keyboard you're sitting in front of. I doubt that anyone here has one made in America.

You lose. Pay up.

Of course my IBM model M keyboard was made 20 years ago, but it still says 'Made in USA'. :neener:

October 18, 2004, 01:28 AM
took a bit longer for my larmin 925 to get in (i ordered it), but a big hurricane named ivan came through that week and had caused the delay.

some delays with paperwork and stuff, mor because i ordered the gun rather than buy one off the shelf (it wasn't in stock), but otherwise everyone was friendly helpful and it was pretty easy. saved at least $50 if not more.

stock and parts all appear to be same stuff/quality as gun store versions. gun shoots great. box it came in was rather sparing, just brown cardboard with some folded cardboard inside to keep it from shifting. maybe they cut some costs there? don't know. don't care.

edit to add: a "larmin" is like a "marlin" but for those who can't type.

October 18, 2004, 05:32 AM
Some of them Larmin rifles shoot the same bullets as a With & Smesson revolver.

All wiyht? Rho sritched mg kegtops awound!

I have a froend who is a dyslexic, agnostic, insomniac.
He lays awake at night wondering if there is a Dog.

October 18, 2004, 06:58 PM
-I have not bought any Wal-Mart guns myself, have gotten ammo before. I have heard of lots of people who go for the "special edition" Ruger 10/22's and while owning one of every variation of 10/22 is not my particular interest, I can't say I blame them. Do other companies do "Wal-Mart Specials"? I had only heard of this with 10/22's.
Wal-Marts are apparently the only place you can buy Dyna-Point 22LR ammo now,,,, -but none of the Wal-Marts in the entire St Louis area ever seem to get it in. Ever. They all have the 22WMR and none have the 22LR, or even a place on the shelf for 22LR, and none of the employees I have asked so far had any clue as to why, or who within the company they might ask about the matter. The responses I got were all variations of "it's not in the book so we can't order it, I don't know who to ask and we don't know what's coming until a box of it gets here".
Also--mysteriously, even though there is no rifle hunting allowed at all in Illinois (shotgun slugs only allowed on deer), all the Wal-Marts on the Illinois side usually have one rack of shotguns, and.... ...one rack of rifles, some of which are centerfires, up to 30-cals. ??? I can't help but wonder--who buys these things? Wal-Mart bashing aside, selections and prices are WAY better across the river, a half-hour away in Missouri.

Smokey Joe
October 18, 2004, 10:31 PM
Went to Wallyworld today and bo't a small calculator to keep in my car to figure gas mileage. They didn't have one I really liked, but they had one that would do. It was cheap. It was made in China. But it CAN add, subtract, multiply, & divide, and work by solar or battery, and mostly that's what I wanted.

(Office Max didn't have any that were simple enough. There used to be 2 office supply stores in my small city, before the Big Boxes killed 'em both. Either one of those defunct stores would have busted a gut getting EXACTLY what I wanted in a $4 calculator, but those times are dead and gone.)

In Wally's, I wandered over to Sporting Goods--They didn't have any guns I was interested in. Wally also doesn't stock most gun magazines--too violent I guess. (But he does stock magazines on pro wrestling, pro football, pro basketball, and on the kill-'em video games, as well as some hunting magazines. Go figure.)

The checkout girl asked: "Is that all?" when I checked out with just the calculator to pay for.

I replied, "Yes, it is. You don't carry most of what I want."

The checkout girl just shrugged, checked my purchase out, handed me my change, and wished me an insincere wonderful day.

October 18, 2004, 11:09 PM
busted a gut getting you the four dollar calculator you wanted???


They might have busted out a catalog and ordered it for ya... specially if they had nothing else to do... but a gut???

She asked you if that was all cause that is the mantra they chant

She said have a wonderful day because merchandisers from times LONG gone figured out that telling the customer to f-off wasn't good for business. What more than an impersonal reply can you hope for with an employee of a store that you prolly didn't say 3 words to either. Want personality from an employee... try TALKING to them, other than saying that NO... that was on sale somewhere else...


i wonder how many people you are sincerely sincere to that you have no idea or dont' care who they are....

btw... i wonder what reaction *i'd* have as a checkout person to someone who said "Yes, it is. You don't carry most of what i want." I mean in wally world - there is JUST ABOUT everything... and i'd be getting paid what.. 5.15/hr to work there... so like... what you WANT man?

All the "mom and pop" shops went internet - and or make thier money by word of mouth/loyalty people...

Gun magazines?(periodicles <sp?>) I guess that i can buy american handgunner and shotgunner doesn't count, or guns for law-enforcment mags, or gunworld, or shotgun news, or or... i'm sure there are at least 1 or 2 i'm missing that i BUY at wally world. (they are next to the makeup - so when she's looking at clairall - i'm lookin at mags....)(rofl)

Gun mags/clips/whatever are too specific i would think for wally world... to many makes/brands etc... hard enough to find actual gun magazines that fit guns at pawn shops/gun stores i've found... each his own - its prolly not profitable enough to stock it for em - but i'm not them - so couldn't hazard why they don't. Heck - they move FANS out in the winter (since its not hot enough for the need for fans right?) Only found this out after i needed one... rofl. Floor space is money space... wal-mart i guess understands this.

Prolly reading my remarks on this thread and think i'm some kind of wal-mart lover.. and in a way i am... they have very nearly anything on want on a routine basis... i don't find it necessary to run to 20 stores to find what i want, and the few things i want that *I* think aren't better or on par at wally world i go elsewhere for. (think fresh meats, handguns since wally world only stocks long guns, higher end electronics/speakers/TV's/computer parts, car parts, etc) Amazing how economics works... i only have X amount of cash - and wally world will give me the sale price of ANYWHERE ELSE that has a sale....

If people want to pay for smiles and (well acted) sincere welcomes/etc... then they will go elsewhere... but how one can blame a company that started from nothing and grew to the american success story... beats me.


October 18, 2004, 11:15 PM
Smokey Joe, that is odd. My local WM sells all of the glossy Gun Mags including Gun List and Shotgun news. They do seem to be a week or two slower getting them in that some other places though.
What irks me is that they don't sell Trains, Model Railroder or Model Railroad Craftsman.

DougCxx, the sporting goods manager of your local WM knows how to order them and who to contact. The store manager also knows who to contact at corporate level to get them in your store.

If the either manager tells you they don't know who to ask they are lying to your face! Ifr that happens ask them for the name of the district or regional manager. They are required by company policy to give you that information and refusal to do so is, in Wal-Mart's very own terminology, "just cause for dismissal".

Wal-Mart has what they refer to as an open door policy. Any employee or customer can go as high as they want to in the food chain to get the answer they need. And they HAVE to give you names and contact info.

Contact the home office in Bensonville and tell them that you are getting the runaround at your local store and believe me something will happen. Bensonviille does not like to get telephone complaints. E'mails sometimes get shuffled around but a phone call will get results.

October 19, 2004, 12:12 PM
Do other companies do "Wal-Mart Specials"? I had only heard of this with 10/22's.

Ruger on occassion do special runs for Davidson's, the gun distributor.

October 19, 2004, 07:32 PM
To elaborate on BluesBear's post... I worked for wal-mart for 5 years and it was... interesting to say the least. The company is designed to make the minority of the customers who complain about stuff happy, because they know 99% of the folks who shop there dont' care, or if they do, they'll just eat it and shop there again. So they have the leeway needed to "treat" that last 1% in order to keep thier business. I've also told many a customer to go ahead and call 1-800-WAL-MART if they had any problems with the way a manager treated them. Believe me, if you do that, the managers at your local wally's world will get very friendly to you and bend over backwards to please you in any way possible. $ talks to them, and you know the rest of that saying.

And to keep my post somewhat on topic, if you're using your wal-mart firearm like you should be using it, the gun cosmetic appearance of it won't matter much. It's all mechanical ;) If I can save $100 over another place just because it's not walnut, hey, i'm gonna just have to live with syn or non-walnut. :)

October 19, 2004, 08:24 PM
Wally also doesn't stock most gun magazines--too violent I guess.

Ha! The one here in Garner has Shotgun News, Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement, Guns & Ammo, Shooting Times, American Handgunner, plus another half dozen flavors of hunting magazines.

Ah, the South...

October 20, 2004, 01:22 AM
All Wal'MArt stores have their inventory and sales tracked by computer.
The mor3e a store sells of any sku number the more they get sent to them.

If your WM doesn't sell gun magazines it's either because they
A: had several complaints regarding them being there (possible)
B: They didn't sell when they first had them (most likely)

Ask the Store Manager, tell him or her (usually a him - hmmmmm) exactly what magazines you'd be willing to buy and see what happens. They should show up within 60 days. If they don't then call the number jobu07 mentioned.

My WM carries more gun magazines than I can afford.

October 20, 2004, 02:13 AM
Ya'll stop posting reasonable responses to an obviously emotionally charged subject. Mainly - the big bad wally world runing mom and pop's out of business...

dang... that somehow sounds familiar....



Smokey Joe
October 22, 2004, 02:38 AM
Re: Mom & Pop businesses: Yeah, Tharg, first they would have had a bigger selection than is efficient for Wally, and if they hadn't had precisely what I wanted they wouldn't just have ordered from a catalog, they'd have called their supplier right then and had it for me tomorrow.
This isn't theory, it was done for me on occasion. Also, I was teaching at the time, and when one of the stores learned that, I had an automatic discount there. Service was just more personal; these stores all had the same suppliers, so service was their way of competing with each other. I'm not whining about progress; that is wasted effort. And I like Wally's prices as well as the next person. My point was simply that giant corporations handling what people used to do for each other on a more personal level, is not an unmixed blessing.

Re: the missing gun mags: I will take that up w/local Wally mgt. Politely. Thank you Bluesbear and Jobu07.

Sure do hope, however, that someone, Wally or some other such, doesn't figure out a way to replace local gunsmiths with giant corporations. That would be a place I'd draw the line!

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