Range snobs.....the SOLUTION !!


February 15, 2003, 08:54 PM
Starting a new thread just to catch those that have already read the original (which is an excellent topic)

There are snobby people in every endeavor and especially in many hobbies. But almost all people respond to the same courtesies. Those that don't aren't worth even considering.

Many may consider some shooters to be range "snobs" from reactions to their own ignorance.

Here is what I do.

When I started trap shooting (the game with the worst perceived reputation in this topic) I asked QUESTIONS. I was 25 years younger than the old guys who were the golden boys of the range. Guess what. They DESERVED the adulation. They had fired hundreds of thousands of rounds and KNEW their stuff.

And almost ALL of them were EAGER to answer questions. I found out by ASKING how to play the game. I solicited ANY help I could get. I was LOUSY. And I didn't know how to shoot trap.

They (not all of them) explained, demonstrated, coached, observed, and really helped me to learn the game. THEY were the ones who took me from 14-15 to 24-25. I count them among my friends and shooting partners now. SOME were real A-holes and still are. But, guess what? Even the most experienced shooters there don't like 'em either. It is amazing how quickly shooters will respond to someone who wants to LEARN .....and also amazing how quickly they welcome the guy who doesn't come in and try to bluff his way through something he doesn't know the first thing about. I shoot a $600 Beretta A303 auto at trap and the "Grand Old Man" of the club shoots a $6000 Perazzi and we rib each other about our guns. He always asks if I want to shoot on the squad he is going out on. I do the same with him. We take turns buying lunch.

Also, I am absolutely ANAL about safety. My muzzle NEVER crosses another shooter. I don't fidget on the line to disturb others. If I have a problem, the other shooters always try to help me clear it. If it can't be cleared in a reasonable amount of time, I leave the line and get it taken care of without any fanfare or hoopla.

When I shoot pistol, I am aware of who is on the line and what they are doing. I ....NEVER.... begin shooting until the current shooting period is over and the timeout is called to check targets.

With rifle OR pistol, if someone is on my right and I am shooting a semi auto, and they are firing a bolt action, revolver, or single, I....ALWAYS.....courteously ask them if they would PREFER to change positions to avoid my hot cases. Some don't care....some do.....but ALL seem to like being asked.

If someone is having a hard time coaching an inexperienced shooter, I ...ASK....if they would like a pointer or two. I....NEVER.....tell them what they are doing wrong unless they WANT advice.

If it is a SAFETY issue, I stop firing immediately and get the RO attention. Usually he has already started "the walk."

If someone is having a problem with a gun, I offer a tool or a suggestion. I ...ASK....if they want me to try to help.

I mind my own business (EXCEPT FOR SAFETY) and let them learn and I also ASK what I don't know.

I have never had a range snob problem.

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February 15, 2003, 10:11 PM
Lots of good points Topgun.
When someone obviously full of B.S. starts on me,I just smile
and let it go in one ear and out the other.After awhile you know who is full of it and who isn't.
As for the older guys,most of them have guns older than me!
I've found that showing a little patience and some respect,
these guys are like encyclopedias!Maybe they can't shoot like they used to,
maybe not at all,but we still have the common
love of the shooting sports.If they don't know something,
they'll point to the guy who does!
So far,most of my range experiences have been good ones!


Sean Smith
February 15, 2003, 11:19 PM
Shooting well is the best revenge. :evil:

And anyway, I haven't seen much in the way of rampant snobbery... just a jerk here or there over the course of several years.

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