looking for Concelament vest....opininons wanted


Safety First
February 16, 2003, 05:56 PM
Looking for a cloth/canvas concealment vest..just for casual wear,not looking for tactical (screaming gun) vest..and a 1/2 way decent price. Any input appreciated, as always...thanks...

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February 16, 2003, 07:48 PM
Might look around this site - They have an assortment of styles and materials. I have their summer weight vest and it has some advantages over the standard "photographer" outfit.


February 16, 2003, 07:49 PM
How about this one?



February 16, 2003, 09:03 PM
I like this one for warm weather:


Standing Wolf
February 16, 2003, 09:10 PM
Cheap? No. Top quality? Definitely!


Safety First
February 16, 2003, 09:17 PM
That one looks like a good candidate. Do you own it and if so how do you like it?

February 16, 2003, 09:31 PM
Safety First,

I don't own it. I just found it while surfing this afternoon. REI is a good outdoors store. So, I would think it would be a decent vest.


Double Naught Spy
February 16, 2003, 09:41 PM
You know, it takes a little patience, but I have found a variety of vests on eBay that I use for concealment. Almost all have some pockets and unlike many folks who wear pocketed vests (photo, adventure, or whatever you call them), I use my pockets to actually carry things. That is why vests seem to scream that the person wearing it isn't wearing it out of any practical reason other than for concealment. And with kids, those vests are a great replacement for a diaper bag when out and about. I can carry diapers, changing gear, bottles, and snacks for all day long, as well as concealing a full sized 1911 and associated spare mags! Okay, so there is little that can conceal the bulge of a gun like a couple of thicknesses of diapers! :D

Seriously, you can find some neat stuff on eBay, but you need to be aggressive in your searches. I have also gotten some neat vests without pockets that work really well. Here are some terms to consider using in your searches...for all types of vests...

photo vest
photographer's vest
photographers vest
journalist vest
hiking vest
cargo vest
adventure vest
bird vest
safari vest
travel vest
orvis vest
cabella's vest
(any other brand name and the word 'vest')
gear vest
Banana Republic vest (not all look like photo vests - they have had a variety of styles over the years)
Mexican vest (some colorful designs in interesting weaves that do well for concealment...but you look like a tourist!)
race vest
game vest
event vest (these three pertain to flashy vests given to photographers for various sporting events and do not usually have pockets, but do have the event name in big letters. These look like souveniers from the event. Some work well for concealment).

You can search by material as well. I have a couple of heavier vests that I found by searching for 'canvas vest' but you can also search with words like leather or cotton.

Other ways to look for vest are to look for product endorsement vests. For example, there are a variety of leather, canvas, and cotton vests for Harley motorcycles, some of which scream Harley and some that just have a tiny logo. I have a Harvey vest (inside vest pockets only) in maroon that is only identified as Harley by the zipper pull and by the label insde.

Searches can be narrowed by choosing a sex or size.

If you are creative in your searches, then you can compensate for the lack of creativity on the parts of some sellers. Also, by getting a couple of different styles of vests in different colors, it just makes the vests look like you wear them as a regular accessory to your wardrobe.

Kentucky Rifle
February 17, 2003, 11:14 AM
Read my post regarding Concealed Carry Clothiers in the "Firearm Accessories" section. You'll see some replies that a vest screams "GUN"! I say ~"GOOD"!
I just bought myself a "Double Acton" model and my wife a "Women's Model". I like the CCC vests so much, I'm also going to buy a "Tropic" model for myself. (And for her too, if she wants one.)


El Tejon
February 17, 2003, 12:00 PM
Safety, have you considered Baja shirts? They are $5 at truck stops around here.

Work well with the Hackathorn snatch draw. Decidedly untactical which is why I wear them.

Chris Rhines
February 17, 2003, 12:34 PM
Any one of a number of fleece 'outdoor' vests will hide a gun nicely.

Sierra Trading Post (www.sierratradingpost.com) has a huge selection and good prices.

- Chris

February 17, 2003, 12:52 PM
I prefer the vests made by Orvis (http://www.orvis.com/store/home_page.asp?cktst=true) myself. They're not cheap, but they are very high quality and will last a long time.

C. H. Luke
February 17, 2003, 03:01 PM
Looked at a bunch of them a few years back........
Settled on the Domke Photo vest.
It's not cheap but it's built for the hard-use a Pro
Photograher would give it.
A good # of the huge Photo stores in NYC carry it
@ about $60. {Wilson used to catalog it @ $80, FWIW}
A major plus is it's length. Easily covers a
Govt. model in OWB {I'm tall & long-waisted}
Also it's cut to fit over winter clothing so it's
a good "roomy" fit.
Mine's worn like Iron, huhe pockets to dump mags in for
IDPA, etc., zip front with one button snap at mid-point
if zip not needed & mesh upper back for comfort in hot

February 18, 2003, 07:02 PM
I've used a number of garments to conceal with and among my favorites are the photo-type vests referenced by some previous posters here. If they scream "gun" I suspect it's only to fellow CCWers and law enforcement, and frankly I don't mind if they think I'm carrying.

I do get a chuckle when gun-show time comes around here...it's sort of like a photographer's convention going on, all those photo/hiking/survival/adventure vests out there in one place like that... :)

February 20, 2003, 08:10 AM
Safety First

Royal Robbins make a vest called "The go anywhere vest" it is light and comfortable. The design doesn't scream tactical wannabe. I've used it here in Florida with great sucess.

I've also tried short sleeved Nylon Fly Fishing shirts with good results. Conceals just as well as a vest and a lot cooler than most of them.

February 20, 2003, 10:28 AM
I've also tried short sleeved Nylon Fly Fishing shirts with good results.

I like the sound of that. I've seen some of those very reasonably-priced at Academy Sports and Outdoors, etc.

I'm going to check for a Royal Robbins website, too, on that vest you mention.

February 20, 2003, 09:59 PM
The Front Range

I loved my Royal Robbins Vest...someone else loved it to because at a range I let someone borrow it and I never got it back. It looks a lot less conspicious than the 511 vest that they have out now. I like the 511 but I'd only wear it for training purposes.

Th nylon Fly Fishing shirts are great because they are roomy and usually come with side vents. I have two Ex Officio nylon shirts that work well but they are a little pricey. Cabelas usually has a good selection of shirts. Here in FLA I see them all the time in bait shops and marinas and they are usually fairly cheap.

another okie
February 20, 2003, 10:50 PM
I have both a Cabela's "safari" vest and a concealed carry traditional model. The CCC vest is excellent quality. Both conceal well, better than a light sport coat. Unfortunately both are also too short for me (6'3"). CCC will make it longer, but I didn't know that when I ordered.

At any rate I'm starting to give up on vests. They attract attention here, because hardly anyone ever wears one. I'm not saying they scream gun, but people have said things like "going hunting?" or "fly fishing after work today?" An untucked shirt from L.L. Bean traveller works better, though it does require a more complicated draw.

February 20, 2003, 11:11 PM
I go through the summer looking for shirts that will look acceptable untucked. In addition to the CCC vest, I have a Columbia photog vest that is too heavy for hot, humid wear and I need some sort of inventory system if I start filling the 80 or 90 pockets (I've had it two years and just fond a new one after this thread started).

I've wound up with an assortment of short-sleeved, square cut button front shirts with side vents if I could find them. The vents give a little edge on reaching a strong-side holster. Also, I migrate toward the small guns when it heats up, and carry a J frame in a belly holster a good deal. This can be very fast from this sort of cover.

Safety First
February 22, 2003, 10:19 PM
I did go ahead and buy and Royal Robins vest this week. I like it a lot,and am thinking about buying there "Go everywhere" vest, it is much more discreet in appearance. Most people will hardly even notice it...Thanks again to all who responded,I picked up some great information...

February 27, 2003, 10:54 PM
Definitely not cheap, but excellant quality. Filson sells several vests and sleeveless sweaters that are ideal for IWB concealed carry. No one would think they are "gun clothes". My favorite is the Moleskin vest. http://www.filson.com/820.HTM They will also make some of their models in long or short on special order.

March 6, 2003, 11:33 PM
I just picked up a Promaster PhotoVest off of Ebay. Looks like it will work out great. $41 delivered!!!


March 7, 2003, 10:11 AM
Hey, sounds like a good deal txgolfer45....congrats!

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