Anti-Hunter/Shooter Bill Ready for Vote!


August 3, 2004, 07:46 PM
Anti-Hunter/Shooter Bill Ready for Vote!

The information below is from the California Waterfowl Association.

Don't wait act today!
Your assistance is still needed to defeat this unwarranted attack on
California hunters and shooting enthusiasts!

SB 1152 (Scott) would treat law-abiding sportsmen and women like criminals
by requiring them to submit a thumb print and other personal information,
such as an address and driver license number, each and every time they buy
ammunition. Such requirements are already mandated in a few Bay Area and
Southern California counties, but no formal studies have ever proven that
they help to fight or deter crime.

Imagine being forced to provide a thumbprint for merely purchasing a box of
shells for duck hunting or skeet shooting! What's next, a mug shot? SB
1152 is nothing more than unjustifiable harassment of the hunting and
shooting community, and would serve as a major disincentive for the public
to purchase ammunition and participate in hunting and other shooting
activities. This bill, which is currently pending in the Assembly
Appropriations Committee, must be stopped.

SB 1152 is scheduled for a vote in the Assembly Appropriations Committee on
Wednesday, August 4th. Please call, fax, or write members of the committee
immediately and urge them to strongly oppose SB 1152.

For a committee list and sample letter, go to

If possible, please also contact/copy your own Assembly Member. To find
your Legislator's contact information, enter your zip code at:

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August 4, 2004, 10:03 AM
Sorry - I just can't resist... :cuss:

Serves the sorry shotgunner, deer hunter, they'll never take our gun b@stards right. AND to think they have the gall to lump themselves in with the "shooting community". How conveeeeeeeeenient... :neener:

Maybe some of them will wake up and see the writing on the walls.

Wait - nevermind - this is Kalifornistan. Those guys are probably calling their state legislators right now telling them to go for it! :banghead:

On the serious side I didn't think it was possible for things to get much worse in the People's Democratic Soviet Socialist Republik of Kalifornistan. ...Guess I was wrong.

August 5, 2004, 01:40 AM
wheres the ACLU

if memory serves me right a few years back they wanted to thumbprint the welfare check receipients and the ACLU went nuts:rolleyes:

thumbprint gunowners is okay though:cuss:

August 5, 2004, 08:53 AM
So I guess everyone in the PPK will take up reloading or buying ammo out of state. So are all the gun owners in the PPK stocking up on ammo right now?


August 5, 2004, 09:19 AM
So what happened with the vote?

And yes, I *did* stock up on ammo. I'm now one of those guys who, when they arrest him and search his house, drag out all his guns and ammo for the press to photograph and prove what a nut he is.


August 5, 2004, 10:26 AM
jke456, ever read the ACLUs stance on the 2nd Amendment? If you haven't (might want to), it basically states that they aren't touching the issue with a 10ft pole.

If you enjoyed reading about "Anti-Hunter/Shooter Bill Ready for Vote!" here in archive, you'll LOVE our community. Come join today for the full version!