Got my Ruger catalog today!


February 18, 2003, 08:11 PM
Ok, so it's 2.5 months late, but who's counting??

Got my Ruger catalog today; my gf says she's still amazed at how I manage to make them send a catalog... to Taiwan!

BTW, she thought of all the guns in the catalog, she liked the Ruger 10/22 the best. Uh, oh! Tactical mini-sniper in the making!!:D

Now about that Remington and Sig catalog... 2.5 months, going on 3 now.. :confused:

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February 18, 2003, 08:20 PM
Dang Rugers are so tough! Their catalogues even have a thin layer of Kevlar! :D :neener:

February 18, 2003, 08:24 PM
You had to use the word tactical didn't you? Didn't you!?:D

I pick up my Remington catalogs at the firearms dealer. I have it as soon as I see it and walk my lazy arse over to it:D

Seeing as there are no firearms dealers in Taiwan, I guess you'll have to wait on the catalog a little longer than me.

SIG (not Sig, the SIG Freaks will get you for that!) is a whole different matter. Don't count on it coming for another 6 months. That should tell you something about their customer service. To sum it up, S^3, or SSS, or SIG Service Sucks. When you get back to the States, factor that in when you buy a gun.

February 18, 2003, 08:26 PM
Oh, BTW, Ruger catalogs are not a representation of their firearms. Mine was tattered in a matter of weeks. (It fell, I caught it by the cover, and then RRRRRRIP! There goes the cover!)

February 18, 2003, 08:38 PM
Mine only had 10 pages....

February 19, 2003, 02:06 AM
My Ruger catalog is 45 pages! Skunk, someone jipped you on the catalog!

Sig... It's Sig, not SIG, not until I get a catalog in my hands!!

Does Kahr have a catalog??

February 19, 2003, 04:16 AM
I don't remember ever seeing a Kahr catalog... My Sig (SIG?)catalog came within a week.

I really like my 81 page Bushmaster catalog... so much too long for.

February 19, 2003, 04:27 AM
time for me to get a Bushmaster catalog??

Arrg.. they won't send one outside of the US.. bummer...

February 19, 2003, 10:30 AM
Yeah, I've seen the Kahr catalog. It's a nice catalog....surprise ending (IMHO).

February 19, 2003, 02:13 PM
Twoblink: Why dont you have all the catalogs sent to a relative in the states, and then they ship them to you? That might work better than waiting several months.


February 19, 2003, 09:16 PM
Because... I like the fact that I make them send the catalog to Taiwan!!

Also, I actually enjoy the anticipation of the catalog..

February 19, 2003, 09:28 PM
Yup, I got the 45-page catalog as well.

Twoblink, you should buy your wife one of the 10/22s. I bought one about three months ago and have put about 2000 rounds through it so far.

I bought the stainless/plastic "All Weather" model and put a 3x9x39 stainless scope on her. Now, all I want to do is figure out how to mount a sling on her.

:) If one had to, you could survive with this rifle. :cool:

EDIT: Oh, and a thousand rounds for $15-20 is a great motivational factor.

February 19, 2003, 09:41 PM

only 2K so far?? I've got 30K+ in mine!!

I changed the trigger in it, amazing difference... I also added a bolt buffer for longevity of life, (as recoil was never an issue) and I changed the sights to william firesights...

Wife(to be) will probably raid my gun case... (sigh..) the disadvantages of finding a gun lover for a wife..

February 19, 2003, 09:46 PM
Lucky man with the gun loving wife. Sigh.

only 2K so far?? I've got 30K+ in mine!!

Well, I have to give the other rifles equal time too. 500 rounds of 762x39 in the last three weeks. :rolleyes: Plus, at least 250 rounds of 40 S&W and 100 rounds or so of my homegrown .45 ACP in same time period.

I'll strive to keep up. :rolleyes:

My best to you guys.

Mike Irwin
February 20, 2003, 12:17 AM
Their new side by side shotguns look really nice...

February 20, 2003, 01:52 AM
I took 3000 rounds, and 6 girls to the range. I taught each of them how to use my Ruger 10/22, and my Ruger 22/45.

I came back about an hour and a half later...

I didn't get to shoot any .22's that day :banghead: It seems women, left alone at the range with .22's .....:confused: :cuss: They didn't even leave any for me!!

I later found out, they shot up 2000 rounds my friend brought also... They had 1 person load, while the next one shot... Given I had 5 magazines, they didn't stop!

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