shooting show on outdoor channel


Ukraine Train
August 19, 2004, 01:26 AM
I didn't even know this channel existed until I noticed the title of the show on the preview guide. This is the Outdoor Channel, not the Outdoor Life Network. Anyway, the show is called Shooting Gallery. On this episode they were at a school in PA that puts students in plausible situations where drawing your gun may be required if you aren't able to de-escalate the situation. It was pretty neat. The show has a website and is on three days a week:

Oh, also, they had a commercial for Sig and one for a Para Ordnance 1911 that's DAO but they call it Light Double Action. It'd be great to see these commercials on regular shows lol.

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August 19, 2004, 01:29 AM
Michael Bane, the host of the show posts here on occassion.

I also helped out as a PA for him on the episode with the story about the Olympic shotgun trials. (I got to hold the mic for the interviews. :))

I have yet to actually see an episode of the show, as I don't get The Outdoor Channel. :(

Rob Pincus
August 23, 2004, 04:31 PM
The Shooting Galllery crew was here at Valhalla about 2 months ago and filmed an episode. THey seemed to "get it" and be real-deal guys, not just TV guys looking for a market. I've known Micheal Bane for a number of years and he is well respected in the firearms media circles.

The episode that aired earlier today (and will air at least 2 more times this week) is on Valhalla... let me know what you think if you get a chance to see it.

August 24, 2004, 12:15 AM
I believe American Rifleman is on that channel also.
Nice to see shooting shows coming on strong.There is a new Cowboy Action Shooting show coming on this fall,I believe it's on OLN.Put on by the 'owners' of SASS I belive.(Single Action Shooting Society)

September 30, 2004, 10:38 AM
Sorry to be so long in resonding to this post! I try to keep up, but mostly these days, when I get back to my hotel room, I just sleep.

We try very hard to keep SHOOTING GALLERY very real and very credible, especially in the self-defense arena--where we've clearly broken new ground. At this year's NRA Show, the unambiguous Ted Nugent called SG "the ballsiest show on television," or something to that effect. I've been honored at the number of police departments and military trainers who've both commented on the show and asked for copies. In fact, at this year's SHOT, the training director of a major metro police agency thanked me for a specific controversial show on close-up shooting. "We've been trying to overhaul our training for years," the director said. "We made our chief watch a tape of SHOOTING GALLERY, were you demonstrated how the very stuff we were still teaching failed in simulation after simulation. We go the go-ahead to revamp on the spot."

I also think our competition coverage is second to none. We've won a couple of big awards (that used to always go to ESPN2!) for our competition shows, and we're kicking things up for Season 3. Effective January 2005, we'll be all HDTV--the first shooting and one of the first outdoor shows to do so. We're now running two full-time videographers and a professional sound man, and our producer/director, Robin Berg, is definitely one of the best in the business (he's from the X-Games).

We've got a long way to go still, but we're moving up every season. Our COWBOYS! show, which covers all aspects of western action shooting and lots of cool Old West stuff, goes on the air in January. We're looking at a major documentary on the shooting sports next year (watch yur butt, Michael Moore!) and maybe even a nationally televised Outdoor Channel match.

The Outdoor Channel has got to be congratulated for putting their money where their mouth is. They give big bucks to the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and numerous matches. They give me total autonomy to film what I think is important, and they've backed me up unconditionally when the heat was on. When one "gun safety" group came calling looking for free airtime for their anti-gun messages, the Channel sent 'em packing (not the case with some of the other "outdoor" channels!).

My electronic door's always open, and I will happily steal ideas from ANYONE! Rob, I look forward to seeing you in November filming our SECOND episode from Valhalla in spectacular HDTV! As an aside, I've known Rob for awhile, but this was my first exposure to him as an instructor. He was EXCELLENT, and I can't recommend him and his classes highly enough--and we are VERY conservative in our recommendations! As the director of the NSSF Media Education Program for 5 years, I worked with the best firearm instructors in the world. I would unhesitatingly put Rob in that group.

Michael B

September 30, 2004, 11:01 AM
Just a head's up for those who don't get the Outdoor Channel. With Dish and Direct TV satellite systems, you can add the Outdoor Channel for $1.99 a month.

Yeah, they will tell you that you have to buy the zillion dollar sports package, but the truth is you can get the Channel A La Carte by asking for it.

Just say "I want it 'a la carte' for $1.99 a month."

You may need to ask for a supervisor, but you CAN get it for that.

These days, you can get a satellite dish installed for free. Get the basic package, add the Outdoor Channel a la carte, and you get the best shooting and hunting shows on the air.

Yes. I am an unbiased observer. (And co-host of Guns & Ammo Television on The Outdoor Channel.)

And after you have watched Shooting Gallery, you'll be convinced that Bane has been sniffing the Red Dot again!

erik the bold
September 30, 2004, 12:56 PM
You can also get the Outdoor channel on BUD (Big Ugly Dish) for FREE on G0 transponder 24.

They have a wealth of shooting sports AND racing as well - World of Outlaws and my favorite (mainly 'cause we're on that show...), Offshore Boat Racing on Wednesday nights starting at 8:00 Eastern :p

September 30, 2004, 12:58 PM
what PA school was that? Wish I went there

September 30, 2004, 01:28 PM
We always tell students that Shooting Gallery is _the_ real must see TV. I've got TiVO setup on a 'season pass' for SG.

I really like the focus, direction and topic matter of the show, so please, keep up the good work!


September 30, 2004, 03:51 PM
I cancelled my cable supplier when they took the Outdoor Channel off the group supplied with the regular purchase, and put it in with a bunch of other channels I didn't want. Then they asked me to pay a premium to get that package. Told them to shove it, and got Dish. I was really upset because the American Rifleman was the main reason I watched. When I got Dish and found that Shooting Gallery was on, I was pleasantly surprised. Good show. Keep up the good work MBane666.
I would think that there are enough shooting sports to keep you busy showing an example of each. One suggestion, how about a show with shooters out for plinking, with imaginative targets, just having fun in a responsible way. That is really what most shooters do, and most don't even know how to make it really enjoyable. Paper targets where you can't see the holes appear are not "satisfying". I am thinking of clay targets, gongs, frozen plastic water bottles, and other reactive targets. Using long range with difficult targets can simulate long range hunting. My personal favorite is clay targets at 200, and 300 yds. Very difficult, but a real rush when you hit them. Maybe show a group organizing and participating in a group plinking and informal bragging rights match.:)

September 30, 2004, 04:35 PM
You know, Gunpacker, a few years back I wrote a major (like 4000 word) feature in HANDGUNS magazine on "Creative Plinking," where I made the very points that you just did. I came at it from a sort of "competition fatigue," where it seemed like every trip to the range was for a specific training purpose (which is, of course, the right way to seriously train). The problem was that somewhere along the line I was in danger of losing the "fun" part of shooting.

I think I'm gonna run with that idea and see if we can make it work.

Also, as an aside, I started the first IPSC club in Tampa!


September 30, 2004, 04:43 PM
I'll have to get belligerent about this 'ala carte' thing. Last time I asked DTV they told me to go jump in a lake.

I did that, but summer's over now so I'll give it another shot. :)

- Gabe

September 30, 2004, 05:06 PM
MBane666, I just wanted to get on here and say how glad I am to see that you post here. And more importantly that you actually take peoples suggestions to heart. I'd definitely like to see some shows out there for the average shooter that just goes out to shoot to relax and let loose on some poor defensless inanimate objects. That's my main goal when I go out to shoot, have fun. I like the shows on the competitions, but not all of us have the time to dedicate to getting good enough to actually shoot in competitions.

Just another fan saying "Good on ya!"

September 30, 2004, 10:11 PM
The Ala-Carte on DTV came out about 5 months ago I saw the ad in
American Rifleman and called right up, have'nt been sorry!
No matter how tired I am I sit up and watch Shooting Gallery on
Sunday nights.
Good job Mike, thanks for all your hard work !!!

October 1, 2004, 07:30 AM
Hey! Hey! HEY!

Bane doesn't take people's suggestions to heart.

He STEALS ideas.

He's shameless.

That's why he's my hero! <grin>

Actually, Michael is one of the most creative people in the business. Any conversation with him is pretty much Mr. Toad's Wild Ride on full auto.

Michael. How was the Czech Republic?

October 1, 2004, 07:41 PM
I'm on the phone with the DirecTV guy right now (say hi to THR, John) and he's adding the channel. Tom's right: $1.99/mo, ala carte. He says it should take effect immediately...let me check.......HOLY CRAP! It worked.

That was awesome. Total time on phone = 2 minutes.


- Gabe :)

PS: This show better be good, Bane. ;)

Tony Mig
October 1, 2004, 08:07 PM
I wish I could get the Outdoor Channel, I do get OLN, but Communist-Cast (Comcast) Cable has no plans to air the Outdoor Channel.....must be too much gun stuff, too risky for their sensitive viewers....:rolleyes:

October 1, 2004, 09:47 PM
Michael, Oh Michael Michael Michael , did I just read you right and saw my favorite acronym?! HDTV!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I am going to have to do my happy dance and scare the wife and cats.:p

October 2, 2004, 08:21 AM
Tony Mig. Comcast owns OLN. It couldn't be that this is why your local cable operator does not offer The Outdoor Channel, could it? <grin>

Do like many of us have. Add satellite. Call the cable company and cut back your service to the bare minimum, then get the satellite dish to fill out other things you want, inclucing TOC.

Yeah, we are moving to HD. TOC will roll out an all HD network next year. In the spring, I'm scheduled to begin taping a new show, Petersen's Hunting Television. It will be all HD.

Right now, I'm taping shows for a new series, "Wings To Adventure" in HD.

Guns and airplanes.

Yeah, we're having fun now!

October 2, 2004, 08:31 AM
DirecTV stomps all over cable. Best thing I did re: TV was switch to satellite with the TiVo receiver.

- Gabe

October 2, 2004, 11:42 AM
I gotta say the Czech Republic was *WAY* cool!

To fill the rest of you guys in, we went to CR to film the first European cowboy/western action shooting championships for COWBOYS!, our new show premiering (also in HDTV!) in January and hosted by five time SASS World Champion and all around good guy Richard "Tequila" Young. I figured the idea of European cowboys had just enough TWILIGHT ZONE spin to it to guarantee a great show and a good time. I also figured since I was "in the neighboorhood," I'd go by CZ, get them to open up the vaults and let me shoot all those itsy-bitsy cool machine pistols that never make it to the United States (back in my brief tenure as a war correspondent, I found a Skorpion in Grenada and was sorely tempted, but THAT'S ANOTHER STORY!).

Everything worked PERFECTLY! I've done a lot of international travel (as has my crew), but CR was like being at home in a place where you can't read the street signs. The Czech language is hopeless, by the way. I tried to ask for bread using a guidebook and pronunciation guide, which lead to gales of laughter from the waitress and the nearby diners. The people, though, still like Americans (not the case with the DAMNED ENGLISH at Heathrow, I might add...made me profoundly sorry that my ancestral Scots--McBane, doncha know?--didn't turn the tables on 'em at Culloden Moor). The country's also dirt cheap, the food is great and...please, women on the list, forgive me for what I'm about to say, even though I''m trying to be as non-sexist as possible...the Czech women apparently won the genetic luck of the draw.

One quick Czech story:

We're in Pisek, a little town near the Austrian border and near where the match was held. It's, like, 8PM, and the town looks like a set from the post-apocalyptic thriller 28 DAYS LATER...not a human being on the streets, all the little shops closed, etc. So me, Tequlia—in full cowboy drag, including the hat—and our videographer, Craig Incardone (whom we stole from slasher films) go to a mon-and-pop Czech restaurant that the Lovely Eva, owner of the hotel we were staying at, recommended as, "You know, like Czech McDonald's sort of..."

We get there and the place is mobbed, like the entire town of Pisek is chowing down in this place. We walk in and, just like in the old western movies, things get very quiet, everybody's eyes on Tequila's hat. Quiet as we're show to a table and given menus, in English. Quiet as Tequila studies the menu. Then Tequila points at an item on the menu. "BULL GLANDS!" he says in LOUD Texacan. "You've got BULL GLANDS! We want BULL GLANDS and PILSNER!" The waitress translates, and suddenly the sounds start back up. People--even people in weird hats--having bull glands and pilsner are HOMEBOYS!

Michael B

Safety First
October 2, 2004, 07:08 PM
I got the DISH network last December, called customer service to have OLN added and the customer service rep said I would have to spring for the more expensive package if I wanted OLN. I did not even know about the OUTDOOR LIFE NETWORK and the rep voluntarily told me I could add it to my package for 1.99 month. Even my wife who does'nt give two hoots about guns enjoys the shows....As some of the others said before me it is a pleasure to have Michael and Tom as members here, thanks for all you do guys...

October 2, 2004, 07:57 PM
I just signed up for the Outdoor Channel with Directv. (YEAH BABY!! MORE GUN SHOWS!) Thanks , Guntalk (and others) for explaining how to get this channel. I am really looking forward to it.
So far I count three show directly about shooting on this channel: Guns and Ammo TV, American Rifleman, and Shooting Gallery. Are there any others I missed?

PS: Yea, I had both cable and directv, and directv DOES stomp all over cable.

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