chrome molly barrel lifetime


September 1, 2004, 12:31 AM
how many rounds will chrome molly barrel last vs chrome lined?

would like to get chrome lined but its hardly offered compared to "Competition","Match" and "Target" barrels with chrome molly or stainless.

if anyone has some links to sites that offer AR15 I sure would appreciate it.

familiar with model1sales and jtdistributing. any opinions of them appreciated as well.

anyone else having trouble accessing BushMasters website? was loading fine yesterday.

I see RockRiver Arms has 16" M4 barrel using car handguards availible that is chrome lined so does JT Dist and model 1 sales. dont offer anything else. kinda prefer mid length handguard yeah kinda nit picking. be nice to keep cost low.

how are chrome bolt & carrier and tin.

looked all over and havent managed to find a search engine that likes my queries.
appreciate any info you can spare.

have looked around arfcom,gunsnet,glocktalk,thefiringline. didnt find much.

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September 1, 2004, 07:16 AM
Barrel wear, often called "erosion" actually is a process where heat does the damage. Keeping the barrel cool is then the best way to get long life.That means of course no rapid fire !! The second cause of short barrel life is bad cleaning habits .If a chemical cleaner is used to remove copper deposits give it some time to work.Avoid vigorous brushing. As they say your mileage will vary according to how you treat the barrel.

Bartholomew Roberts
September 1, 2004, 08:53 AM
To get an idea of how long a chrome-moly barrel might last, you can look at the Shooting Times article where they torture tested an unlined 20" barrel in a Colt Sporter by firing 10,000 rounds through it in over two days.

By the 9,000 round mark, the throat had eroded at the exact point where the particular ammo they were using contacted the chamber that they were experiencing keyholing and 2-3 MOA accuracy at 100yds.

By switching to different ammo that contacted the throat at a different point, they were able to finish 10,000 rounds with a final group of 1.21" at 100yds.

As noted above, heat is the main enemy of barrel life. Less heat = longer barrel life. 10,000 rounds in two days will generate a fair amount of heat :)

September 1, 2004, 05:49 PM
heat from the burning powder is what causes the barrel erosion that effects accurecy, so it depends how much and what type of powder and how large your bore is, also how many rounds you fire in a string of shots, letting your barrel cool after 5 to 10 shots will extend the life of any barrel, some calibers are known as barrel burners like 22-250 or 220 swift but any caliber will burn out a barrel if you don't let the barrel cool down, as an example i have a 30-06 that was bought in 1971 my father gave me and it will still print 1 inch groups at 100 yards, my dad also has a 22-250 he bought in 1974 and will put 5 shots into 3/4 inch at 100 yards, take care of your firearms and they will last along time. The reason you don't see chrome lined barrels in match grade rifles is because chrome plating is uneven and would leave high and low spots inside the bore affecting accurecy, but for weekend plinking it would be fine.

September 1, 2004, 06:16 PM
I am not planning on any 10,000 rounds in one or two days by any means.

coming from AK's myself. not into target shooting. probably going with 5.56nato chamber
or wylde chamber. did some more reading. sounds like chrome molly will last 25,000. chrome lined 35,000 though saw some mentioning of them lasting up to 100,000. anybody know of any truth to chrome lined lasting 100,000 would use it for plinking and some shooting otherwise SHTF gun. if I want to target should would go with something else.

anybody really notice difference between barrels made of 4140 vs 4150?

appreciate the replies.:)

Bartholomew Roberts
September 2, 2004, 09:00 AM
I've heard of stainless steel barrels going 80,000. In my limited experience, chrome-lined can definitely make 50,000 even with some fairly severe use.

In some cases, I've found that the lack of accuracy wasn't throat erosion but copper fouling in the bore had been allowed to build up over those tens of thousands of rounds. In those cases, defouling the bore of copper may take a "shot-out" barrel and give it new life (assuming you are looking for casual plinking or GI standards of accuracy... something like High Power Match is a whole different game).

September 3, 2004, 01:29 AM
My understanding was that many of the Combloc weapons were chrome-lined because, A) chrome-lined barrels and chambers were more resistant to the salts from corrosive primers, and B) the Soviets had enough Chromium deposits to make it cheap to do so.

September 3, 2004, 02:22 AM
damm thats alot of rounds in two days

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