any collectors of WW2 era firearms?


September 1, 2004, 04:50 PM
I missed out on the opportunity to get a German K98 with Nazi markings
on it. I had not really thought of collecting WW2 era firearms, but now that
I have the space (safe) I am thinking about it.

Anyone here collect them? Do you have any photos? Any insight for someone
who wants to start collecting? How easy is it to collect? Any idea on price ranges?
Any relevant web sites?

Please share your stories & photos.


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September 1, 2004, 05:02 PM
In my WW2 collection I have:
2 Mosin nagants (M44 & M1891)
An Underwood M1 carbine
German K98 Mauser
Enfield SMLE
Carcano m38 (converted to 8mm by the Germans)
Wather P38
S&W lend lease revolver in 38 S&W
2 Nagant revolvers dated 1941 and 1943

Still looking for a Garand without going through CMP

September 1, 2004, 05:25 PM
Get a C&R license first.

That will save you a boatload of money on transfers and discounts, and allow you to spend even more money in the end by getting cheap rifles.

Mausers have many, many variants. Know what you are doing before you spend a lot of money on a "genuine German" one. There are a lot of Russian captures out there that can be had for good prices. That would be a good one to start with. They are German, some still have Nazi proofs, but they also have Russian stamps.
Turk mausers can be bought for less than $50, and nice Nazi mausers can be well over $1000.

Russian Mosin-Nagants, British SMLE's, and Japanese Arisakas can still be had on the cheap. U.S. Rifles go for more. German are in between.

September 1, 2004, 05:31 PM

91/30 Mosin Nagant
Enfield Mk.4 No.1
Arisaka T.38

Not Exactly WWII, but before 1950 is a Yugo M48
Not Exactly WWII, but does a Springfield WWII repo 1911 count?

My Christmas present to myself this year will probably be a CMP Garand, Greek or Danish Service

Here are some pics


My Mosin, and M48 (and Yugo SKS)

P.S., sorry if the pics go down, working on my server right now

September 1, 2004, 05:50 PM
A 1903A4 is a MUST get if you a collector (hard to find), and umm a 1903A3, M1, M1 Carbine, and if money is no object 1918A2, M2 Carbine, M3...

P.S. There is a semi-auto 1918A3 for only $3150...

September 1, 2004, 06:05 PM
Currently have M1 Carbine, M1 Garand, M1903A3, Mauser K98, Enfield #4 Mk1, Enfield #5, Mosin-Nagant M44, Mannicher-Carcano (6.5mm) and a M1895 Nagant.

September 1, 2004, 06:06 PM
If you are just looking for a representative example, a Russian capture rifle is probably your best option. These can be had for $200-$400. These are rifles that were pieced together by the Russians from captured weapons after WWII. They are generally in very nice shape and make great shooters. Here is a company currently selling them.


If you are a purist collector and want a GI bringback, all matching, original K98k you are probably looking at $700+ with price depending upon maker, year, etc.

September 1, 2004, 06:08 PM
I've been collecting WWII arms for about 9 years. I have a whole bunch.

As already stated, get a C&R license.

Alos, get a garand or two or three from CMP..and M1903A3 etc.

Get books, read all that you can, learn the prices and conditions.

Lots of fun

September 1, 2004, 06:22 PM
Best thing to do, as previously stated, is get a C&R, send copies to everyone who counts, and clear out some serious closet space.

September 1, 2004, 06:30 PM
It seems most of us around here have one or more WWII-era guns. The usual suspects are:
1) Mosin-Nagant
2) Mauser
3) Lee-Enfield
4) Rifle, Caliber 30, M1 Garand
My specific list is:
1) Polish M44
2) Yugoslavian M48a
3) No4Mk2
4) Winchester of 1943 vintage

September 1, 2004, 08:05 PM
Sten MKII.

I'd like to get a Garand, but I can't spare the $600 right now. Oh well.

September 1, 2004, 08:14 PM
Yeah, i've got a couple of enfields, couple of mosin's, a mauser somewhere in that crowded safe too. I'm still workin' on the US rifles. They will come soon....:D It's addicting! Stay away from WWII milsurp rifles. Your wallet will never forgive you.

Jim K
September 1, 2004, 08:28 PM
Just to clarify. In spite of what some ads imply, the Yugo M48/M48A was not used in WWII, is not German, is not a 98 Mauser, and has little historical value.

Destructo, your Nr. 4 Mk 2 is not WWII; the No. 4 Mk 1 and No. 4 Mk1* were used in WWII. Neither was the Polish M-N. Poland used the Mauser 98 (Polish Vz-29 or 98a) prior to and in the opening days of WWII. Russian arms were not adopted until the USSR "liberated" Poland and turned it Communist.

Russian capture K.98k's may be less than pristine, but there is absolutely no doubt that they were used in WWII, and in some of the heaviest fighting in that war. They are well worth a place in a WWII collection.


September 1, 2004, 09:31 PM
Destructo, your Nr. 4 Mk 2 is not WWII
I'm well aware of that. However, they are functionally, and in most cases cosmetically, identical.

September 1, 2004, 11:00 PM
I'm gradually working on getting one of each of the main battle rifles of the major combatants.

Thus far I have:
A No.4Mk.2 (Yes, yes, Mr. Keenan, I know; I stumbled across a screamin' deal on an unissued Fazakerley recently, and haven't seen a wartime No.4 in a while that didn't have a bore that looked like a mineshaft in coal country. Someday my No.4Mk.1 will come, until then, my '54 Fazakerley will have to do...:D )
A '42 Springfield Garand
A '44 Izhevsk Mosin 91/30
A '43 byf 98k
and a Type 99 Arisaka.

Only an MAS-36 and a Mannlicher-Carcano to go. :)

September 2, 2004, 09:16 AM
OK, what is a C& R? and where do I go to get one?


September 2, 2004, 09:22 AM
Just to clarify. In spite of what some ads imply, the Yugo M48/M48A was not used in WWII, is not German, is not a 98 Mauser, and has little historical value.

Very true. But where else can you get a nice (sometimes new) rifle for under $100? And since it has little historical value, I dont have to worry about taking it out and messing it up.

September 2, 2004, 11:03 AM
C&R is for "Curio and Relic."

Someone posted a link about how to get your C&R license--not that difficult, from what I understand.

September 2, 2004, 01:17 PM
Sure I have a WWII collection, doesn't everyone ?

M1s, 1903s, 1903A3s, M1 Carbine, K98, MN91/30, MN 44, MN 38, and of course plenty of stuff from the "other" countries: Sweedes, Finns, Swiss................

Sam Adams
September 2, 2004, 03:03 PM
So far I've only got a Garand. I want to have the battle rifle of the major non-Axis countries, so I'll be getting a K-31, an M-39 and an Enfield at some point. Yeah, the Swiss didn't fight, but that's because about 850,000 of them were armed with the K-31 and its older brother, the K-11. The M-39 is the same design as the Russian Mosins, but far more accurate (though I may get a "former sniper" M91/30, just to have it). I don't know about buying the M-1 Carbine, as it is quite expensive compared to the rest and doesn't have either the accuracy or punch of a real battle rifle.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot: I have no interest in any French gun, even if it was never used and only dropped once (or, more accurately, because way too many of them were never used and only dropped once).

As far as a list of dealers, here's a good thread:

September 2, 2004, 04:27 PM
Russian capture Mausers are back at Aim and Empire Arms.

C&R license is very easy to get. Go here and download the forms:
Fill them out, send them in with a check for $30, and in a month or two you got it.

Garands can be got for $400 and less here:

September 2, 2004, 06:42 PM
I don't know about buying the M-1 Carbine, as it is quite expensive compared to the rest and doesn't have either the accuracy or punch of a real battle rifle.

A 110 grain bullet at 2100 FPS is nothing to scoff at.

With a 30 round mag I can rapid fire all of them into a pie plate at 50 yards.

I do agree with you about the price. A nice matching mumber carbine runs almost the same as a garand.

Jim K
September 2, 2004, 10:04 PM
There was a WWI joke about the Swiss. Supposedly, the German Kaiser visited Switzerland and spoke with the colonel who was commander of the Swiss army. (They have generals only in wartime.)

The Kaiser asked how many men the Swiss could muster in an emergency. The colonel replied that maybe they could round up a million men. The Kaiser then asked haughtily, "What would you do if five million Germans marched across your border at dawn tomorrow?"

The Swiss officer replied, "Each of my men would fire five shots and we would go home for breakfast."

The story is a myth; the Kaiser never visited Switzerland. But it is not a myth that the German army never did, either.


September 2, 2004, 10:07 PM
The story is a myth; the Kaiser never visited Switzerland. But it is not a myth that the German army never did, either.

One of my favorites! :D

(Except I always thought it was Goering that didn't visit Switzerland before WWII. Nobody ever tells me the right myths! :scrutiny: ;) )

September 2, 2004, 10:20 PM
U.S. : I've got an RIA 03A3, Springfield M1 Garand, and an IBM M1 Carbine

Russian: 91 and 91/30

A bunch of Finns (but they don't exactly count as WWII since they had their own little war going on with the Soviets)

September 3, 2004, 03:44 AM
You need the C&R, all the extra discounts at Midway and Brownells is icing on the cake.

I have a Type 99 and Type 38 Arisaka. I would like to add a Nambu to the pile. I have a few other odds and ends too.

September 3, 2004, 05:03 AM
...of course, ordering freshly imported stuff from Century or Sarco or whoever is fun, but the real fun is in cruising shows and local shops, building up a network of friends and contacts who know what to help you look for. That's how I scored my Chiang Kai Shek Mauser, f'rinstance, and my Type 38 Arisaka cavalry carbine...

September 3, 2004, 09:16 AM
I, like Tamara, enjoy looking in estate sales, auctions and other non-gun shop/show venues. Found a Garand for $400 at an auction, and an M-1 carbine for $150 that way. I like having the C&R license and getting guns in the driveway from Mr. UPS man--just like olden times.

Have a couple of SMLEs (No. 1 MK3 and No. 4 MK1), a K-31, an 03-A3 (from Wildalaska). Looking for a good K98 and a 1917, and then come the pistols--a luger08 and a P38 are high on the list, but they're getting pricier by the day.

Cruffling can take some $$$$$!

TFL Survivor

September 3, 2004, 02:05 PM
I have had a C&R for almost 3 years now. It's the best $30 I ever spent. I love WW-2 arms. I've got most of the ones that I want, except for a german pistol (luger or P-38) and a genuine German K98 GI Bring back.

I've got:
4 Finn M39 Mosins
2 Garands (one is from the Korean War era though)
1 Remington 1903A3
2 Mosin 91/30's
1 Mosin 1891
1 Mosin 1944
1 Arisaka 99, GI bring back with mum and bayonet
2 Russian Capture German K98 mausers
1 Yugo re-arsenalled German K98 mauser, a Predzeuce 44
2 Swedish Mausers (probably used very little in WW-2, just a few by the Finns and the Swedes who volunteered)

I have a 2A1 Enfield, but that was made in the 1970's.

AIM has excellent Russian Captured K98 mausers right now. They are a great deal at $160 and $210. I"ll post some pics of mine when I get home.

September 3, 2004, 02:27 PM
I forgot, I had some pics of my Russian Capture K98's on the internet elsewhere. These two came from AIM. The both arrived looking like the darker one in the picture. It's covered in the Soviet shellac. I used acetone to remove the shellac and put one coat of tung oil on the rifle with the lighter stock. Since this pic was taken I've removed the shellac from the darker rifle and it has the natural wood showing now too. They are both in excellent conditinon, but these have peened swastikas. They cost me $180 each from AIM about 6 months ago.

Zeke Menuar
September 3, 2004, 02:57 PM
Not collecting WWII on purpose. Just ended up with a couple.

1943 Mosin-Nagant Tula ex-sniper
1944 Mosin-Nagant M38


September 3, 2004, 04:26 PM
Let's see...

11 various WWI/WWII vintage Enfields + 1 post-war No4MkII.
3 WWII vintage Mausers (1 RC K98k, 1 VZ-24, 1 24/47 Yugo)+ 1 postwar Spanish FR-8
1 1943 vintage Izzy Mosin 91/30
-and my baby-
1 Springfield Garand, w/a 5 digit S/N (Jan 1940) receiver and a like new '53 LMR barrel.
1 very expensive C&R FFL
1 angry Korean War vintage wife.

I too like wandering the garage sales, auctions, and pawn shops. There are some very good online vendors (the C&R comes in handy here) as well as the online auction sites. I've been pretty lucky with the online auction sites, and you can get a good idea of the actual rifle you are getting. One thing about the online auctions though, do your homework and know what you are looking at is worth! Some the sellers have a REALLY high opinion of their wares. :what:

September 3, 2004, 11:03 PM
1899 Izhevsk M91 'SA' Finnish marked

1916 Sestroryetsk M91

1930 Tula M91/30, not converted Dragoon.

1938 Tula 91/30

1942 Izhevsk M38

1952 Polish M44

Yes, I know the last one is not WWII era, but it is a Mosin.:D

I will someday inherit an M1903A3; I've been taking care of it for my mother-in-law, it was her dad's service rifle.:)

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