Wild Hogs in TX - specific question


September 2, 2004, 05:33 PM
My cousin and her husband live in Texas (2 hours east of Dallas). They have been plagued by wild hogs, probably 300+ pounds. They have had traps out for at least six months with no results.

She just E-mailed to say that her husband bought some buckshot for the 12 gauge. After searching the threads here, slugs seem to be recommended. My question is - Should he buy some slugs or will the buckshot suffice?

The shotgun is the only weapon they own that would work and I don't think he'll buy a large caliber rifle.

Anyone with experience in this area, your input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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September 2, 2004, 05:37 PM
No direct experience, but slugs would be my choice by far.


Matthew Courtney
September 2, 2004, 05:40 PM
I thought that 2 hours East of Dallas was North Louisiana. In any event, slugs would by what I would use, and I would do it from an elevated position so that a wounded hog could not get to me.

September 2, 2004, 05:48 PM
Please do a search, in the Hunting forum, about buckshot and its appropriate/inappropriate-ness for shooting wild hogs.
Personally, I'd prefer slugs, or a rifle, .30 caliber or larger.

Oscar Orum
September 2, 2004, 05:59 PM
With 12 guage I believe you have 4 choices of buck shot
in a 2 3/4" shell you have 27 #4 buck which each measure .24 inch
12 #0 buck which each measure .32 inch
9 #00 buck which each measure .33 inch
8 #000 buck which each measure .36 inch
I believe #3 buck is found in 20 gauge and #1 buck in found in 16 gauge.
It would be important to pattern some of the different size at what you would caluate to be a fair distance of you shot and have discussion.
My choice is #4 buck but be careful if piglets and a sow. I feel comfortable with a .41 magnum as back up and in East Texas be close to a tree that you can climb quickly. Hogs is not a game of honor.

Dave R
September 2, 2004, 06:00 PM
The impression I remember from the threads I've read on the subject is--buckshot will NOT penetrate enough to kill a big hog.

Think about the ballistics. You've got a .32 ball (OK, 9 of 'em) moving about 1,000fps? Each one is a hot .32acp. Its not going to penetrate enough.

Might at distances of 20 yards or less, where the projectiles act like one big slug, but I don't want to be that close to a shot hog.

September 2, 2004, 06:09 PM
I thought that 2 hours East of Dallas was North Louisiana

Depends on how fast you're driving:D For me driving the speed limit, two hours east of Dallas is about the Tyler area.

Mike, you'll undoubtedly get lots of good answers regarding buckshot vs. slugs (vs. rifle calibers).

My advice is if your cousin just wants to get rid of the hogs, to continue with the trap(s) as well as the hunting, or perhaps to bring in some other hunters (local guys that he can trust would be the best) as well.

The traps around here sometimes go forever without seeming to catch anything (although they seem to do best in the cold months anyway) and then catch a whole rash of them at the same time.

September 2, 2004, 06:20 PM
Slugs work great on Javalina here.

I would rather go with slugs for Ferals as well. The armor plate on the sides of them beast are pretty darn thick.

On that note, we used mostly 30-30's on hogs when hunting them brutes in Georgia.

September 2, 2004, 06:31 PM
Earlier this year my dad was cornered by a wild hog and all he had was a ruger super blackhawk .357 and a box of 110 grain JHP

It took 19 shots to kill it and 18 of them made it really pissed off..

Slugs for sure.

September 2, 2004, 07:27 PM
Advice from a wild pig hunting friend who uses a shotgun.


Also: get some going-bad produce, bury it about six inches deep, say 10lbs of it.

Get a high point to hide in and wait till it gets a bit dark with a spotlight. Pigs will apparently zero right in on the produce and ignore everything else (friend who told me this said he walked right up on an entire herd and whacked several from 5 yards this way).

Fire several solid shots at the front shoulder... till it goes down. Get as many as he can, repeat a week later.

September 2, 2004, 07:28 PM
Any pictures of that SuperBlackhawk in 357. Never seen one. :neener: Happy trails.

September 2, 2004, 07:56 PM
I've had some friends kill hogs with buckshot. There are a couple of public hunting areas that allow only buckshot--no slugs, rifles or pistols.

I'd recommend slugs anyway as long as you're not in a buckshot only area.

If he goes with buckshot he should go with the hottest 000 load he can find.

September 2, 2004, 08:21 PM
Don't even think about buckshot - even if you do wound a 300 pounder even to kill him, he'll kill you first.

Have your friend call me, I'll bring out two heavy rifles - once they dress one out, and see how thick the "plate" is on the shoulder, they might think differently about shotgunning.

You hear a lot of conflicting pig stories, and part of that is becuase wild boar stock is mixed with domestic pig stock. Porky Pig might lie down and die from a loud noise - he's bred to be bacon - but if your target looks anything like the Arkansas razorback he might just decide to take out your femoral arteries first.

Splat Shot
September 2, 2004, 09:49 PM
Slugs, no doubt about it. I had a friend almost killed by a TX hog. Damn thing chased him down and gored him a good one in the leg, blood spurted out just like in the movies. Also knew a guy who hit one with a 7mm magnum, it still got away. Get serious about your safety when hunting these things.

September 2, 2004, 11:57 PM
Wow, a lot of misinformation here from people who apparently have little experience hunting hogs.

I've killed many a hog with 00 and 000 buckshot in both 3" and 2 3/4" loads. If you're shots are within, say, 30 to 40 yards then it will suffice and it's best to go with magnum loads. Do not use buckshot with longer range shots though. On my land the scrub and trees are pretty thick so most of my shots are 30 yards or less. It's more exciting up close anyway. I've taken BIG boars with buckshot. Hogs can be tough but the toughness is often exaggerated or based on one extreme experience (jsalcedo's story is WAY extreme and out of the ordinary). These days I most enjoy going out and hunting feral hogs armed only with my .357 blackhawk and 180gr castcores or sjhps. The first boar I ever shot was taken with 00 buckshot. I can't remember if I used magnums or regular loads on that one but one shot dropped him and he had also had a 1"+ thick crust of dried mud covering the side where I shot him.

Don't forget that the most important thing is shot placement. Of course it's not going to drop a hog if you pepper his ass with shot. The way people talk about hogs you'd think they were some kind of near-invinvible super dangerous game that only the stoutest of men would dare hunt. It's just not true. Hogs run away a lot more than they charge and they often go down much easier than you'd think. I have a friend who took down two big old boars on our land one day with his .22 mag. Shot placement.

brad cook

September 3, 2004, 12:25 AM
If you are using a 12 Ga. then slugs are the way, rifle 30 cal or better. As to pistols and such, 357 or 44 are good, and I use a crossbow on the smaller ones where the neighbors might complain.:D

Sylvilagus Aquaticus
September 3, 2004, 01:04 AM
2 hours east of Dallas for me is Longview, but I drive faster than you, Stand_Watie :D .

Anyway, that's the general area where I was born and raised. I've been hunting hogs (and other stuff) around there since I was able to go out. I have some friends who supplement their incomes and freezers by hunting/clearing hogs all over the area. Some of them use buckshot, some use slugs, and others use the ubiquitous 30-30. Of those, I know a couple who have the scars and sliced dogs to show for shoddy work in a pinch.

I've taken them with a 30-06 and softpoints, and my .30 Carbine Blackhawk with hard-cast bullets from tree stands. I later discovered the 6.5x55 and found it to be wholly satisfactory, as it leaves a very decisive channel that can traverse a hog.

Tree or stand hunting is a presumption. Ground hunting hogs is only called for if you do not value your flesh. Feral hogs have tusks, which are usually removed early in life on domesticated piggies or those which go to market before they grow long.

My experience has been that if you use large, heavy projectiles that move fairly fast you'll do ok if you do your part behind the trigger. Of course, it's tough to concentrate when you hear those tusks a'poppin below you.

I'm going to see my folks this weekend and I may even try to get in a little time hunting a few while I'm there. Holler and I'll show you how it's done.


September 3, 2004, 04:57 AM
I have a friend who took down two big old boars on our land one day with his .22 mag. Shot placement.

Gotcha beat there......22 lr out of a colt cadet. One shot, DRT


Although the range was only about 24 inches and he was standing there glowering at me from the other side of a sturdy trap:neener: :neener:

That blood around his mouth is from him tearing himself up trying to get to me through the side of the trap.

September 3, 2004, 07:35 AM
Tree or stand hunting is a presumption. Ground hunting hogs is only called for if you do not value your flesh.

You're right, that's the other big variable - and I think ground hunting is much more fun. Yes, a .22LR in the ear might drop him, and a good hit with a .44 probably will - but IF he figures out who's hurting him, and you haven't nailed his central nervous system, things can get exciting. I really admire their inclination to take out whoever got them - and mutual risk makes hunting more interesting.

But if you're just talking about a landowner trying to clear them out, I understand that the pleasure of hunting may not be the top priority. AFAIK shooting hogs from vehicles is illegal in Texas, but night vision and Class III are perfectly legal...

September 3, 2004, 07:49 AM
Let me tell you, from experience, buckshot cannot be counted on to stop a boar, even at very short range.

I was hunting with some guys one night, and two loads of buckshot from within 10 yards did not faze a wounded boar.

One 12-gauge slug, however, settled the issue.

September 3, 2004, 08:02 AM
AFAIK shooting hogs from vehicles is illegal in Texas, but night vision and Class III are

I assume you mean shooting from the roadway. I wouldn't have thought a clarification neccessary except the other day I saw a guy down the road from me has built himself a deer stand atop his suburban:D

Sylvilagus Aquaticus
September 3, 2004, 10:00 AM
.....has built himself a deer stand atop his suburban

I know (and you probably do too) a couple of fellas in the 'oil bidness' from Gregg County who cut the top off a perfectly good new Oldsmobile station wagon they bought specifically as a 'hunting car'. One of these ol' boys has a fireman's pole in his house if that gives you a hint who it was.

Sometimes I miss the old days back home :D .


<edited to add>
Sorry, thread drift...to bring it back on track, who among us would help sponsor a hog hunt with the likes of say, JShirley, Matt G., Thumper and fjolnirsson hunt big hogs with boar spears? I bet that'd be a trip to remember.

good times...

September 3, 2004, 10:50 AM
Any pictures of that SuperBlackhawk in 357. Never seen one

Oops I meant Stainless blackhawk....

September 3, 2004, 11:05 AM
Judging from the responses here, I guess I'm crazy for bowhunting them from a ground blind! I've killed around a dozen, from 30 lbs on up to 150 or so, and they never knew what hit them. They do get ticked off with a broadhead zipped through their vitals, but if you're camoflaged, and not moving, yelling, etc., they have no idea where it came from. They usually just spin around a bunch, and/or take off like a shot in the same direction they were facing. At least that's been my experience. (Of course, I did have a little 35lb javelina chase me around once with my arrow sticking out of his forehead like a unicorn, but that's another story).

September 3, 2004, 11:33 AM
Let me tell you, from experience, buckshot cannot be counted on to stop a boar, even at very short range.

This is NOT the typical occurrence. Did you examine the hog afterwards. Did you find positive entrance wounds for the buckshot? Where did the buckshot hit? I've dropped plenty of hogs in their tracks with 12 gauge buckshot and seen them dropped by others as well. If you had hit that hog in the vitals or CNS it would have gone down. You apparently did not do that.

brad cook

September 3, 2004, 11:39 AM
Tree or stand hunting is a presumption. Ground hunting hogs is only called for if you do not value your flesh.

I just can't understand why people who claim to be experienced hog hunters keep posting this nonsense. You've been hunting hogs for that long and you'll only do it from a tree stand?! These are hogs people, not cape buffalo or grizzly bears. All the times I've hunted them I've never feared for my life.

brad cook

September 3, 2004, 12:23 PM
Welcome! I like your screen name, btw.

Bartholomew Roberts
September 3, 2004, 01:56 PM
I'm betting we could find some interested parties on THR that are in the Dallas area and willing to drive out to Tyler for some hog-hunting if he has a real problem with them.

September 3, 2004, 03:14 PM
Ditto to everything Digme's said so far.

Oh...except my Blackhawk's a .45 Colt.

September 3, 2004, 03:39 PM
Hog update. They finally got one in the trap last night ~ 200 pounds. They used some new bait called 'Hog Wild', which apparantly has quite an odor. The guy that sets the traps does it for the meat, so they didn't get to shoot it. But there's still more hogs out there.

(edited to add)

My cousin read all the posts in this thread and thanks everyone for their advice. Since her husband isn't a hunter and doesn't own a tree stand (which many people recommended) and she doesn't want to become a widow she's glad the trap is finally working (hopefully). Thanks to veryone again. I suppose a hog shoot still isn't ruled out.

September 3, 2004, 03:51 PM
I use an 870 turkey gun with than extended threaded choke and slugs.

September 3, 2004, 03:55 PM
Since her husband isn't a hunter and doesn't own a tree stand (which many people recommended) and she doesn't want to become a widow

Yes, because he would most certainly be killed.


brad cook

Sylvilagus Aquaticus
September 3, 2004, 03:59 PM
DigMe, I get up high nowadays because I'm older, I don't run as fast or far as I used to, and I like being able to enjoy my pig at my leisure, and not vice versa, the pig enjoying me.

I didn't say I never ground hunted. I implied it's a wise idea to have a little safety zone between yourself and tusks. I know how fun it is when you don't get a drop on the first shot with multiple targets. There aren't a lot of quickly climbable trees in the Sabine bottoms I hunt but I knew where they were, just in case :) .

Let's go get us a pig, ok? See ya. :D


September 3, 2004, 04:26 PM
If this is a group thing, I'm in.

September 3, 2004, 05:26 PM
I'm leaving to go to my land for three days in less than an hour. Hopefully I'll get multiple.

brad cook

September 3, 2004, 06:10 PM
Down here, hunting wild boars with buckshot is banned.

For a very specific reason, I must add.

We have too regular happenings of Wild Boars 'digesting' .30-06, .300 WinMag and even 9.3x74mm to make hunting them with 12 gauge worthwile, and so far, slugs don't work too well neither (too much grease on the sides).

In Slovenia, they instituted .45 Colt Gov. in lever actions for that reason, and Mr Browny as well.

another okie
September 3, 2004, 06:19 PM
Those hogs have been moving north for years. A pack of them is about 50 miles south of me now, according to our local game warden. Farmers are starting to report a lot of problems west of Fort Smith, Arkansas. I'd rather have them than the fire ants or kudzu, though.

September 3, 2004, 11:07 PM
I'd rather have them than the fire ants ...

Good call:D

September 3, 2004, 11:37 PM
Quote: "I suppose a hog shoot still isn't ruled out."

Have cousin get in touch with me if trappin' is too slow. Contact info. at www.dentoncountysports.com. Another instructor who goes by ScoutSniper here at THR and I might be able to drive out and arrange for several of them to go to hog heaven together.

I just left the related thread over in Hunting forum about "myth of hogs being dangerous to hunt". I've been following Texas Parks and Wildlife Hunting accident statistics for many years. And the fact is, yes, hogs ARE one of the more dangerous animals to hunt. But ... the statistics indicate that the greatest source of "danger" is from other shooters rather than the hogs ...

September 3, 2004, 11:40 PM
the statistics indicate that the greatest source of "danger" is from other shooters rather than the hogs

That makes sense...just because of the nature of hog hunting.

brad cook

September 4, 2004, 12:08 AM
Yep, dove is numero uno, deer not far behind, and hog been coming on strong for the last several years as they have bred and spread to places they did not used to be. And more people have got into huntin' 'em.

Tonight tho, I' sure there are several wives out there diggin' with tweezers for some size 7 1/2, 8 or 9 pellets from incidents the game wardens have not have put on paper ... ;)

September 4, 2004, 12:18 AM
Greybeard - That is the best shooting range Web site I've ever seen. My cousin is thinking of getting a CHL, if she does your place will be the only one considered for training. Her best friend lives in Grapevine.

If I ever get down there again I will definitely check it out!

Could you be a little more specific on the directions?

September 4, 2004, 01:59 AM
Shooting hogs at night from a vehicle in TX is perfectly legal as long as you have a hunting license, permission from the landowner and are not on a PUBLIC road. Shooting at night usually warrants a courtesy call to the game warden beforehand.

September 4, 2004, 04:58 AM
Mike -

Thanks for the compliment about the web site. Folks seem to either love it or hate it. We got a real odd letter in mail this week from a guy in Colleyville (near Grapevine) who said he'd stumbled across it via TP&W's web site. The man said he was an old dope smoker from Lost Angels and had been clean for 32 years, but after going to the DCSA web site, said he had to light up ... ' Musta also stumbled accross "Serious Humor" page ... :D Did ya forget to put the :rolleyes: after directions question? ;) As the crow flies, about 13 miles NNW of DFW airport.

But, back to the hogs ... ScoutSniper's go-to gun for such is lever action Marlin in 45/70 while I'd probably use old Remington Woodmaster (semi) in 30/06. And/or, we've got identical 7 1/2" Super Blackhawks in .454 ...

Hogs do tend to migrate tho. Next week, they may be off wrecking havock on someone else's place ...

September 4, 2004, 08:16 PM
Greybeard - Yes, I was just kidding about the directions. I forwarded the link to your website to a few people, including my cousin. Here's part of her response:

Well-----the pigs came again last night - really tore up the lawn AND went
into the trap and ate every scrap of Hog Wild (it looks like fertilizer) and
didn't get caught! When we caught the first one (we're sure there will be a
second) it broke the trip wire and Roy re-set it but too loose. We went and
bought new wire today and he thinks it's perfectly set now. Hope so. He
figures he'll catch two - one for the trap owner and one for him to shoot.
I don't know if he'll really do it but he says he will.

Thanks again for all your help. I read the Greybeard posting and looked at
his web site. He sure says it like it is - especially about the cell phone
and being able to read!! I enjoyed it. Also read your conversations with
each other. We wouldn't feel right about someone coming all the way out
here, because as Greybeard says "they migrate". We go months without seeing
one (not that we've ever seen one - just the damage) and then they come
back!! Oh - I forgot - we DID see one - the one we caught! If I had known
how quickly he'd be gone I would have taken a much better look, even though
it was dark. I just remember the long snout and the size of it.

September 4, 2004, 11:12 PM
Mike - It sounds like Roy may need to buy at least a 5-pack of slugs for "cage kills". Points of aim: between the eyes or in an ear, preferably at downward angle. Slugs may still cut cage after complete penetration. :uhoh:

September 4, 2004, 11:16 PM
I just remember the long snout and the size of it.

The long snout makes me think that your cousin's hogs (or that particular one anyway) are more of the Russian boar variety that was released down here back in the 1930's, rather than the domestic feral pig variety that I have seen some Texans on this board posting pictures of (which I understand were released or escaped from original Spaniard colonies and early texas settlements of the early 1800's). They are much leaner and don't have the hams and bacon that domestic feral hogs have.

I read somewhere that almost all of them are mixed to one ratio or another though, and that the only way of finding out what you really have %wise is dna testing.

September 5, 2004, 08:21 AM
I'm betting we could find some interested parties on THR that are in the Dallas area and willing to drive out to Tyler for some hog-hunting if he has a real problem with them.
I'm 6 hours away but I'd be up for that! Cousin has access to a lease in the Wichita Falls area, we're still working out the details.

Anyone ever hunt them with a black powder rifle? My son (16) bought a .54 cal blackpowder and wanted to know if he could hunt hogs with it. Told him he probably could but I'd sure have someone there with backup.

September 5, 2004, 09:59 AM
Saw a link to a hunting guide once, where one of the more popular hunts is to take feral hogs with nothing more than a pack of dogs and a really big Bowie knife. The dogs hold the hog by the snout, while the Hunter gets down on the ground with it and stabs it. THAT, my friends, is HUNTING.

September 9, 2004, 09:37 PM
I guess he didn't need a tree stand after all (No, I don't want to start a TS/non-TS 9mm/45acp debate). Here's the latest and thanks again for everyone's great advice. They had shot at one with buckshot the night before (tailshot) and it just ran off. Roy went out the next day and bought some slugs. Night two:

Roy set up a floodlight before we went to bed last night and it lit up the
area where the pigs tear up the lawn. Our laundry room is right off the
bedroom and has a window overlooking that exact spot. He figured it would
either scare them away or we'd be able to see them. I woke up at 11 and
looked out the window. I couldn't believe my eyes - there were so many pigs
I couldn't count them. I woke Roy and he went out our back door, on foot,
and crept around the side of the house with his shotgun loaded with SLUGS.
He killed two of them and terribly wounded a third which went into the woods
and I'm sure is not alive now. ............. All your responses about ammo were
correct - slugs it is!

Sylvilagus Aquaticus
September 9, 2004, 10:12 PM
Mike, sounds like a fun time for all. I bet he'll enjoy his new hobby.

DigMe, how was your holiday? Did you get the opportunity to get bacon?


September 9, 2004, 11:52 PM

I spent a lot of time in the woods on Saturday looking for pigs and examining the habitat...they're just not there right now. They wander and I think they're hanging out across the creek in our neighbor's land at the moment. All their bedding areas and roots that I could find were old. No fresh signs...maybe next time. Actually it's a mixed thing because they're fun to hunt but at the same time when they aren't there that means they aren't tearing our land up.

brad cook

September 10, 2004, 04:45 AM
This was a fun thread to read -

never hunted hog... course - never hunted... but i'm equiped should i decide to it seems.

For the record.... i've got a 12ga pump and a 20ga single ... would either of those be better than the cowboy action marlin in .45 long colt? I know a huge amount of lead in a slug (mass/velocity) is good... but wouldn't the (i would assume) faster 45LC be better?

just curious - like i said -not a hunter so no practical exp other than stray dogs/cats etc.... (and ya just don't need 12ga slugs for those....)

ON another topic.....

Web site is a bit........... ADHD heheh(the dentoncountysports page) Be interesting to see what i could do w/ it...


September 10, 2004, 06:12 AM
Thang -

Of your guns mentioned, yep, in circumstances like Roy apparently lucked into the other night, I suspect the lever gun would let ya put a few more holes in more "targets of opportunity" than the 12 gauge. (Better sights and quicker recovery time after recoil.) I would, however, want to load up with something a little hotter and heavier than the typical .45 Colt "Cowboy loads". For that last "going away" shot (which I'd not suggest on someting like a deer) tho, a 12 gauge slug would have a far better chance of getting to the vitals.

Did not catch meaning of ya abbreviation "ADHD", so ya might need to go ahead and spell it out for some of us geezers. ;)

Brad Johnson
September 10, 2004, 02:34 PM
Mom and Dad are covered up with feral hogs on their ranch in Crowell (north central Texas). In that open country a shot under 100 yards is very, very rare. That, plus the fact that I've seen hogs get up with a gut full of lead and almost tear a dog in half before bleeding out enough to go down.

Although I guess you could kill a hog with buckshot from a much lesser range, you won't find me using it. It's a .30-06 plus a .44 Mag backup for these critters. I you want to try taking a hog with a peashooter, more power to ya. Personally I want the biggest, baddest boomstick I can tote for use on these beasties.

For trap bait old fruit works pretty well. You can also use deer corn, but it works better if you soak it and let it ferment for a couple of days. It'll smell gosh awful, but it seems to drive the little porkers nuts trying to get at it. You better had a strong trap, too. It's amazing what a 300+ pound hog can tear up.


September 11, 2004, 12:07 PM
We have the same problem out at our ranch in the hill country. My initial impulse was to shoot 'em in the head with an AR-15 .223 50-grain hollow-point, or a .45 from my Glock 30.

However, my stepfather pointed out something very key: if you shoot 'em dead like that, they're on your property and you must dispose of the remains. His solution is to gut-shoot 'em so's they wander off onto someone else's property and die. I know, it sounds cruel--both for the hog and for the neighbors. I'll probably just head-shoot 'em. But that's his solution.

Another thing you can do is get a pen rigged up, with a trap entrance, and trap those feral hogs. My brother-in-law's family does that out on their ranch, and they sell those feral hogs to a company who comes and gets them and ships 'em to Europe, where they're served up in fancy restaurants as 'wild boar.'

Think about that the next time you see 'wild boar potstickers' on a pricey menu--they're really just feral hogs. :)

September 11, 2004, 03:50 PM
However, my stepfather pointed out something very key: if you shoot 'em dead like that, they're on your property and you must dispose of the remains.

Our coyotes will clean up a hog carcass overnight. Only problem is that now we're getting too many coyotes...I'm gonna have to start hunting them soon too.

brad cook

September 11, 2004, 04:57 PM
Not only that, but the hogs themselves aren't above a bit of cannabilism if the opportunity presents...

Sylvilagus Aquaticus
September 11, 2004, 05:34 PM
Yep, and they'll keep your snake population down, too.

Rattlesnake tastes like pumpkin pie to a pig.


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