Men buy guns = Women buy shoes?


September 2, 2004, 06:52 PM
Had a friend who complains about his wife buying all the "unnecessary" shoes, purses, and what have you. The other day the wife was telling me about him buying all the guns when one for home defense would be all that's needed. :D

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September 2, 2004, 06:59 PM
They need to build guns into the soles of shoes then. :p

September 2, 2004, 07:02 PM
Am I the only one??? I thought we all knew, There is no comparison of shoes and guns.

:confused: :D :rolleyes:


Standing Wolf
September 2, 2004, 07:32 PM
Heck, I buy a new pair of shoes every two or three years whether I need new shoes or not.

Ex-MA Hole
September 2, 2004, 07:39 PM
Ok. I had my wife read this. Just for the "Correct" answer...after she gave me the "take a flying leap" look. Here the answer:

"I have never spent $450 on a pair of shoes, nor will I ever. With all the money that you spend on ammo, you could buy a pair of shoes at Payless shoes, and still have money left over. Look at all you accessories- ammo bags, grips, holsters. Women still come out ahead. Our shoes last a long longer than your accessories and ammo".

There it. The Gospel according to Mrs. Ex-MA Hole.

Ok you fellow non-believers, help!!!


September 2, 2004, 07:59 PM
The real question is what do we have more fun with? The guns/ammo/accessories/ or the shoes? :p

September 2, 2004, 08:01 PM
There was a woman reporter in Afghanistan who asked a man why he had so many guns. He thought a moment then said ,you women have jewelry, we men have guns, that's just the way things are !!

September 2, 2004, 08:09 PM
Point out to Mrs. Ex-MA Hole that many women, although perhaps not her, drop hundreds of dollars on clothes in a single shopping trip. Then point out that those clothes will not potentially save their lives, nor do they retain their value the way a gun does.

September 2, 2004, 08:14 PM
Ex-MA Hole - Ask her to try to sell her shoes, or trade them in on a new pair...or how much value of her shoes will retain and/or increase over a decade or two.

September 2, 2004, 08:28 PM
I have almost ten times as many guns as I have pairs of shoes...

September 2, 2004, 08:43 PM
I haven't a clue how many shoes/purses wifey has, though it's an impressive number.

She has no idea how many firearms I have, but knows it's a goodly amount.

If she wants to add to her collection and has the bucks, she does.

Same for me.

We exist in perfect harmony. :cool:

Life is short, and it's not like we can take it with us.

September 2, 2004, 09:04 PM
I have almost ten times as many guns as I have pairs of shoes...
Why on earth do you have 28 pairs of shoes? :)

lee n. field
September 2, 2004, 09:12 PM
Why on earth do you have 28 pairs of shoes?

Tamara Marcos? (For those of you too young to remember, Imelda Marcos, wife of Phillipines thug dictator Ferdinand Marcos, had, like, a zillion pairs of shoes. A psychological thing, possibly.)

Let's see. One pair of shoes (shiny black leather boots, actually) for church, job interviews, and such. One pair of boots for deep snow. And one for everything else. That's all I need or want.

Guns now. . .hmmm. Let's say, I could easily arm everyone at work, with stuff left over. And one of the stores I haunt is having a Makarov blowout this weekend. . . .

Standing Wolf
September 2, 2004, 10:44 PM
I have almost ten times as many guns as I have pairs of shoes...

If you were to spend less time in shoe stores and more in gun shops you could get that ratio up to 12:1 in no time, I'm sure.

September 2, 2004, 11:04 PM
scary ratio-
Work boots for real job
" " " weekend job
" " " around the house
" " " going out
Tennis shoes
Good shoes

And only 15 guns, Tamara has me by a lot.


Off to cheap gun store, for gun to shoe ratio improvement needs.;) :p


September 2, 2004, 11:05 PM
I have a shoe in my closet full of .22. It was handy. :D

September 2, 2004, 11:08 PM
Standing Wolf as usual, cut to the quick of the matter.

Makes no difference if one is like Tamara or someone who only owns one firearm. Stay out of shoe stores. :D

September 2, 2004, 11:21 PM
Someone give me a call when they open a "Payless Gun store" "You could pay more, but why?"

September 3, 2004, 02:03 AM
I thought we all knew, there is no comparison of shoes and guns.

Oh, I disagree. Every woman knows: High Heels=Pump Action!


September 3, 2004, 05:50 AM
I don't even want to inventory my wifes shoes....nor do I want her to inventory my guns.

Let there be peace....for the children.


September 3, 2004, 06:56 AM
my wife literally has 75 pair of shoes (I know, I counted them to have the shoe shelf built. We are supposed to be going on vacation starting saturday and guess what...She said that she needs to go buy a new pair of shoes for the beach. no problem, I'll go buy a new gun for the beach. I love keep the finances of the house :)

September 3, 2004, 08:16 AM
Bottom Line:

Wife throws shoe at bad guy
I throw gun at bad guy

Ex-MA Hole
September 3, 2004, 09:21 AM
I showed her the new posts, she wasn't amused (she is pregnant and VERY hormonal).

I brought up the saftey issue. She told me that she could save a life with a shoe. I laughed and asked how.

"Didn't you ever see Get Smart?"


I think that means that the conversation is over.

I think we win. When I tried to pursue the issue later, she simply stated "Whatever".

VICTORY IS OURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. The gun show is in Concord this weekend...hmmm....If I come home with a pair of hunting boots for her, I should be able to get another toy, no? ;)

September 3, 2004, 09:37 AM
The real question is what do we have more fun with? The guns/ammo/accessories/ or the shoes?


Do the shoes have 5" spike heels?:D


September 3, 2004, 10:21 AM
Black Danners
Brown Danners

Never enjoyed buying shoes until it became a tactical endeavor

September 3, 2004, 11:13 AM
Damn! I have to admit I have more shoes than guns! This is just what was in close proximity! :uhoh:

September 3, 2004, 11:13 AM
I'm with Skunky on the Danners, but I have to buy dress shoes for the monkey-suit.

Ex-MA Hole: My wife routinely purchases shoes that are more expensive than most of my guns, and she owns purses that are are more expensive than any of them have been. Keep the gals away from Chanel, lads. . . . :(

Sam Adams
September 3, 2004, 11:46 AM
I've had similar discussions with my wife. Here's what I say, and usually she puts a sock in it afterwards:

1) How many of your shoes are you going to be able to hand down to your grandkids? Guns last almost indefinitely, shoes don't.

2) You have 40 pair of shoes, which are constantly being rotated with new stock, so don't complain about my accumulation of a dozen guns and the addition of 1 or 2 a year (esp. when most of the guns were purchased before I met her - though I won't be able to say that for much longer).

3) Accessories and ammo - BAH! How about clothes, make-up, jewelry (Sheesh, don't get me started on that, esp. regarding the engagement ring that sits in the vault collecting dust), trips to the hairstylist, etc. You want to live on the same budget as me, be my guest: either you won't get nearly as much crap, or we'll have to move the cars out of the garage to hold all of my stuff.

4) What good are your shoes if someone comes into the house to rob us or rape you - what, you're going to throw them at the guy? What if it is 4 of them, you'll invite them into the closet and then unload your shelf full of shoes on top of them?

You can make the same points as politely or un-politely as you want, but the points remain very effective. You ESPECIALLY want to bring in other clothes, jewelry and trips to the hairstylist.

September 3, 2004, 12:16 PM
I don't expect shoes to get harder and harder to get in coming years.

Ex-MA Hole
September 3, 2004, 12:17 PM
Sams Adams...

By the way, you make a great beer! :p

This is the conversation that we've had many times. You are implying that She's rational! I love her, but WOW.


Erich- Or Coach...Why the...ahem... would anyone spend $400 on a flippin' POCKETBOOK?!?!?!?


The Anti-Bubba- Funny!!!

September 3, 2004, 12:29 PM
At last count, she had over 30 Coach bags of various sorts. Coach is quite reasonable compared to Chanel. :(

She looks cute, though! :D

Sam Adams
September 3, 2004, 12:37 PM
It isn't the cost of any one particular item, it is the cost of ALL of them. No, one pocketbook shouldn't cost much (then again, some idjits DO spend $400 or more for one), but she's likely to buy 5 of them for every wallet you buy.

How much do you spend on cologne and shaving gear vs. what she spends on make-up and perfume?

How much do you spend on jewelry for yourself, vs. how much gets spent on jewelry for her?

How much do her hair care and nail care cost, vs. the simple and cheap haircuts that you probably get 8-10 times/year?

Don't be a girlie-man, FORCE her to be more rational (in a nice way, of course - you do want to sleep in the same bed :D ). Do this by saying: "OK, baby, I know how to settle this argument without more fights. We're each going to write down what we spend on the following, and compare at the end of one year. Whoever spends more loses the right to complain. Include clothing, hair care, nail care, clothing accessories, shoes of all types, make-up and perfume/cologne, shaving gear (and, YES, she spends money on razors and cream also - or at least I hope she does :neener: ), jewelry expenditures (though modified so that if you buy her a necklace or whatever, it goes into HER column), and guns + accessories. Total it up and let the figures do your talking.

With any luck, shortly thereafter, you can let your M-1 do your talking!:D

Sam Adams
September 3, 2004, 12:38 PM
I don't expect shoes to get harder and harder to get in coming years.

There's another good point.

Ex-MA Hole
September 3, 2004, 12:51 PM
Let me start by saying that HONESTLY, she doen't have an issue with it. The Mrs. and I joke about everything.

I have done this (your argument). I come out right EVERY TIME. Her answer to me is always "Whatever" or "It's just different". She knows I'm right, but we must keep busting eachother's chops.

When I started my own collection, the deal was ONE gun. Six later...

Get my point?

We joke, hem and haw, give each other a hard time, then do what is right for BOTH of us.

I really have no complaints. I was looking for more "ammo" (good pun, eh?) to throw at her.

If I may over share, I have been dry for one year, one month and one day. She FULLY supports my shooting, and the money I spend, as it is MUCH cheaper, on all accounts, then single malt Scotch!!!

(If any one here is looking to have a drinking problem, do yourself a favor, DO NOT start with gets VERY expensive!!! Stay with beer, it's SO much cheaper) ;)

September 3, 2004, 01:13 PM
When (on the rare occaision) we're flush, my dear loving boyfriend will say, "Go buy yourself another gun, ammo, outfit, whatever".
I love this man!
You guys that are complaining about your lady's shopping habits- if it makes her happy, it makes you happy, right? It works both ways in our house.:D

Sam Adams
September 3, 2004, 01:20 PM
You guys that are complaining about your lady's shopping habits- if it makes her happy, it makes you happy, right?

Yeah, it makes me happy to make her happy...until the credit card bill arrives. Then it makes me broke, as she spends WAY more on girlie sh#$ than I do on guns. Now, if she wanted to spend more on guns and balance it off by cutting back on shoes, clothes and jewelry, that'd be a good bargain and we could both be happy.

Ex MA-Hole talks about a less-than-logical wife; here's (part) of my story: I got my CHL, and she said that she would like a .22 semi-auto pistol (like the Browning Buckmark or the Ruger Mk. 1) because she hates recoil, but she won't buy it for herself. OK, fine, I can see that she wants a present, right? No problem, the next time after that when she wanted/deserved a present, I offered to buy her one of those-but only if she went to a gun show or gun shop with me to see which one she liked best (feel, looks, etc.). Oh, and by the way, the cost of the gun would have been far more than I had been planning to spend on a present. Well, guess what - she refused, saying that this wasn't the kind of present she wanted. :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: *** goes on inside of women's heads?

Sam Adams
September 3, 2004, 01:33 PM
When I started my own collection, the deal was ONE gun. Six later...

I do believe that they breed. In fact, like dogs, they interbreed with no problems at all.

Another thing that I have done once: I bought a used gun. She didn't know about it (it wasn't even very expensive, and we have a rule that a certain very modest amount of money each week is ours to spend as we wish). One time I was bringing it out to go shooting, and she said "is that a new gun?" "New? No, baby, this isn't a "new" gun" :evil:

P.S. I've got a 63-year-old Swiss rifle on order, set to arrive next week. It isn't "new" either!

lee n. field
September 3, 2004, 01:37 PM
I do believe that they breed. In fact, like dogs, they interbreed with no problems at all.

D***! I'm gonna have to keep the Enfield away from the Makarovs.

*** goes on inside of women's heads?

Definatly wired differently. I'm not sure I want to know.

September 3, 2004, 01:47 PM
It's so nice to be single. :evil: If I want a gun ( with in reason) I buy it, no questions asked.

September 3, 2004, 02:01 PM
Oh, it's just as nice to have a wife who spends a lot on clothes. If I see a gun that I like, she falls all over herself encouraging me to buy it.

What's sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander!

September 4, 2004, 01:03 PM
:D I love my wife. She just the other week she put Ithaca 37 M&P on lay-away for us. She said it would go great with her brown purse. The last gun was a Marlin 94 she said , she just thought it was pretty and we didn't have a lever action yet. She is the best.:neener:

Dave Markowitz
September 4, 2004, 03:54 PM
Never enjoyed buying shoes until it became a tactical endeavor

Shoes as firearms accessories. Only from Skunkabilly.


September 4, 2004, 08:27 PM

You probably know about the Danner 20% off sale through Labor Day. Buy at their online store and enter "LABORDAY" as a sale code.

Good deal.

September 5, 2004, 08:06 AM
Quite a few of the vehicles around here have a small oval decal on them that says OBX for the Outer Banks of N.C.

I saw one recently that didn't look quite right from a distance because it had a line of tiny print under the big block letters. As I walked closer I saw that it said BOX and the tiny line of letters underneath said WHAT SHOES COME IN


September 5, 2004, 10:05 AM
I rust bought a new pair of sandals yesterday. Does that mean my wife should buy another gun?

September 5, 2004, 10:19 AM
The problem, Ex-MA Hole, is in discussing it with her in the first place. Around here, there are places we dont go. I don't look in my wife's jewlery safe, she stays out of my gun safe.
Bills are paid, retirement is in place, discretionary income is just that, discretionary. :D

Gus Dddysgrl
September 9, 2004, 04:00 PM
Ok so I have like 5 times as many flip-flops as I do guns. But than again the majority of them cost $3.50 at Old Navy and the most cost maybe $7. All of my shoes cost less than one of my guns. The last time I got my nails done was 2 months ago and I don't plan on doing it again right now. My hair my cousin does for free and I spend as much on clothes for my self as I do on clothes for Jon. In the last 2 months I think we've spent maybe $200 total for clothes.

And we've spent nothing for ammo for the both of us. (Dad owed me money so he paid me in ammo. Which all ended up in my book bag which I didn't find until the first day of school. I couldn't use the bookbag since it was full of ammo so I used another one of my bags. Good thing I had more than one.) Purses are something different. Mostly I get ones handed down to me from girl cousins, my sis, maybe even my mom.

When one is smart with how money is spent and when one doens't always need the top, best, most expensive the numbers come out evenly. Course here I'm the only one spending the money and it's evenly done for the both of us. (Well not always I have a habit of spending more on him than me, but I think that's a good thing. Most of the stuff I buy benefits us both.)


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