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10/22 Question

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Joshua M., Feb 25, 2010.

  1. Joshua M.

    Joshua M. Well-Known Member

    I took my 10/22 apart to "explore" and clean real good, as it has never been taken down this far to clean. But now the trigger group is in approx 15 pieces and damn if I know where to start...I know I should have not taken it apart farther than I knew what the hell I was doing:banghead:, but I did so now...HELP...Thanks
  2. rust collector

    rust collector Well-Known Member

    this may help


    I'd be willing to bet there's a youtube video or six as well. It's not terribly challenging--many of us have installed Volq or power custom hammers, sears, etc. In fact, I'll bet those companies have very good instructions on their sites.

    Just watch those accursed little springs that love to launch into the dark recesses of the shop.
  3. Jubjub

    Jubjub Well-Known Member


    You basically reassemble from the bottom up. There are a couple of tricky bits.

    The first is the trigger/disconnector/sear group. That's B-20, B-25, and B-23 on the diagram, as well as the little sear spring. The disconnector is pinned into the trigger, but the pin that connects the sear to the trigger is also the one that fixes the whole assembly into the housing. You need to make a temporary pin to hold the sear into the trigger so that you can put all three pieces in at once. I use a round toothpick, and just break it off flush with the sides of the trigger. Then, with the trigger assembly in place, push in the real pin, and the temporary pin gets pushed out.

    The big mousetrap spring (B-42) has a bent leg and a straight leg. The spring gets pinned in place next to the hammer, on the right side. The bent leg goes in a little notch on the bolt release (B-41), and the straight leg goes under the pin that holds the ejector (B-8)

    Another crucial detail is the hammer spring and strut. Make sure that when you install it, the slot on the little clip that holds the spring on (B-45) is pointing up.

    Relax and take your time. It all makes sense.
  4. Joshua M.

    Joshua M. Well-Known Member

    Thanks Alot Guys...-Joshua M.
  5. Jubjub

    Jubjub Well-Known Member

    No parts left over? ;)

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