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12 ga Browning Citori Special Sporting Clays-Value?

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by BarkeyVA, May 13, 2012.

  1. BarkeyVA

    BarkeyVA Well-Known Member

    I have a 12 ga. Browning Citori Special Sporting Clays Edition made in 1990 (Serial Number 37xxxNMTT13) that I am considering selling but do not have any idea how much it might be worth. It has ported, 28" back bored barrels and an extra gold trigger shoe. Upper lever is right of center. No adjustable comb, but it does have an aftermarket adjustable recoil pad. Frame is blued with Special Sporting Clays Edition in gold on the sides of the frame. Although 95% of the gold in the engraved letters is gone, I think the bluing on the barrels and frame is at least 85-90%. The stock had a few shallow scratches, dings and dents but the high gloss finish is intact. I also have 6 Browning Invector Plus flush choke tubes (2 IC, 2 mod, 1 full, 1 Skeet) and 7 Briley Invector Plus XL Choke tubes (2 SK, IC, LM, M, F, CYL) a 6-Choke Holder box, and a speed wrench.

    A Special Sporting Clays model was posted on Gunbroker a while back http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=285021443 that was in better condition than mine, but I can't believe it could be worth $2,795 the seller wanted for it. My old 28th edition of the Blue Book lists it at 80%-$525, 90%-$635 and 95%-$775.
    I'd appreciate any opinions on what a fair price might be for everything.

  2. Old Unc'

    Old Unc' Well-Known Member

    $1200 bucks as is...
  3. Hunterdad

    Hunterdad Well-Known Member

    I've come across quite a few of these recently and they were anywhere from $1100-$1400. So, the $1200 Old Unc quoted seems right on.
  4. oneounceload

    oneounceload member

    What hurts its value are those barrels folks today want 30, 32, even 34 inch barrels for sporting clays. The Briley chokes are worth about $15/each, so that is $105 more than if you didn't have them

    Was the stock shortened at all when the after market butt plate was installed?
  5. BarkeyVA

    BarkeyVA Well-Known Member


    The LOP is 14-1/4" so I don't think the stock was shortened.

    The Briley Invector Plus XL choke tubes retail for around $36-$40 ea. I would think they should be worth more that $15 each used.
    Last edited: May 15, 2012
  6. Old Unc'

    Old Unc' Well-Known Member

    let me take my estimate back. With 28" barrels and bluing wear, it's street value is between $750 and $875 tops. And that, includes the choke tubes. I've seen pristine ones with box, accessories, etc. sell for $1200.

    Just my 2 cents...
  7. oneounceload

    oneounceload member

    Sorry, but it isn't so in that regard

    And that is WITH the recoil pad installed? My Gti came with 14-3/4 before I add a basic Pachmayr Decelerator pad making things right at 15-1/4.

    If someone wants to remove that device are they now under 14-1/4? If so, the value goes down a lot real quick as most folks want 14-3/4 or longer on those guns and adding a a lot of recoil pads and spacers really throws off the weight distribution
  8. BarkeyVA

    BarkeyVA Well-Known Member

    I just assumed that the original length was probably around 14-1/4" and a previous owner just removed the factory pad and installed the adjustable one.

    Does anyone know for sure what the standard length for the Special sporting clays model is?
  9. Tom Held

    Tom Held Well-Known Member

    adjustable pad

    I believe this may have been a factory option from Browning for one or two years.

    I bought one with 32 " barrels about 15 years ago with the browning hardcase for $1100. It's a nice gun, well made, with the palm swell (if you're right handed) and has a slight castoff. Never cared for the ported barrels which I think are primarily cosmetic and irritating to everyone around you.
  10. BarkeyVA

    BarkeyVA Well-Known Member

    I took the adjustable recoil pad off and the stock has been cut (King's Gun Shop is stamped on the end of the stock) LOP from the trigger to the end of the wood is 13". LOP with the pad is 14-1/4".

    Regarding barrel length, I was talking to my nephew about it. He was national college all around champion in 5 events (skeet, international skeet, trap, international trap and sporting clays) his junior year at Arizona State. He agrees that shooting 30" or longer barrels is the current "fad." He also said that in Skeet, everyone shot 26" barrels. They started shooting 28", then 30" and now it's back to 28".

    As for the palm swell, my nephew shoots left handed. A few years ago I took this Citori with me when we went back to visit our families. My Dad, my nephew and I shot skeet one afternoon and after a couple of rounds, my nephew asked if he could shoot it. He went 25 straight the first time he picked it up! His only comment, "Nice gun!"

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