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13 years old

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by Red Cent, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Red Cent

    Red Cent Well-Known Member

  2. MrBorland

    MrBorland Moderator

    Yep - that was very impressive, no matter the age. That he's 13 makes it even more so.
  3. Red Cent

    Red Cent Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but he is gonna find out about hot cars and fast woumen or is it...................................................? 'Course college could be a problem also.

    I am afraid I envy the young'n. Ain't right but I do. Sigh.

    There is a handful of young shooters that are making a name for themselves. A new generation of cowboy shooters.
  4. Serenity

    Serenity Well-Known Member

  5. ny32182

    ny32182 Well-Known Member

    That is impressive.

    I went to watch the SC State cowboy match a couple weeks ago since it was at my home club. Seems like they did a nice job with it overall, and I did see a little old lady shoot a double barrel shotgun faster than I would have ever thought possible.

    Right as I was getting into IDPA a guy named Donnie Burton won the National championship at 17 years old I think. And yes he dissappeared as soon as he got to college. I would imagine he had time to practice every day in high school and not so much in college.
  6. Red Cent

    Red Cent Well-Known Member

  7. fpgt72

    fpgt72 Well-Known Member

    I hate kids, they can see well, their reflexes are fast, they think quick :) doG I hate getting old.

    Youth is wasted on the young

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