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158 swc powder

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Railrunner85, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. Railrunner85

    Railrunner85 Well-Known Member

    Hello, I just got my box of 300 158 gr swc hornady's in and was wanting to start loading a few before I go to work. I have bullseye and w231 and was wondering what powder (and grains) would work best. I'm still a novice at reloading and have only the hornady 8th book to go by and it doesn't list either powder. 4in 686, 357 case, Loading for targets btw.
  2. chevy_dmax

    chevy_dmax Well-Known Member

    According to hodgdon website, 158 gr lswc with w231 start is 3.4 grains and max is 5.0 grains @ 1.61" oal. Their site does not list what type of primer/case they used.


  3. kludge

    kludge Well-Known Member

  4. chevy_dmax

    chevy_dmax Well-Known Member

    Ha, thanks Kludge, I figured the print would reveal it, but the bosses at work wouldn't like to find reloading data on the printer.


  5. GP100man

    GP100man Well-Known Member

    4.0 grs.of 231 is in the middle & will shoot very clean for ya out of a 357 case .

    I use 231/hp38, IMR 700x & Hodgdons CLAYS at 4grs. for an all around general purpose woods bummin load .
  6. BossHogg

    BossHogg Well-Known Member

    I use Hornady 158 LSWC with 3.3 gr of Bullseye for the 38 spl. Are you using lead or jacketed bullets for the 357 ? If your using their Lead bullets let us know how they worked out. If your using jacketed, never mind. :)
  7. kludge

    kludge Well-Known Member

    The print preview window, for lack of better term, pops up and so does the print window, which you can close without actually printing and look at the data on the screen. ;)
  8. ArchAngelCD

    ArchAngelCD Well-Known Member

    W231 is my favorite powder for lead bullets in the .38 Special and for light loads in the .357 Magnum. I'm sure if you give it a try you will like it too.
  9. mbopp

    mbopp Well-Known Member

    If you're shooting the Hornady swaged bullets you'll have to keep the velocity low or else they'll lead your barrel.
    W231 is what I've gone to for light 357 and cast 45ACP loads. 5.0gr with a 158 SWC in 357 cases or the same charge in 45ACP with a 200gr LSWC are accurate loads in my guns.
  10. Rollis R. Karvellis

    Rollis R. Karvellis Well-Known Member

    I, just made 1000, rounds of MBC 158 gn. SWC 18 bn, with 13 grains of 2400, and a mag primer. I, might bump it up to 13.5 grains, and give that a try. The accuracy was good in both 686's.

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  11. fecmech

    fecmech Well-Known Member

    The 158 Hornaday SWC and 5.0/231 was almost a "standard" competitive load in Hunters Pistol silhouette.
  12. Railrunner85

    Railrunner85 Well-Known Member

    Any idea on how heavy I should crimp.
  13. Steve C

    Steve C Well-Known Member

    Hodgdons data with W231 and lead bullets is essentially cowboy loads. If you look at the max load pressure generated you will see its barely above .38 spl+P. If you are satisfied with such low recoil and velocity from your .357 mag then use the Hodgdon's data. If you want a magnum load using Hornady lead bullets then use Hornady's data as shown below and work it up to as much as 6.4grs.
  14. Railrunner85

    Railrunner85 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the help, Where can I get the book you have Steve?
  15. PO2Hammer

    PO2Hammer Well-Known Member

    That's the 'load book' for .357 and other calibers. http://www.midwayusa.com/viewProduct/default.aspx?productNumber=442318

    'SPM' usually means magnum primers, but there's no need for magnum primers with your light loads.

    I've seen no evidence of leading with the Hornady swaged bullets up to 1,000 fps. I've been using them for years in .38/.357 and .44 mag/spl. Excellent bullets, don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

    I think the recommendation of 5.0 grains W231 (HP-38) is the way to go. The Hornady data is usually right on the money for their lead bullets.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2011
  16. ArchAngelCD

    ArchAngelCD Well-Known Member

    I agree a charge of 5.0gr W231 with a standard small pistol primer will make a great load. As for crimp, a normal or even light crimp will be fine with W231 unlike when using W296/H110 where a heavy crimp and a magnum primer is necessary.
  17. Cherokee

    Cherokee Well-Known Member

    I like 3.5 gr 231 and 158 cast SWC for a light load.
  18. Railrunner85

    Railrunner85 Well-Known Member

    Thank's guys, Once again you have been more than helpful.:)

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