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16 Illegals Sue Arizona Rancher

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Code3GT, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. Code3GT

    Code3GT Well-Known Member


    An Arizona man who has waged a 10-year campaign to stop a flood of illegal immigrants from crossing his property is being sued by 16 Mexican nationals who accuse him of conspiring to violate their civil rights when he stopped them at gunpoint on his ranch on the U.S.-Mexico border.

    Roger Barnett, 64, began rounding up illegal immigrants in 1998 and turning them over to the U.S. Border Patrol, he said, after they destroyed his property, killed his calves and broke into his home.

    His Cross Rail Ranch near Douglas, Ariz., is known by federal and county law enforcement authorities as "the avenue of choice" for immigrants seeking to enter the United States illegally.

    Trial continues Monday in the federal lawsuit, which seeks $32 million in actual and punitive damages for civil rights violations, the infliction of emotional distress and other crimes. Also named are Mr. Barnett's wife, Barbara, his brother, Donald, and Larry Dever, sheriff in Cochise County, Ariz., where the Barnetts live. The civil trial is expected to continue until Friday.

    The lawsuit is based on a March 7, 2004, incident in a dry wash on the 22,000-acre ranch, when he approached a group of illegal immigrants while carrying a gun and accompanied by a large dog.

    Attorneys for the immigrants - five women and 11 men who were trying to cross illegally into the United States - have accused Mr. Barnett of holding the group captive at gunpoint, threatening to turn his dog loose on them and saying he would shoot anyone who tried to escape.

    The immigrants are represented at trial by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), which also charged that Sheriff Dever did nothing to prevent Mr. Barnett from holding their clients at "gunpoint, yelling obscenities at them and kicking one of the women."

    In the lawsuit, MALDEF said Mr. Barnett approached the group as the immigrants moved through his property, and that he was carrying a pistol and threatening them in English and Spanish. At one point, it said, Mr. Barnett's dog barked at several of the women and he yelled at them in Spanish, "My dog is hungry and he's hungry for buttocks."

    The lawsuit said he then called his wife and two Border Patrol agents arrived at the site. It also said Mr. Barnett acknowledged that he had turned over 12,000 illegal immigrants to the Border Patrol since 1998.

    In March, U.S. District Judge John Roll rejected a motion by Mr. Barnett to have the charges dropped, ruling there was sufficient evidence to allow the matter to be presented to a jury. Mr. Barnett's attorney, David Hardy, had argued that illegal immigrants did not have the same rights as U.S. citizens.

    Mr. Barnett told The Washington Times in a 2002 interview that he began rounding up illegal immigrants after they started to vandalize his property, northeast of Douglas along Arizona Highway 80. He said the immigrants tore up water pumps, killed calves, destroyed fences and gates, stole trucks and broke into his home.

    Some of his cattle died from ingesting the plastic bottles left behind by the immigrants, he said, adding that he installed a faucet on an 8,000-gallon water tank so the immigrants would stop damaging the tank to get water.

    Mr. Barnett said some of the ranch´s established immigrant trails were littered with trash 10 inches deep, including human waste, used toilet paper, soiled diapers, cigarette packs, clothes, backpacks, empty 1-gallon water bottles, chewing-gum wrappers and aluminum foil - which supposedly is used to pack the drugs the immigrant smugglers give their "clients" to keep them running.

    He said he carried a pistol during his searches for the immigrants and had a rifle in his truck "for protection" against immigrant and drug smugglers, who often are armed.

    ASSOCIATED PRESS DEFENDANT: Roger Barnett said he had turned over 12,000 illegal immigrants to the Border Patrol since 1998.

    A former Cochise County sheriff´s deputy who later was successful in the towing and propane business, Mr. Barnett spent $30,000 on electronic sensors, which he has hidden along established trails on his ranch. He searches the ranch for illegal immigrants in a pickup truck, dressed in a green shirt and camouflage hat, with his handgun and rifle, high-powered binoculars and a walkie-talkie.

    His sprawling ranch became an illegal-immigration highway when the Border Patrol diverted its attention to several border towns in an effort to take control of the established ports of entry. That effort moved the illegal immigrants to the remote areas of the border, including the Cross Rail Ranch.

    "This is my land. I´m the victim here," Mr. Barnett said. "When someone´s home and loved ones are in jeopardy and the government seemingly can´t do anything about it, I feel justified in taking matters into my own hands. And I always watch my back."

    CLIFF'S NOTES: 16 illegals crossed guy's land, he caught them, held them at gunpoint. Now they're suing him for "$32 million in actual and punitive damages for civil rights violations, the infliction of emotional distress and other crimes."
  2. Shung

    Shung Well-Known Member

    totally absurd ! :confused:
  3. mattk

    mattk Well-Known Member

    So um why haven't the complainants been deported?
  4. halfded

    halfded Well-Known Member

    Do you have rights and the ability to use our legal system to your advantage if you're here ILLEGALLY?! If so I'll bet Mr. Washington is spinning in his grave. If they win the case, there's are perpetual free energy!! No more high gas prices, just put a founding father under your hood and read the newspaper to him!

  5. KC0QGL

    KC0QGL Well-Known Member

    110% Bull Spit.
  6. Mp7

    Mp7 Well-Known Member


    putting up barbed wire and "Land-mine" signs in spanish
    would have been the intelligent approach.

    Burying sensors and hunting them everyday
    sounds a bit... eh .... out of bounds.

    (..not to talk about the totally sick legal system
    the US suffer from.)
  7. moooose102

    moooose102 Well-Known Member

    they are here ILLEGALLY, so why is our court system even entertaining this? what's next, a farm turkey filing a lawsuit for unlawful death of it's brother @ thanksgiving time! if you ask me, the lawyer that is helping them do this, should be deported to mexico along with the illegals!
  8. ultradoc

    ultradoc Well-Known Member

    this is messed up

    BADUNAME37 Well-Known Member

    What part of ILLEGAL do they not understand?
  10. Shung

    Shung Well-Known Member


  11. easyrider6042004@yahoo.ca

    easyrider6042004@yahoo.ca Well-Known Member

    Do these illegals even have a case? American citizens sued by illegal aliens, in America, for obviously doing the right thing....:banghead::cuss::fire:

    Can't see anything really wrong in Mr. Barnett's actions. If at all he should be commended.

    If these 16 illegals win, they will probably sue to be allowed to stay in the US legally as permanent residents and eventually become citizens.:barf:
  12. doodle bug

    doodle bug Active Member

    Smells like a smartass lawyer in need of another fat cheque and using these folk as steping stones to the bank??? It would be interesting to see what would happen if 16 americans tried to sue in mexico as illegals???????????? and please don;t tell judge john roll where europe is ? we have enough of his type here already.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2009
  13. Jolly Rogers

    Jolly Rogers Well-Known Member

    At least one person here needs to have a reality check. Judge John Roll.
  14. expvideo

    expvideo Well-Known Member

  15. BADUNAME37

    BADUNAME37 Well-Known Member


    another one!
  16. Just One Shot

    Just One Shot Well-Known Member

    Here's what I don't understand, if his Cross Rail Ranch near Douglas, Ariz., is known by federal and county law enforcement authorities as "the avenue of choice" for immigrants seeking to enter the United States illegally, then why doesn't the authorities take care of the problem?

    To me it's like the police saying, I know that the drug dealers are peddling thier goods on the corner of Main and Vine yet they don't patrol the area to deter the crime! :scrutiny:
  17. elrod

    elrod Well-Known Member

    Out of bounds??? On the mans' own property? This is why they can (and will) sue him. I could say that it's because of the limp-wristed, bed- wetters like the comment above, but that wouldn't be High Road, so I won't!:fire::cuss::fire:
  18. CoRoMo

    CoRoMo Well-Known Member


    Did you hear about the illegal immigrant who held up a convenient store with a gun. He didn't want the money, he only wanted to be deported back to Mexico. They put him in prison for multiple years. He ain't going back if the US government has anything to say about it.
  19. CentralTexas

    CentralTexas Well-Known Member

    Wow, most of you didn't get the memo did you?

    Unofficial U.S. Government policy under the last, and this administration is a open border with Mexico. Nafta, Meetings between Canada, the US and Mexico to discuss monentary policy similar to the European Union and the "Euro"(The Amero), new laws and treaties etc.
    Welcome to the New World Order....

    PSYCHOBILLY Active Member

    bull crap.:fire::banghead::cuss:
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2009
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