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.17HMR Trajectory Compensation

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by kennyboy, May 13, 2006.

  1. kennyboy

    kennyboy Well-Known Member

    With a 17grain .17HMR (probably CCI), how much must one hold over the target at various distances? I am talking 50yds, 75yds, 100yds, 125yds, 150yds, 175yds, 200yds, 225yds, and 250yds. I know that any shot beyond 150yds is kind of stretching the limits although it is plausable, but I just want to know anyway. I will be using a CZ 452 Varmint with a Simmons Whitetail Classic 6.5-20X50 with BKL 257 rings. Thanks.
  2. Lebben-B

    Lebben-B Well-Known Member

    I have a Marlin 917. IIRC, there's only 3" of drop @ 200 yds. Anything past 200 yds with a .17 HMR would be a crapshoot, IMO.

  3. R.W.Dale

    R.W.Dale Well-Known Member

    With my CZ452 I have to aim at the top of a squirell's head at 25 yds , dead on at 50 and then back on the top of the head at 100. Haven't had one get away yet:evil:
  4. stevelyn

    stevelyn Well-Known Member

    Get yourself a BSA Sweet 17 scope and mount it on your rifle. It has a bullet drop compensator that you calibrate after zeroing. From then on all you need is to know your range and dial it in and hold dead on.

    It's much simpler than I've made it sound.

    Don't like the BSA? Burris makes a Balisti-Plex that's .17 HMR specific.
  5. hksw

    hksw Well-Known Member

    That rifle most be zeroed at 175 yds.

    The drop and rise at various yardages will be dependent on how high your scope is from the bore and your zero yardage. Varmint Al's site is relatively pretty good in getting a general idea of where your shots will land for a .17 HMR with a scope height of 1.50". They will not be accurate of other heights but pretty close. The height on my 10/22M - .17 HMR is 1.75" (100 yd zero) and the drop at 200 yds is off by only 0.5" (8.00" as opposed to 8.50", 2550 fps).
  6. nipprdog

    nipprdog Well-Known Member

  7. Gohon

    Gohon Well-Known Member

    As hksw said, first you have to know what the rifle is zeroed for before anyone can answer your question. My Savage is zeroed for 120 yards which gives me the following trajectories.

    @ 50 = +.36

    @ 75 = +.68

    @100 = +.52

    @ 125 = -.20

    @ 150 = -1.60

    @175 = -3.76

    @ 200 = -6.78

    @ 225 = -10.91

    @ 250 = -16.26

    This is using Pointblank software which FYI is free at http://www.huntingnut.com/index.php
  8. rangerruck

    rangerruck Well-Known Member

  9. db_tanker

    db_tanker Well-Known Member

    Tasco makes a 4-12x40 with a bullet drop compensator turret for rimfires as well...I have one on my TC and it works like a charm. :)


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