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1860 Colt Army Pics

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by Norton Commando, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. Norton Commando

    Norton Commando Well-Known Member

    Hey all,

    I just finished replacing the hand & spring and broken hammer screw on my 1860 Colt Army. This gun has been in the family for decades and has matching serial numbers on all the parts, even that pesky wedge. I'm thinking about shooting it this weekend, after all that's what it was made for.

    Does anyone know of any Colt serial number data base that identifies the original purchaser? I suspect this gun was purchased by the Union army for use by a Civil War battalion from Connecticut; that's where my family is from. It would be really cool to know more about the history of this gun, so any help is appreciated.



  2. 72coupe

    72coupe Well-Known Member

    I can't help you with information but I like your story and your photos are much better than mine.
  3. BHP FAN

    BHP FAN Well-Known Member

    Write to Colt.
  4. junkman_01

    junkman_01 member

    If the grips are original and this was a military gun, there would be an inspectors cartouche on the side and various other marks all over the gun.
    Attached is a good article defining the various military inspectors marks.

    Attached Files:

  5. LightningMan

    LightningMan Well-Known Member

    Norton, very nice 60' Army. A four screw model cut for shoulder stock. If only these old guns could talk. LM
  6. Tommygunn

    Tommygunn Well-Known Member

    It may be impossible to determine any history on the gun from Colt. In 1863 (IIRC) a Confederate spy sabotaged Colt's plant and a lot of the records were burned. Anything before that date, records are spotty.
    When I lived in Connecticut I knew a man who owned a Colt 1860 that was an heirloom, he had papers for it showing the name of the Civil War officer to whom it had been originally issued, but they weren't from Colt.
  7. Smokin_Gun

    Smokin_Gun Well-Known Member

    Uberti 1860 Colt Top...don't mind the 1858 NMA E.N. Santa Barbara Rev below it :O)
    Uberti 1860 Army
  8. Norton Commando

    Norton Commando Well-Known Member

    Hey there Junkman,

    Thank you for the article on 1860 Colt Inspector's marks. My grips appear to be original as they have the same serial number markings as the other components. However, the cartouche appears to be missing from them. I'll look more closely for these marks and the other marks referenced in the article and will report my findings.
  9. LightningMan

    LightningMan Well-Known Member

    Smokin Gun, I really like the grips on that Colt pocket conversion next to the Colt Lightning. I think we all need a better close up shot of those grips. LM

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