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1873 Uberti/Colt Percussion Revolvers

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by Manyirons, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. Manyirons

    Manyirons member

    Picked up a brace of these, ya never know what you're gonna get from Uberti or Pietta, Bought these on a whim, decided to emulate my hero (The Black powder gunsmith barrelmaker) and join SASS, do some competative shooting in the frontiersman catagory.

    COULD use the Rugers, but being nobodie's champion, or hopes of being one, thought i would go for "STYLE". So, enter the 1873 Percussion Revolvers!

    Out of box, one could tell these are assembled on a completly different production line! I mean FLAWLESS! Not a single divot, burr, gap between gripframe and mainframe, or wood to metal! EVERTHING on both guns, fitted EXACTLY correct! Uberti CAN make a flawless gun! AND they BOTH spell; C.O.L.T. when ya cocks 'em!!

    Pretty things, Smokeless frame with black powder chamfer cylinders, and totally useless/needless ejector rod&housing! Loading gate opens to allow access to nipples, and handles capping tools of both kinds right well!

    Took them to Smith, Action job, throating, lapping and honing for "Superspeed shooting". Discovered the chambers and barrel are exact match at .452, both guns.

    Do they shoot? Oh MY yes!!! From ransom rest, boring little one hole groups at 25 yards.

    Only downside is chamber/powder capacity, no more than you get on an 1860 Colt, when you're used to Dragoons, Walkers and Bored-Out Old-Armies i.e. 45-60grains per load, this disappoints.

    Pictures of course!

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  2. mec

    mec New Member

    A rumor I heard said they had England in mind when they came out with these.
  3. heartlesslizard

    heartlesslizard New Member

    Is the firing pin on the hammer or in the frame ???

    Nice pics.

  4. Manyirons

    Manyirons member

    In the hammer, sort of an odd looking thing, flat tipped of course and big hole in frame to accomodate.
  5. Manyirons

    Manyirons member

    If so, england gets the quality production?! Seriously, these are head&shoulders above usual cap&ball as to execution, fit, fitting, polish, all are WAY up the scale.
  6. Across The Pond

    Across The Pond New Member

    Yeah, I think so too.. the BWSS (UK version of SASS) were devastated in the '97 ban. Lots of folks now have these to remind them of their 'proper' SAA's in 45LC... and keep them competing. We have a couple at my club that are modified to shoot nitro powder using a capping plate and shotgun primers, but I can't see the appeal - love the smoke of black/subs, cleaning isn't soo bad. As I have commented before, the thought of measuring out 3 grains of Bullseye outdoors is not that appealing.. nor is the prospect of an accidental double charge! :eek:

    ManyIrons' experience is the exact opposite of mine with these.. I tried one in Fultons (the historic gunsmith shop at Bisley :D ) but it was really grim. It spelt C.R.E.A.K. when cocked, not C.O.L.T.!

    I am going to apply for a .44 c+b revo on my licence - it's likely to be a Dragoon, but if there was one like ManyIrons' I might change my mind!!

    Regds, ATP
  7. Manyirons

    Manyirons member

    Could send you one! Have so many you see.......................LICENSE for a Cap&Ball?!?!?!
  8. Across The Pond

    Across The Pond New Member

    Hm. I fear that without the proper paperwork (too much hassle!) that would contravene several rather fundamental UK laws!

    Oh yes.. a firearms licence is required for anything that produces over 12ft/lbs of muzzle energy.. which means all but airsoft and the lowest powered air guns. I am also restricted as to where I can shoot them.. the range has to be approved by the government for the type and cal/muz energy.

    You might be interested to know that the few precious ultra-historic cartridge pistols that survived the ban (through being so noteworthy that it would have been sacrilege to destroy them), are kept in 'historic arms centres' - of which we have about five in the country. The owners are allowed in from time to time to caress them and photograph them (in specially segragated areas) and even occasionally shoot them (segregated again..) The ammo for them (this is unbelievable, but true) has to be loaded on the range - they set up a row of presses behind the firing line. God forbid that you guys should ever get into this kind of insanity. Resist at every possible moment.

    Anyway, for privately owned rifles, we are also regulated in terms of the number of rounds that we can acquire and keep (two limits) and there is even talk of licencing primers too. :(

    So you see, it takes a really, really determined pistolero to keep going here. But I am such a person and will keep my guns as long as I can! The advice and help given here on THR makes the job so much easier and also more fun!


  9. Manyirons

    Manyirons member

    Utter insanity! Whatever happend to good old rope in england? Or spirit of rebellion?
  10. Duncaninfrance

    Duncaninfrance New Member

    ATP - I have to say that although I am still a Yorkshireman first, an Englishman second and an Englishman in France third, the nanny state and all it's controls makes me glad that I moved to France when I did. I am sure that there well be fatherless politicians here who will attempt to apply draconian legislation but with the hunting lobby as strong as it is it will not be in my lifetime ( I HOPE!)

    Serious shooters in the UK will have to start looking at shooting weekends in France. There are plenty of low cost air routes now and there could be some milage in trying to find clubs willing to hoste visitors.

    I might even look into it myself - it could fill our Gîte for long weekends!
    Duncan :rolleyes:
  11. Across The Pond

    Across The Pond New Member

    Well, I always vote for whoever's looking most gun-friendly, but the truth is that they're all pretty much against us... Rebellion would be noble, but at 42, and with a wife and two kids to support, time in jail would be unthinkable!

    Dunblane (the 1996 atrocity where Thomas Hamilton killed many small children and their teachers while they were in school) gave the press the excuse they needed to paint us all as violent lunatics. One member of parliament at the time called us 'perverts' in a public speech. This, along with the massively detrimental effect of the ban in terms of numbers of people giving up shooting, clubs closing and guntraders going out of business spelt the end of any public interest or support. With no popular support, nothing will change.

    So the few of us left are protective of our last remaining (shooting! ;) )pleasures. When the end comes for self-loading .22 and C+B revos (it will, sooner or later), I will emigrate to the US if possible.


  12. BP Hunter

    BP Hunter Active Member

    nice gunsssssss! going back to your new toys. what load gave you that type or accuracy?
  13. BP Hunter

    BP Hunter Active Member

    sorry, i also wanted to ask where you purcahsed them. are those 5 1/2" barrels?
  14. Manyirons

    Manyirons member

    Dear Gollum!

    Yep, 5 1/2" Barrels. Two round ball loads, and one load with specialty bullet developed by local black powder gunsmith for hunting.

    32 grains (Weighed, not measured) of 3F Swiss, Round-Ball, 1/8" hard vegetable wad soaked in Gatofeo #1 lube.

    24 grains, weighed, H777, 5 grains 3F Swiss "Starter", loading black powder first then H777, with round ball/vegetable wad/lube per first load.

    24 grains H777/5 Swiss, 210 grain flat hollow-point, 1/16 vegetable fiber card wad, bullet lubricated with Gatofeo #1.

    All of these loaded off gun on gunsmith supplied specialty loading press, it's a converted arbor press, 1 Ton, with removable fitted to bullet punches and depth/pressure limiter. Provides accurate in-line loading with consistant loading depth&pressure.

    It's all right, you can call them; "My preciousssssss", I do!
  15. Manyirons

    Manyirons member

    Oh ya! These were Dixie supplied, under 300.00 per copy. Would have liked em better in 4 3/4" cause Colts just; "Look better" that length, but i'm living with em!

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