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1903A4 Springfield

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by dozoclown, May 27, 2009.

  1. dozoclown

    dozoclown Member

    I have a 1903A4 that I bought in 1966. It has the model and serial number so that the redfield mount doesn't cover them. The finish on action, barrel and scope mount is parkerized and in excellent condition. The bolt is bent to clear the scope. It has been shot very little. When I bought it it still had cosmoline in the bore. The only problem with is is that the guy I bought it from had cut the stock down. Nothing else was touched. I don't have the correct scope. Would anyone venture a guess what it is worth?
  2. nbkky71

    nbkky71 Well-Known Member

    Well, just a point of clarification: The 1903A4 sniper variants were made by Remington, not Springfield Armory. However, a number of sniper variants were based on the 1903 rifle. Since you mention the split stamp and serial, it sounds like yours in a Remington.

    Weaver M73B1 and Lyman Alaskan optics were standard. The missing optics would probably cost around $500 to replace.

    The 03A4 was standardized with the C-stock (full pistol grip) but scant-stocks were used as well. Perhaps a couple hundred to find an excellent replacement stock with correct markings.

    I've seen collector-grade 1903A4 specimens for upwards of $5,000. Just a guesstimate, but I'd wager you're in the $2000 area. The more 'correct' your rifle is, the more it's worth.

    Bruce Canfield's book '03 Springfield Service Rifle has some great info & pics on the '03A4.
  3. dozoclown

    dozoclown Member

    Where would I sell it?
  4. GRIZ22

    GRIZ22 Well-Known Member

    You might try posting it on the CMP forum.
  5. P.B.Walsh

    P.B.Walsh Well-Known Member

    Why would you sell a great '03 like that??
  6. peyton

    peyton Well-Known Member

    Post some pictures for us!! If you want to sell it, list it here, those rifles are getting harder to find. What type of scope is on it now?
  7. dozoclown

    dozoclown Member

    I have a Weaver K-4 on it.
  8. krs

    krs Well-Known Member

    I have two of the rifles, one parkerized, one still in it's issue Remington hot oil blue for almost all parts except the receiver.

    Parkerized is fine as most of the rifles that saw service were damaged badly (snipers were targets ala "Saving Pvt Ryan") and returned, repaired, and hustled back to the lines because throughout the war they were in short supply.

    Weaver K4 is a nice choice for shooting and I've used one of those on my parked rifle in preference to the pretty crummy Weaver 330c/M73b1 issued in the first go arounds of the rifles.

    If I were you I'd find a C stock. The after arsenalized stocks did not carry all of the Remington factory inspection marks, and some have been observed on original arsenalized rifles with no markings whatsoever. These generally show signs of having been belt sanded in a hurry which would seem to follow with the late war urgency that field units put on the rifle's return to service.

    Even if you aren't able to bring it to full 'correct' configuration it's going to be a high demand item, or even the way it sounds like it is although it would cost a buyer a big chunk to get it presentable and convincingly correct. The laid over serial number is enough to put a good premium on the rifle as-is.

    The K4 used 7/8" rings, right? So what rings do you have for the Redfield mount, if it's still present?
  9. peyton

    peyton Well-Known Member

    My 1903a4 has the Weaver M73B1 scope, and it is very low powered, maybe 2x? Hang on to it, the fun of these rifles is restoring and shooting them!! I shot my first deer with my m-1 garand!!
  10. dozoclown

    dozoclown Member

    The problem is that I was fired from my last job. I violated the dress code "I have grey hair". I'm trying to find a job but there isn't much in the area.
  11. Vadose

    Vadose New Member

    Pictures would be nice!! I may be interested!
  12. dozoclown

    dozoclown Member

    here are some pictures.

    Attached Files:

  13. krs

    krs Well-Known Member

    OK, is that all you have of it?

    That is not the original trigger guard and mag box. It's one from a Springfield 1903a1 - cast steel instead of the 1903a3 & 4 stamped steel version.

    Can you photo the other side? Where's the stock?
  14. dozoclown

    dozoclown Member

    The trigger guard and box are stamped with an "R". The bolt parts are also stamped with an "R". The stock is a C type which was cut down by the guy I bought it from in 1966. The butt plate on the stock was also cast.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2009
  15. 4v50 Gary

    4v50 Gary Moderator Staff Member

    Do you have papers for it?
  16. dozoclown

    dozoclown Member


    Some more pictures. The R Remington stamp is visible on the trigger guard and the bolt parts.

    Attached Files:

  17. dozoclown

    dozoclown Member

    No papers.
  18. krs

    krs Well-Known Member

    Is the serial numbr prefixed with the letter "Z" ?
  19. dozoclown

    dozoclown Member

    It's 3410xxx no prefix
  20. seaknight1975

    seaknight1975 New Member

    Not to be a nit picker, but on page 80 of Peter R. Senich's book U.S. Marine Corps Scout-Sniper WW2 and Korea, he states that some unit armorers used the 1903 trigger guard and mag housing, because it could be disassembled for cleaning without having to remove the receiver from the stock. Just use a bullet tip to release the catch and viola,clean mag.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2009

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