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1911 Mag Question

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by General Disarray, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. General Disarray

    General Disarray Well-Known Member

    Howdy. I want to buy some Wilson's for both my Gov. model and my Micro-Compact Officer Model. Why exactly are there two different mags offered for the two models? They offer the Officers in 7 and 8 rounds. Are the 8 rounders the same as the ones for Gov.'s? In other words, why exactly aren't they interchangeable and offered in two different variations? I'm guessing it's the location of the mag release?

    Also, are there 8 round mags that are flush fit, or will they stick out a bit?
  2. Tom Fury

    Tom Fury Well-Known Member

    OM/GM mags

    The OM frame is shorter than the GM frame; hence the one round difference.
    WC offers an 8 round mag for the OM, but there is an external stop on the front of the tube to protect from overinserting the magazine; because all other specs are the same the longer tube will obviously feed in the short frame guns. Regular 8 rd mags will work, if you exercise caution not to overinsert. You may prefer as I do to carry one of the WC 8rd OM mags for a backup, as I am not sure under stress I will be so careful. Yes, they do stick out from the base of the frame. WC pads are designed not to fit flush to ensure that they wii be slammed home and lock up with the mag release, tho slim pads are available.
    If you want flush fit, I suggest the Chip McCormick mags, of excellent quality.
    Cheers, TF
  3. General Disarray

    General Disarray Well-Known Member

    Great; thanks Tom. It sounds like the 8 rounders for the OM have a stop set-up just for the OM that wouldn't work in the Gov's.? So the specs on these mags are different and they're not interchangeable, right? Meaning my OM won't be long enough (it'll have a stopper of some kind) for a Gov frame? I'll just buy them both I suppose. Thanks.
  4. orionengnr

    orionengnr Well-Known Member

    As soon as you have one of each in your hand, all will become clear.

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