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1911 or SIG 226 X-Five Competition?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by bryanZ06, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. bryanZ06

    bryanZ06 Well-Known Member

    I'm wanting a new pistol and can't decide which way I should go. I've been going back and forth between a Kimber (Warrior or Raptor 5" model), finding a Colt Delta Elite in stainless, or the SIG 226 X-Five Competition (9mm). If anyone owns or has shot all or any of these I'd like to get your opinions and insight. This won't be for carry, any kind of work, etc. This will be a "I want just to have it" range gun.
  2. JoeHatley

    JoeHatley Well-Known Member

    Try to handle an X-Five before you scratch a check. If the wide body feels okay, IMO... it's a much nicer gun than any Kimber.

  3. bryanZ06

    bryanZ06 Well-Known Member

    I actually saw one at a gun show recently. Before that it wasn't even on the radar for me. I have rather large hands, and it fit me great.
  4. Snake Eyes

    Snake Eyes Well-Known Member

    Well, I could never recommend someone buy a gun with a cheese grater on it's nose, so the Kimbers are out....

    And, even as a certifiable Colt Snob, I have to admit that My Delta Elites all had a tendency to beat themselves to death, requiring a trip to the 'smith either before or after for preventative measures or fixing. There's a Delta Elite expert on THR, but I'll be danged if I can remember his name. He has a page that covers Deltas in detail....if you can find him.

    I've never owned a, "X-5" Sig, but a plain old 226 was my second handgun ever. I put somewhere around 13,000 rounds through it before the slide creep got bad enough that I had to clean it.....but never had a malf and accuracy never suffered.

    I guess that's a vote for the Sig.
  5. motorheadjohn

    motorheadjohn Well-Known Member

    At a Gray Guns course in NC in July, one of the other students had an X-5 and he let me shoot it.

    I'd say it was a nicer gun, and shot a little better, than my Kimber Custom TLE II. But it also cost a few hundred more...and it's only a 9mm not a .45...sort of like comparing apples and oranges.

    I've got several SiGs. I never thought I'd be interested in an X-5 until I shot it. Now I definitely want one.
  6. bryanZ06

    bryanZ06 Well-Known Member

    X Five Competition in .40 will be shipped from SIG to my dealer next Tuesday. I went with the .40 because eventually I plan on getting a Bar-Sto 9mm conversion barrel for it. I'll post pics as soon as I pick it up.
  7. zeroskillz

    zeroskillz Well-Known Member

    Good choice. I've got one of those coming in next week myself. I own both a Kimber Eclipse Target and an X5 in 9mm, and really there is just no comparison at all. That's on par with comparing a Honda to a BMW. No offense to any Kimber owners, I like mine just fine. The X5 is simply in another league.

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