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1911 picture thread...let's see them!

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by RogersPrecision, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. It thinks it's a 1911, but was stunted at birth. [​IMG][/IMG]
  2. firemanstrickland

    firemanstrickland Well-Known Member

    Illl play

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  3. Quack

    Quack Well-Known Member

  4. kamagong

    kamagong Well-Known Member

    I've posted these before, but they belong in this thread too.

    Springfield Custom Carry

    Les Baer Concept II
  5. mesinge2

    mesinge2 Well-Known Member

    Anniversary Colt:


    Colt Gold Cup Trophy

  6. ZeBool

    ZeBool Well-Known Member

    Not as nice as 1858's, but I like it.

  7. Chindo18Z

    Chindo18Z Well-Known Member

    1911A1 (with some upgrades); manufactured 1942; Photo in Iraq 2010

  8. dtalley

    dtalley Well-Known Member

  9. dcarch

    dcarch Well-Known Member

    Here's mine. Sure, it's plan-jane, box stock (mostly) but it serves me well.

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  10. Steve32

    Steve32 Well-Known Member

  11. iLikeOldgunsIlikeNewGuns

    iLikeOldgunsIlikeNewGuns Well-Known Member

    I just cranked through this whole thread in one sitting and am absolutely amazed by all the beauty! Some very fine and impressive firearms here guys! I only have one 1911 so far :( but it's my favorite firearm by far, and I can't wait to have at least two for every day of the week :D I noticed someone else in this thread had the same SW I have, I am looking for a 'twin' of this 1911 if anyone has one they'd be willing to sell




    PS: My screensaver says THANK YOU ALL!
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2011
  12. Captain33036

    Captain33036 Well-Known Member

    Kimber Eclipse Ultra, with full sized magazine extender. 8 rounds of .45acp vs 6 or 7, in a small frame. Not a bad thing...and provides an even better grip in a still small frame. 100% reliable:


    A little nicer pic of it, with standard 7 round magazine:

    Last edited: Nov 10, 2011
  13. whtsmoke

    whtsmoke Well-Known Member

    ive had a couplee of others in the past that had to be sold but this one never will. I feel the Ruger SR1911 is a very good 45.
  14. agtman

    agtman Well-Known Member

    Stock Colt Delta Elite.

    Det. Crockett's back-up.

    Kimber Bling.

    Old School WWI Colt 1911.

  15. daveinvegas

    daveinvegas Well-Known Member

    My latest:

  16. johnnydollar

    johnnydollar Well-Known Member

    Mine for just a while...Colt CCO Gunsite

  17. fletcher

    fletcher Well-Known Member


    Had two .45 1911's before this one - absolutely love it in 9mm.
  18. lyrikz

    lyrikz Well-Known Member

    Are the infinite 1911's any good???
  19. carlo1776

    carlo1776 Well-Known Member

    Modified PT1911


  20. CrashStitches

    CrashStitches Member

    My first 1911. Kickin it with its playmates, SR9 and Taurus .45 24/7 Pro DS. You can tell who the alpha dog is, LOL!


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