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1927 Thompson

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by marktx, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. marktx

    marktx Well-Known Member

    Anybody have one? I'm kind of curious if the detachable stock is worth the extra ~$400?

    How is the thing? They look really well made and the one I fired functioned flawlessly but it was the guy's personal gun.

    Is the 100 round drum too heavy/bulky to be practical?

    GRAYRID3R Well-Known Member

    I just got a 1927 A1 deluxe last month with the 100 round drum. Although the 30 round magazine works flawlessly, my 100 round drum is now back at Kahr/Auto Ordinance after jamming 5 times the first time I used it. This is after a gunsmith had to remove the jammed key just so I could load it for the first time! He also had to remove the drum after the last jam as I couldn't get the damned thing off. I bought the gun with the drum included from the store where the gunsmith works so he just told me to send it back for repair/relacement. The round would frequently hang up about 1/16" from fully leaving the drum. It took over an hour to unload the thing in preperation for return. The rounds would hang up about every 3rd round and had to be forced out of the drum with a wood dowl. I still love the Tommy and will keep the 100 round drum when I get it back, but don't think I'll use it much as it is pretty heavy and takes a long time to load.

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