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1st 10/22 build recommendations!

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Wtlj, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. Wtlj

    Wtlj Active Member

    As explained before. I'm not shooting target matches or at 100 yards. Just bored with the little toy and wanted something a little better.
  2. Matno

    Matno Well-Known Member

    If you're going to be plinking or rabbit hunting or something similar, but with a scope, I'd stick with a 16" barrel. That's where you maximize the bullets' velocity, and longer is just more weight. I've got a 20" barrel on mine, and it's way too front heavy for off hand shooting. I just use it with a bipod. Nice and quiet though. Shooting subsonic ammo, the range officer actually asked me what kind of suppressor I was using!
  3. hardluk1

    hardluk1 member

    Sorry never looked at a marlin 60 as a toy. Its a better shooter than most anything say'n ruger with out dumping 4 to 600 dollars in to your rifle.

    Go to rimfirecenteral and dig around the treads. You will figure out what you want.
  4. Wtlj

    Wtlj Active Member

    I don't have a marlin not sure why your referring to one? Thanks for all the advice everyone.
  5. coolluke01

    coolluke01 Well-Known Member

    Not really sure what most of his comments have been in reference to. Have fun building your toy.
  6. Wtlj

    Wtlj Active Member

    After putting some thought into the build I decided to make it strictly for target/ plinking and when the market settles ill buy another one just for hunting. I'm going to keep saving money and change out most everything. I'm debating between sending my trigger and bolt to brimstone and que or upgrading them with new parts.
  7. tech30528

    tech30528 Well-Known Member

    No doubt about that.

    Listen, I have that stainless carbine with a Blackhawk Axiom stock on it, with the Simmons 3x9 and a rifle strap it comes in at just over 5 pounds and is excellent for a carry rifle in the woods. It is my lowest cost rifle and the one I tend to grab first. If you go aluminum barrel you will come in under 5 pounds.
  8. Wtlj

    Wtlj Active Member

    So your using the factory barrel and just changed the stock out?
  9. Picher

    Picher Well-Known Member

    BEDDING 10-22s

    The receiver of the 10-22 has only one stock screw. If the barrel band is to be eliminated (or isn't used on that stock) or a heavy barrel is installed, I recommend an epoxy bedding material shim placed near the end of the forend. There should be about 6-7 lbs of uplift provided as the epoxy sets up. If the receiver is bedded and there is no forend pad, the rear of the action will not be very stable in the stock.

    The most common way of doing providing uplift on the barrel is to place uncured epoxy in the barrel channel about 1 1/2" long, install the barreled action in the pre-epoxy-bedded stock with the uncured epoxy pad. Place the forend in a padded vise, upside-down and hang a paint can of the desired (uplift) weight on the barrel near the end of the receiver. After it sets up, disassemble, clean up the pad edges and you're good to go.

    Complete low-cost accurizing instructions are found in my Tips and Tricks posts at Rimfirecentral.com. I don't discuss my trigger improving methods, but mention it's necessary to re-harden parts.
  10. Wtlj

    Wtlj Active Member

    Thanks, can I use the same method if I upgrade to a boyds tacticool stock and 18" GM stainless barrel.

    I wouldn't mind doing DIY upgrades I'm very hands On. Just would need a good right up or guidance. My dad gave me a grand master action and trigger upgrade kit that I installed which included:
    -bell & Carlson extended mag release
    -automatic bolt release
    -reduced power hammer spring
    -reduced power trigger spring
    -reduced power sear spring
    -"match" oversize trigger sear pin
    -blue max bolt buffer (hardened core)
    -"match" hammer-trigger shims
    Kit is supposed to reduce trigger pull by 48% and clean up play in trigger.

    I just figured with how cheap the kit was $40 on eBay from a few years back that was still new in package he didn't use, it would be best just to pull all that out and start over with brimstone or better parts or should I use that as a starting point?
  11. tech30528

    tech30528 Well-Known Member

    Yes. It is not quite as tight as my target rifle with the Majestic barrel on it but it is certainly minute of squirrel out past 75 yards and is wonderful to carry at that weight. I've come to really appreciate the factory stainless barrel. If you want to build a taget one do that with a different rifle. That stainless wants to hunt.
  12. Greycliff gunman

    Greycliff gunman Active Member

    You have me thinking. I have an old beat up rusty 10/22 with cheap 4 power Navajo scope. I paid 80 bucks for it 15 years a go. Shoots fine and all and I just throw it in the truck whenever. Its fun to shoot. But would like to upgrade it a bit. Its blued with a plain stock nothing fancy. I was thinking of a 16 inch barrel with a flash hider and an aftermarket lightweight stock. Upgrading the scope get rid of the leather sling and slap on a butler creek. I hunt stupid chickens ( spruce hens) snow shoe hares and plinking. What about putting a folding stock on it? I want something light and compact. Probably keep it blacked out. No stainless. Maybe just shorten this 18 inch barrel and have it coated.
  13. Wtlj

    Wtlj Active Member

    Are you referring to the stock stainless barrel
  14. Wtlj

    Wtlj Active Member

    I think I've finally picked everything out but haven't ordered anything yet, let me know what you think.

    Stock: boyds tacticool
    Barrel: 18" .920 SS Green Mountain
    Trigger: brimstone tier 2
    Bolt: Que rework
    Charging handle: kidd
    Guide rod and spring: kidd
    Bolt buffer: kidd
    Magazine release: ???
    Scope: ???
    I plan to polish and jewl my receiver, bolt and trigger myself, should be a fun project. Any other advice or things I should add to the mechanicals?
  15. Geno

    Geno Well-Known Member

    I like the ArchAngel, AR-style set-up for the 10/22. Good price, and ArchAngel makes a very good product!

  16. Wtlj

    Wtlj Active Member

    Thanks but i have no interest in the plastic tactical look.
  17. Magoo

    Magoo Well-Known Member

    Absolutely nothing against Brimstone's services, but if you want more a more DIY approach folks really seem to like Kidd's trigger parts kit. I haven't used one, but my two Kidd triggers are the cat's meow.

    Que's work is great. His prices are very reasonable and he gets stuff turned around fast. Heck of a nice guy too.

    Magazine release: whatever floats your boat. It's kinda tough to guess at what you might prefer without having the chance to try some out. I'm happy with the medium length ones like Kidd offers. I've got no need or desire for those that follow the contour of the trigger guard but some folks love 'em.

    Scope: you'll find lots of praise over on RFC for the Mueller scopes. I've got an APV and am plenty happy with it though I want more magnification for bench shooting.
  18. Wtlj

    Wtlj Active Member

    I was told those kidd trigger kits are built to the tighter tolerances of a the plastic trigger groups and unfortunately mines metal. :(
  19. Magoo

    Magoo Well-Known Member

    Yup. On the bright side you've got a metal assembly that you can polish and play with if you want. And I haven't heard anything but good reviews of Brimstone's work and customer service.

    EDIT: there was definitely a lot of chatter on RFC about getting Kidd's kit to work in metal trigger group assemblies. I can't remember the concensus answer and I'm too lazy to look it up for you right now, but threads should be easy to find under 10/22 - trigger subforum searches. Look for threads longer than 3 pages. They don't call 'em "ten tweaky twos" for no reason- where there's a will (and/or $), there's a way.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2013
  20. DesertFox

    DesertFox Well-Known Member

    The 10/22 that has been lying around here the longest was born a Sporter Deluxe, which comes without barrel band and has checkering on the stock w/ 18" barrel. You'd never know it now as it is in a FDE Blackhawk AXIOM stock w/ a factory 16" barrel off of the CCR model, Bushnell 3-9x on elevated rings so irons still work, extended mag release. Love this little setup. Only thing that 10/22 lacks is last shot bolt hold open, the "HK91 flaw".

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