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2" 12ga loads???

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Came2ride, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Came2ride

    Came2ride Active Member

    I've experimenting with 2" shot shells( and 2 3/4 cut down by 3/4"). Anyone good any good data they would be willing to share? I'm bias to winAA hulls and 700x powder but I'd love to what you guys came up with
  2. Came2ride

    Came2ride Active Member

    Corrections " I've BEEN " and "( A 2 3/4" cut down"
  3. JimKirk

    JimKirk Well-Known Member

    Just remember that the Win AA hull is tapered inside, so it get smaller the deeper you go.
    At least the old ones where, I not sure about the new version hulls.

    Jimmy K
  4. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    Yea I agree.

    You are going to have to use AA plastic wads that fit the wall taper with AA hulls.
    And since they don't make AA wads for 2" cases, well you get the picture.

    I think if I was going to try it, I would use plain old tube & base-wad type hulls so you can at least use card & fiber wads.
    Any type of one piece plastic shot-cup wad would take up way too much room in the case.

    In all though, it sounds like a dangerous undertaking without tested pressure data, of which there is none that I know of.

    And a normal shotgun reloader press will not load or crimp them, so you got to get past that somehow too..

  5. Came2ride

    Came2ride Active Member

    Well I guess that's why I can't find data for those hulls but if can't find spcs for it I won't make it I don't have near the experiance to start making my own loads so I guess I'll have to use fed or someother hull I already have data for. My reasoning for this is my mossy 500 cycles them quite well and for pest shooting in the crop field... Well less reloading u get the picture
  6. Came2ride

    Came2ride Active Member

    That and even though I know it ill advised 9 rounds of reduced recoil buckshot would be nice for things that go bump in the night
  7. Came2ride

    Came2ride Active Member

    My rcbs will crimp them the screws come down far enough but my mec won't
  8. snuffy

    snuffy Well-Known Member

    Zane, I messed around with "shorter" shells a couple of years ago. My thoughts were for 3 gun tactical shotty's, being able to load a lot more with the shorter shells. I modified my mec 600 jr. to be able to use all the functions. It involved drilling another hole in the base to allow the column to drop down another ½". As for loads, I used some tired/retired fioochi shells cut back to 2". Wads were the old AA red wads, being the shortest wad they made.

    Payload was ¾ ounce of lead 2's, why 2's, because I had some and can no longer use them for waterfowl! I don't remember the powder type or amount.

    They cycled okay through my ancient 870, were actually kinda fun to shoot. I never got into 3 gun competition like I thought I was going to, so never found out if my idea was good or not.

    For cutting them down, you can't beat the BP hull trimmer.


  9. Came2ride

    Came2ride Active Member

    Thanks snuffy, ill have to look into that
  10. some pump guns will not reliably feed short shells if you rack them fast. some autos will not reliably feed them. i shoot 2" low velocity in older doubles, which often have 2 9/16 or 2 1/2 chambers. B&P America sells them.

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