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.22-250 60gr. V-Max

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by dennisH87, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. dennisH87

    dennisH87 Well-Known Member

    I was wondering what kind of performance can i exptect out of 60 gr. V-Max bullets? I reload my own 40 gr. V-Max bullets and can get 5 rounds in 1 hole at 100 yards so im capable of producing very accurate rounds. I want a round that will have excelent long range and terminal performance and will have LOTS of ft./lbs out to 500 yards. I am curious what these rounds will to do a woodchuck. I'm trying to flip one and my 40 gr. won't do it. I have a Savage 12FV with the accutrigger in .22-250.
  2. 41magsnub

    41magsnub Well-Known Member

    One thing to think about is my experience with larger rounds in a .22-250. Mine loves the 40-50 grain rounds of various types, some are tighter than others but all I've tried at least group acceptably. Larger than 50 patterns patterns rather than groups.
  3. swiss7.5

    swiss7.5 Well-Known Member

    It is gonna depend on three things:

    1. your rifles twist rate

    2. your rifles reaction to that round

    3. your rifles readtion to that round

    Im kinda joking, but the results can not be gleened from these pages only your tests with your weapon loaded at your specific OAL and powder and and and and.............will show you the true results
  4. dennisH87

    dennisH87 Well-Known Member

    i used a compete over all length gauge and found that with a 60 gr. V-Max my COL to the lands is 2.488" how far back do you ussually load the bullets to start off with?
  5. 345 DeSoto

    345 DeSoto Well-Known Member

    I have a Savage Model#10. The only difference between my 10 and your 12 is yours has 4" more barrel...twist rate being the same. I inquired about loads, to Berger bullets, and here's what Walter Berger sent me:

    "Hi Tony,
    It appears that you want to use the 55 grain target/varmint bullet and it is a good choice for wood chucks to 400 yards. Your 1-12 does afford you an opportunity to shoot a heavier bullet and the 60 grain bullet would be a somewhat better at 400 yards. Having shot a lot of wood chucks in Ohio with a 22-250 when I was growing up I can relate to your problem. There is no one bullet that is the best for all distances so you have a couple of choices. If most (+80%) of your shoots are true 400 yard shots then the 60 grain bullet would be the best choice. If (+80%) are from muzzle to 300 yards I would use the 52 or 55 grain target varmint bullet and give up a little on the 400 yard shots. Now there is another choice (and this may not be for you). Use the 52 grain varmint bullet for muzzle to 300 yards and the 60 grain target varmint bullet for the shoots beyond 300 yards. This would require a good scope with reliable elevation adjustments and have a zero for both bullets. This is the ultimate (my opinion) for reliable hits with your 22-250 and spectacular kills at all ranges from muzzle to 400 plus yards. Again this is not for every one. You have to know your equipment and understand how to use it. If this is not for you, use the 55 grain target varmint bullet from muzzle to 400 yards and it is a good choice. I have furnished you some load data for the 52-55 and 60 grain bullets. The two powders I used the most was IMR 4064 and H380. I no longer varmint hunt and some of the newer powders could be better. Your 22 inch barrel will result in approximately 88 fps slower than the velocities we list with a 26 inch barrel. All of the primers are good just use the one you are familiar with and develop your load data with it."
    This may be of some help to you, Dennis...
  6. dennisH87

    dennisH87 Well-Known Member

    "I have furnished you some load data for the 52-55 and 60 grain bullets."

    What was the load data for the 60 gr. bullets he gave you? just curious. I allready have load data for the specific bullet and powder that i am using so if you can't find the data its not a problem. I just was curious how thier bullets match up to mine (V-Max 60 gr.)
  7. 345 DeSoto

    345 DeSoto Well-Known Member

    Unfortunatly, he didn't send powder loads...I had only inquired for bullet weights...:uhoh:

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