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Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by asquires2, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. asquires2

    asquires2 Well-Known Member

    Whats the effective range for the 22/250 and what is these round good for ?
  2. oregonhunter

    oregonhunter Well-Known Member

    You can find endless topics and info on the .22-250 just from doing a simple search on this site.
  3. Grassman

    Grassman Well-Known Member

    Great varmint gun.
  4. Shawnee

    Shawnee member

    The effective range of the .22/250 (and of ANY caliber) is determined in large part by the skill of the shooter, and the type of target.

    A shooter with a decent level of skill using a .22/250 would be able to hit a basketball at 325yds. on a not-too-windy day. An expert rifleman can stretch that distance out to 500yds. or so.

    The .22/250 was designed for varmints - prairie dogs, jack-rabbits, crows, woodchucks, foxes, coyotes and similar sized animals.

    In the hands of a good rifleman who is also an experienced game shot, it is quite capable of killing deer out to 300yds. or a but farther.


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