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.22 caliber derringers

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by LAR-15, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. LAR-15

    LAR-15 Well-Known Member

    What is a good rimfire derringer?

    Something for pocket carry.

  2. Fburgtx

    Fburgtx Well-Known Member

    I guess the main issue that most people have with derringers is that you can now buy a few decent pocket pistols like the Kel-Tec, NAA Guardian, or Seecamp in 32 or 380, and they're really no larger or heavier than a derringer.

    That said, if I was looking at a 22 Derringer, I might consider one of the old High Standard double action 22 magnum derringers (American Derringer in Waco, TX supposedly makes a new version of this derringer). Be warned, the trigger pull on these is EXTREMELY heavy. They (ADC)also make some good quality derringers in the old single action style. Bond Arms (also in TX) makes some good quality derringers, but they are so large it almost defeats the purpose (though the quality is very good). I honestly can't say that I have been that impressed with the Cobra derringers I've seen (I believe that's the brand I've seen). They appear to be made of cheap materials.

    Your best bet is going to be one of the old HS's or something from ADC. Probably expect to pay $175-$250 for an old HS.
  3. RyanM

    RyanM Well-Known Member

    I had one of those old Hi-Standards, in .22 magnum. Trigger pull was heavy but manageable. It was pretty old and worn out, but detail stripping it, cleaning everything real good, lightly polishing a few surfaces, and squeezing the frame in a vise made it good as new. Ended up trading it for a Nintendo DS. We're both pretty happy with our respective ends of the trade.
  4. VA27

    VA27 Well-Known Member

    A little searching will find you a NIB or LNIB High Standard 22 magnum. You'll pay near what a Seecamp 32 costs, but if you're set on a derringer and want one that's useable, that's the only real game in town. I've had mine for over 25 years and still carry it occasionally.
  5. GigaBuist

    GigaBuist Well-Known Member

    I snagged a Hi-Standard .22Mag Derringer this Thanksgiving. It was my grandmother's and she was looking to get rid of it. I gave her $300 for it. She bought it new back in the '70's and it looked barely used. When she brought some ammo for it I realized why it looked barely used: She bought 50 rounds for it when she bought the pistol and there were still 14 rounds in the box!

    I haven't shot it yet, so I can't tell you anything about it... but... I'll say that there's really no reason to buy one when the Kel-Tecs are out there. They're lighter, carry more ammo, come in better calibers, they're still the same size, and will likely run you just as much money.

    If you want one then you're free to do so, but I just don't see much purpose in them anymore other than being a cute little toy.
  6. PTK

    PTK Well-Known Member

    I have a .22mag NAA 5 shot revolver. It's as small and just about as flat as a derringer, but 5 shots instead of 2. They go for about $200, and are worth every penny. As for pocket carry, it carries easier than a cellphone!
  7. TehK1w1

    TehK1w1 Well-Known Member

    If you're gonna get a derringer, why not get American derringer's Model 4 in .45-70? :what: 2 rds of .22 mag is almost worthless IMHO.
  8. LAR-15

    LAR-15 Well-Known Member

  9. cane

    cane Well-Known Member

    I've often heard the derringer called a "get off me gun". I had one of the shoot through wallet style holster for my Hi Standard until BATF made it illegial. Now I just have a plain pocket holster for it.
  10. highfive

    highfive Well-Known Member

    i have a Cobra one in 38 special and the trigger is heavy but manageable. I carry mine most of the time as a back up, it fits nicely in a pocket.
    This kind of gun is for close range
  11. shooter1

    shooter1 Well-Known Member

    I have a Hi Standard 22mag DA derringer. I also have the wallet that came with it. As long as I keep them seperate they are legal. The minute I put the gun into the wallet, it becomes an evil thing with a mind of it's own. (Per BATF) They are concerned it might give a citizen an element of surprise over a poor disadvantaged victim of society. It might have some merit if it could be carried in the wallet, but carried as a BUG or primary is a poor choice. It is certainly better than nothing, and if it were all I had, I'd carry it! However, there are too many better choices for that role available, that are lighter, sufficently powerful, smaller, more accurate, have greater firepower, and are much faster to get into action than most derringers. Easy choice for me!

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