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22. pistols

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by john_michaels72, Jan 25, 2003.

  1. Guys can you give me names of the accurate and reliable pistols in wheelguns with double action . 22. LR or magnums. Also are revolvers alot more accurate than auto's like the ruger mk. 2's ?:) Thanks for any info.
  2. mdsteele

    mdsteele Well-Known Member

    Smith&Wesson M617. A little pricey, but a nice gun.
  3. Bainx

    Bainx member

    If you can find an S&W K22 you won't be sorry.
  4. Swamp Yankee

    Swamp Yankee Well-Known Member

    Dan Wesson Model 22 in blue, Model 722 in stainless.
    Other suggestion would be to look for a used Colt Diamondback. They have wonderful balance. Getting pricey and tougher to find.
    Take Care
  5. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    My most accurate .22 caliber pistols are semi-automatics rather than revolvers. I have a hunch they're more accurate than larger caliber semi-automatics because the barrels are solidly attached to the frames rather than floating.

    I have a (pre-agreement) Smith & Wesson model 617 that's quite accurate. Out of the box, its trigger was nothing to write home about, but it was easy to work on. On the whole, the 617 isn't the revolver the old K 22s used to be.

    If I were looking for a new semi-automatic .22 caliber pistol, I'd probably buy the Ruger Mark II and have it worked on by a competent gunsmith. My personal preference is for High Standards, but you have to know a fair amount about them to avoid those with problems, sad to say. They've been extict since 1984.
  6. Nick96

    Nick96 Well-Known Member

    I recently picked up a Ruger SP101 DA revolver in .22. I'm very pleased with it. Some complain that it's (1) a bit heavy for a .22, (2) it has a six rather than a nine shot cylinder, (3) the rear sight is windage adjustable only and (4) the DA trigger pull is a bit heavy. I've found all these complaints to be vastly over exagurated. For what I was looking for, it fits the bill perfectly. It's very accurate, and like most Rugers it's somewhat over built (which means I doubt I'll wear it out in my life time). You will also find that the Ruger will run $100+ less than a comparable S&W.

    In terms of accuracy, I've found Autos and Revolvers to be similar (those with like sights, barrel lengths and frame sizes) when shooting single action. Many find accuracy is diminished a bit when shooting a revolver in double action (due to the longer & heavier trigger pull required). But even this is over come with practice.

    Down the list from S&W and Ruger is Taurus. Where Ruger is less expensive than a S&W, the Taurus is less expensive than the Ruger. However, Taurus does offer DA revolvers in .22 Long Rifle and .22 Magnum. And there are more options in sights, finishes and barrel lengths. I probably would have gotten one if I hadn't run across the deal I did on the SP. Most people (like 80%) from what I've read on these boards like them. They seemed a bit fragile compared to the "tank like" Ruger to me though. But, they are probably the best value in a moderatly priced, good quality revolver.
  7. mdsteele

    mdsteele Well-Known Member

    Hey Nick! I put a wolf spring kit in my sp101 and it became a different gun. Go to Brownells website and spend 10 bucks. I shot 50 rounds through the gun before the spring kit in 4 years. After I installed the kit I actually like shooting it now.
  8. Peter M. Eick

    Peter M. Eick Well-Known Member

    My most accurate is my K22 five screw that was recommended to me about 6 months ago by several of the posters above. Excellent gun and truly amazing quality. Especially for a 50 odd year old gun.

    For a modern gun I have been very impressed with my new Dan Wesson 722. The DA is great, better then the K22, but the SA on the K22 is smoother and crisper then the DW. Maybe in a few years the DW will catch up.

    Either would be great. I also have a diamondback, but it is a 38 and not really applicable here. They do have excellent actions though.
  9. Kahr carrier

    Kahr carrier Well-Known Member

    S&W -63 22lr or a 651 22mag.:)
  10. fallingblock

    fallingblock Well-Known Member

    I'll second that!

    The S&W 63 is much nicer than the 617 if you have small/medium size hands or want to pack it:D
  11. kalibear45

    kalibear45 Well-Known Member

    Any type of handgun, is usually more accurate than the shooter :D

    My belief is: barrel type/length & trigger pull weight has a lot to do with accuracy.
  12. Shane

    Shane Well-Known Member

    The S&W 617 is very accurate, and a pleasure to shoot. Without a doubt, this would be the first choice IMO.

    Unfortunately, Ruger does not offer an accurate DA .22 LR. All they have is the SP 101 with 4" barrel, and they one I had only offered mediocre accuracy.

    I sure wish the GP 100 frame and 6" barrel length was offered in .22 LR.
  13. Frenchy

    Frenchy Well-Known Member

    For most of the last century, The K22 Masterpiece was the measuring stick for all others in both national and international smallbore revolver competition. Now that's a track record.

  14. Kahr carrier

    Kahr carrier Well-Known Member

    S&W Model 18 also.:D
  15. 10-Ring

    10-Ring Well-Known Member

    I've only had experience w/ a couple 22 revos, a Taurus mod 94 and a S&W 617. The 617 is sweet! :cool: ...while the Taurus, not so much :(
  16. 9mmepiphany

    9mmepiphany Moderator

    while my favorite .22lr wheelgun will always be my 4"colt diamondback, because of it's outstanding handling qualities...it just edges out my 6" smith m-17 in accuracy...

    the most accurate .22 wheelgun i've ever handled was a dan wesson m-22. this would be closely followed by the casull 252...who's only drawback was it's size and weight. both of these would seriously embarrass a ruger
  17. Ala Dan

    Ala Dan Member in memoriam

    Addressing The Issue Of Accuracy First-

    I really can't say that the .22LR revolver's are more
    accurate than .22LR self-loader's. In good, quality
    firearms both have earned a very respectable
    reputation; at least for me. Here are my choice's:


    a) Smith & Wesson 4" barrel model 18
    b) Smith & Wesson 6" barrel model 17/617*
    c) Colt's Diamondback 4" or 6"model's

    *FootNote- I prefer blued weapons over stainless.


    a) Colt Match Target Woodsman
    b) Smith & Wesson Model 41
    c) Browning Medalist
    d) Ruger MK-II KMK-512

    Any of these will serve you well, my friend.

    Best Wishes,
    Ala Dan, N.R.A. Life Member
  18. MR.G

    MR.G Well-Known Member

    An older S&W model 17 or 18 is a good choice. Have owned them both, and they were real nice guns. I recently bought a new model 617 4" 10 shot, but havn't had a chance to shoot it yet. Might want to look at one of those.
  19. Thirties

    Thirties Well-Known Member

    "An older S&W model 17 or 18 is a good choice."

    Mr.G, Ala Dan, and Khar Carrier,

    How old is older in a model 18?

    I'm looking at a used model 18-4 from the early '80s. Clean and in very good to excellent condition. Is this worth $350?

    What would I be losing in quality vs an older model 18. I don't want a 6" revolver, so no 17s or K22s.

  20. Quantrill

    Quantrill Well-Known Member

    Older K-22 Quantrill

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