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.22 Revelation

Discussion in 'Firearms Research' started by Newt, May 27, 2004.

  1. Newt

    Newt Well-Known Member

    Several years ago my dad gave me a .22 cal Revelation. Revelation is the brand name. This is the kind of thing that was given to him by his dad and to me by mine. Family heirloom kind of thing. Leave it to me for something to happen to it. Up until the day I broke the stock, I used it and used it often. Yes... I said I broke it. Anyhow, I would really like to find out how I could get a hold of another stock for it. Anyone know? For that matter, anyone know anything about this gun?

  2. Jim Watson

    Jim Watson Well-Known Member

    A .22 Revelation WHAT?
    Revelation was the tradename for guns sold by Western Auto, when every worthwhile store had a sporting goods department and the chain stores had their own brand names. Like J.C. Higgins and Ted Williams at Sears.
    Guns were made for them by High Standard, Mossberg, Marlin, and Stevens.
    We have to know the model designation, action type, configuration, as much information as you can supply to help.
    Numrich might have a stock under the actual manufacturer's listings.
  3. Newt

    Newt Well-Known Member

    This is everything that was stamped into the bbl.

    Ok, here goes:

    Western Auto Supply Co.
    Model 105
    S - L - LR (I assume that means Shorts, Longs, and Long Rifles)

    That's it. That's all that was on the gun. As far as the configuration of the gun, it goes as follows:

    Bolt Action
    Magazine Fed

    Anything else you may need, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

    BEARMAN Well-Known Member

    My cross-reference list in my GUNPARTS CATALOG says a WESTERN AUTO MODEL 105-2060 is a MARLIN MODEL 780, If you goto ( www.e-gunparts.com )and search MARLIN there is an exploded diagram that may help you ID your rifle and maybe get parts if needed. GOOD LUCK.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2004
  5. Newt

    Newt Well-Known Member

    Yes, thank you bearman. I found that too. It looks like mine, but I'd like to be sure before I ordered a stock. I would order it today if I knew for sure. Does anyone know beyond a reasonable doubt if that Marlin Model 780 is the same as mine? Or, if I called that number, would the customer service people know?
  6. Newt

    Newt Well-Known Member

    Well, it's final. I ordered the stock today. I ordered it from that e-gunparts site. They have a 30-day return policy, so if it isn't the stock I need, I can just return it. I appreciate all of your help.
  7. Newt

    Newt Well-Known Member

    Got the stock in today. It looks great and also looks like it will fit. I'll post back to let everyone know how it woked out for me. Thanks for all the help.
  8. Irishman

    Irishman New Member



    I was doing some searching on the internet and found this group and your postings. I have a Revelation Model 105 22 bolt action rifle. I purchased this rifle new at a Western Auto Store on Main Street Brockway Pennsylvania in July 1964. I don't remember what I paid for it. I know it was on sale and came with a scope. It remained with my father until he died in 88. I've had is since. The reason I was looking on the internet, I only have one clip. I was trying to find a source for a spare. To continue the history of this rifle. I've not fired it since 88, two weeks ago I along with a friend took my grandson (age 14) out to a range. This was his first time out shooting. He had a great time and is looking forward to going out again. He fired about 150 rounds. I didn't think he would shoot that much. That's all the ammo I took with us. This past Sunday, he was here at the house helping me. I told him it now belongs to him. It's in my safe here at the house. I told him when he turns 18 he can then take it home. I am still looking for a spare clip or two.

    How did you make out with the stock you had ordered?

    Kindest regards,

  9. Reloader

    Reloader Well-Known Member

  10. Steven Mace

    Steven Mace Well-Known Member

    Irishman, my records show the Revelation Model uses the same magazine as the Marlin models 80 & 780. You might want to do some searching online to find your best deal on some extra magazines. Hope this helps!

    Steve Mace
  11. moewadle

    moewadle Well-Known Member

    This is just miscellaneous information related to Revelation firearms. I also have a Revelation .22 but it is a single-shot lever action. It looks a lot like the Ithaca Model 49 which is the most common of these single-shot lever actions from the late 60s-70s,etc. However, this Revelation is really a clone of the Stevens Model 89. I also have a Stevens 89. I am not going down to my gun locker to check but I even think the Revelation Model has a Revelation Model number like 101 but says right on it that it is from Savage-Stevens. In any event you have been given the correct advice to go to Numrich and do the cross reference of firearms brands.
  12. Indiblue

    Indiblue New Member


    Newt, I'm curious what you may have found out about your 22. I have a revelation model R125B 22-L-LR semi auto and I've been trying to find some info on it.

    thanks blue,
  13. Steven Mace

    Steven Mace Well-Known Member


    Mossberg Model 353

    Indiblue, my information shows the Western Auto/Revelation Model 125 is the same as the Mossberg Model 353. Hope this helps!

    Steve Mace
  14. Indiblue

    Indiblue New Member


    Steve, thanks for your info on the mossberg 353, your picture looks just like my rifle.

    thanks blue,
  15. Newt

    Newt Well-Known Member

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