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22 supressor...

Discussion in 'NFA Firearms and Accessories' started by NOLAEMT, Jan 25, 2012.


    NOLAEMT Well-Known Member

    So my father is taking the leap into title two weapons, and is looking for a supressor for a 22lr, to be used on rifles and pistols, its not going to be used on a full auto, but probably will be gettin a lot of use, as he is in a location that allows him to shoot off his back porch, if he feels like it.

    He wants "the best" if there is such a thing. It should be able to be dissasembled.

    So does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  2. pikid89

    pikid89 Well-Known Member

    with no limit on funding, and i were to buy a suppressor tomorrow, I would probably go get a Silencerco Stainless Sparrow

    or maybe the new Surefire .22 suppressor
  3. Sgt_R

    Sgt_R Well-Known Member

    Based on my own research, the Sparrow is at the top of my list. They're not really that expensive either; contact Major Malfunction for a price quote, you'll probably be surprised.


  4. ImmortalArms

    ImmortalArms Member

    You should also take a look at Huntertown. Extremely reasonable price for a very good 22 can.
  5. Strykervet

    Strykervet member

    Quietest I've ever heard were the S&H integrally suppressed Mk2 or 3 and the 10/22. His Marlin Camp integrals are pretty quiet too, but the .22's are spooky quiet. They can also be taken apart, whatever .22 suppressor you get, you want to be able to take it apart. They get nastier than others due to the bullet and soon you'll have a fake suppressor. I've never forgotten that S&H, it was about 15 years ago when I shot it, but I'm definitely getting one. Next on the list in fact.

    You won't be able to use it on different weapons, it is integral after all, but it does everything you want --easy disassembly, super quiet, very well built. This guy has been doing it longer than I've been alive, I think he has it down by now. Pretty sure he doesn't do screw ons --he has a very limited list of stuff he sells and he's the master at those items.
  6. bmwguy

    bmwguy Well-Known Member

    The swr specter is also a good solid can.

    Whatever he decides on, I recommend a take apart can. .22 are filthy so you would want the ability to take apart to clean it.
  7. Mot45acp

    Mot45acp Well-Known Member

    Sparrow will be my next can.....come on tax refund.
  8. BoilerUP

    BoilerUP Well-Known Member

    I bought a Huntertown Arms Guardian 22 last week; paperwork was mailed last Friday but BATFE hasn't cashed my check yet. Got to demo a Guardian with CCI SV out of a Savage FV-SR (one of the hosts I currently have) and that sold it.

    For a first suppressor, its hard to beat with $200 +/- price and suppression that is more or less identical to a Sparrow in independent testing.
  9. rjrivero

    rjrivero Well-Known Member

    The Huntertown suppressors use K baffles. The Sparrow uses a monocore. The K baffles are a great match for .22's but they do get dirty and difficult to push out of the can. The Sparrow because of it's clamshell protector will be much easier to clean.

    The Sparrow has a louder first round pop than just about any other suppressor out there. The K Baffled suppressors are hard to beat as far as strait up performance on .22's.

    The Sparrow is easier to clean, but I do believe the K-Baffled suppressors to be quieter in .22 (All things being equal.)


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