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223 55 grain jacket thickness

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Byron, Dec 19, 2004.

  1. Byron

    Byron Well-Known Member

    Which bullets in 55 grain for the 223 has the thickest jacket thereby giving deeper penetration. I am considering the WW or Remington bulkbullets or the Sierra 55 grain GameKing SP or HP Any comments on these or others would help. Thanks, Byron
  2. Jim Watson

    Jim Watson Well-Known Member

    What are you planning on penetrating?
  3. Byron

    Byron Well-Known Member

    Jim, I want to make this an all around bullet,anything from a cayote,defense or in a pinch,a deer bullet. It would be used in a bolt Remington 700 or a mini.
    Thanks, Byron
  4. Jim Watson

    Jim Watson Well-Known Member

    If you want to hunt legally, most places require expanding bullets, so FMJ is out.
    Nosler makes a .224" 60 grain partition which I would pick for deer. About any SP or HP will do for coyotes. For Coyotes or terrs, I think I would just keep some military ball on hand.

    Or do you have a need to make one bullet do it all?
    If so, I'd go with the Hornady SP if it would feed and group.
  5. vmfrantz

    vmfrantz Well-Known Member

    nosler ballistic tip

    I'd try the nosler ballistic tip. everyone that I talk to about it says it has great penatration and killing power. In fact some people say it has to much explosive devastation. check out reloadersnest.com
  6. yesterdaysyouth

    yesterdaysyouth Well-Known Member

    you can't go wrong with the gameking... just get the heaviest bullet that you can stabalize...
  7. GooseGestapo

    GooseGestapo Well-Known Member

    55gr is the lightest that you want to consider, in light of your needs.

    I've shot a lot of deer with the .22cf, and in the .223 the 55'grs and heavier have given best results.

    I'd not recommend the Bulk packed Rem's or Winchesters, except for the 64gr Winchester for animals coyote or larger. I've gotten good accuracy from the Winchester's 55gr, but they are rather frangible.

    The Sierra 55gr Soft Pt or Boat tail have worked very well for me, both accuracy and effectiveness wise. I don't recommend ANY Hollow Points for what you are considering.

    Currently I'm using the 65gr Sierra BTSP, and have killed several deer with it this year,(ALL I've shot at, and with ONE shot). I'm running it at 2,950fps from an 18.5"bbl Rem Mod-7, over 25.5gr of RL-15. Accuracy is a suprising 0.8"-1.1" for 5-shots at 100yds considering my Remington has a 1-12" twist. (Sierra recommends 1-10" twist, or faster) I got these to see if they would stabilize, -they do!, and penetrate very well on the deer I've shot. Expansion is immediate and adequate. One was a broadside spine shot, high in shoulder that completely penetrated with 2" exit wound. Deer was smallish at 110lbs, however. All have exited but have been lung or head/neck shots. Ranges have been 25 to 110yds. Shot placement has been as intended.

    I would recommend this bullet over the Nosler 60gr Part., largely because of the cost of the Noslers. And, unless you are using a .223wssm, or a .220 Swift, you won't need the "hold-togetherness" of the Nosler or other "High-dollar" premium bullets.

    I too, have gotten excellent results from the 55gr Hornady and 60gr Hornady Soft. Pt.

    Avoid the Hornady "Bulk-packed" 55gr with cannulures as these bullets are very in-accurate. The last batch I'm trying to "use-up" are 2.0" accurate at BEST at 100yds. Same load from my lil-Rem with Sierra 55gr BTSP's are running 0.5".

    Avoid using 53gr or lighter bullets in your .223 except for varmints where bullet blow-up is desireable. Ditto ALL of the poly-carbonate tipped bullets including the 60gr Hornady. That is unless you will restrict shots on deer to broadside lung shots.

    In the .22 Hornet I've had good luck with the 45gr Rem. HP, at 2,850fps (Hod Lil-gun!) and the 40grHP,45gr, and 50gr Hi-Vel Sierra bullets (not "blitz", which are intended to break up). The lower velocity and slower twist of the Hornet dosen't "rip" the bullets apart on impact like the higher vel's and twist's of the .223 will.

    Always realize that with the .22cf on larger animals that SHOT PLACEMENT IS CRITICAL.

    Even though I got amazing penetration on a 125lb deer I shot three yrs. ago with 60gr Hornady SoftPt, it dosen't mean it always will. (25yd shot "head-on"into white neck patch broke neck, exited and penetrated shoulder, exited and penetrated left ham, breaking femur, and exiting! Deer was D-R-T). Bullet was fired from a 14.5"bbl Bushmaster, w/9"twist, over 21.0gr of IMR4198 for 2,850fps- chrono'd.

    I also shot a 150lb deer FIVE times with a 50gr PLHP Remington factory load, and had to finish it off with a .357mag to the head. Deer would have died, but it took me 2hrs to get permission from adjacent landowner to retrieve it from where it ran to, and was still breathing when I found it. (1983, before I knew to use heavier bullets!)

    Use enough gun, and bullet! Place shot accurately!
  8. Byron

    Byron Well-Known Member

    Thank You for the information. This has helped. Byron

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