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.223 JSP options?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by DefiantDad, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. DefiantDad

    DefiantDad Well-Known Member

    Hi guys - I only ever see JHP or FMJ at the LGS. I might have to ask next time I'm there, but are there JSP options in .223 and 9mm? I hardly ever hear anyone talk about JSP.
  2. Shmackey

    Shmackey Well-Known Member

    Some of the best .223 hunting rounds are JSP. Lots of them out there.
  3. DefiantDad

    DefiantDad Well-Known Member

    OK; maybe I just never asked the LGS and they never brought it up. I will ask next time if they have any JSP.
  4. firesky101

    firesky101 Well-Known Member

    can't say I have ever seen any JSP 9mm (it could be out there, I just have not seen it). IIRC it is due to JSP's performing much better at velocities above what a normal 9mm can achieve. I have factory JSP's in 9x23 win, but those are 125gr@1440fps a bit hotter than factory 9x19.
  5. DefiantDad

    DefiantDad Well-Known Member

    I guess it makes sense that the soft point has to achieve some velocity before it can work. Anyway I was interested in JSP more for my AR.
  6. 10-96

    10-96 Well-Known Member

    I don't know if you have an Academy Sporting Goods store in your area, but they sell Monarch brass case 55gr JSP for about $9 - $10 box. I didn't have just real high expectations when I started buying it back when it was about $5 a box, but I'm glad I tried it. It seems to be the same stuff as Prvi Partisan, very consistent with 1:9 and 1:12 twist barrels I have. They feed as good as anything in in all my AR's, and I've always had great luck with them as far as accruacy.

    In weighing the brass for reloading, it's as heavy as the last batch of Winchesters I bought, and heavier than LC, Federal, and Remington.
  7. TonyAngel

    TonyAngel Well-Known Member

    There are JSPs for .223. I get them from Midsouth Shooter's Supply in bulk, but mainly for bolt guns. Getting them to feed reliably in an AR has been hit and miss. The tip is just so much fatter than a hollow point or FMJ that they sometimes get hung up on the feed ramps.

    I did get them to work by playing around with the overall length.
  8. Bartholomew Roberts

    Bartholomew Roberts Moderator Emeritus

    I believe Winchester makes a 64gr JSP and once upon a time Federal made a 55gr Trophy Bonded Bear Claw JSP in their Premium hunting line of ammo, though I haven't seen that one for sale in quite some time.
  9. DefiantDad

    DefiantDad Well-Known Member

    Hi - what do you mean by playing around with the overall length?
  10. Dr.Rob

    Dr.Rob Moderator Staff Member

    I keep a few boxs of JSP around for varmints and such.

    Winchester 55 gr pointed soft points have given me good accuracy from my AR, Mini and single shot rifles.
  11. TonyAngel

    TonyAngel Well-Known Member

    Well, as a general rule, I typically seat my bullets for my ARs at around a 2.255 overall length. I wound up having to reduce the overall length to get them to feed right.

    To tell the truth, I had gotten the batch of bullets by mistake and just used them instead of sending them back. In the end, they turned out to be pretty good bulk bullets. I didn't get great accuracy, but they were good enough for times when I didn't need the utmost in accuracy.

    If you're talking about preloaded or factory ammo, I really can't comment. I didn't have any to compare to and can't remember the last time I bought anything factory loaded, except cheap ball ammo.
  12. DefiantDad

    DefiantDad Well-Known Member

    Oh, you meant reloading. I thought you meant you adjusted factory JSP. Haha.
  13. Reloadron

    Reloadron Well-Known Member

    Just as an example Remington manufactures a Core-Lokt under Remington #: 28918, A google of that Remington number should bring up hits like this one from Midway. Not quite inexpensive but good PSP .223 ammunition. Eventually maybe give some thought to roll your own which will afford much more latitude.

  14. DefiantDad

    DefiantDad Well-Known Member

  15. Dentite

    Dentite Well-Known Member

    Even my bolt action .223 tends to flatten one side on JSP bullets. Might be more likely to happen on a .224 diameter bullet compared to a .30 diameter bullet due to the tip being closer to feed ramp, etc.

    Have you tried some polymer tipped .223 rounds? My bolt action loves the 55gr Vmax from Hornaday (factory ammo or handloaded Vmax bullets).

    V-max are varmit fast expanding type bullets and I can see that some larger game would benefit from JSP.

    I've loaded up some Nosler partitions in .223 and while I wasn't blown away by the accuracy (1.5" or so) they seem like they would do the job nicely on a small whitetail, javelina, etc.
  16. DefiantDad

    DefiantDad Well-Known Member

    Please school me on polymer tipped. I actually don't know much about the "soft point" stuff. Is the polymer tip a JSP type?

    (Also, are all PSP a type of JSP, but not all JSP will be pointed tipped?)

    And please check my understanding: Soft points will penetrate more, before expansion, compared to JHP which will expand much more quickly and penetrate less (?)
  17. WardenWolf

    WardenWolf member

    Jacketed soft point is fairly widely available, particularly in Black Hills ammunition. I made the mistake of using hollowpoints for my first hunting trip. Never again. Might as well have been FMJ. At least soft points are guaranteed SOME expansion..
  18. DefiantDad

    DefiantDad Well-Known Member

    How come? I thought JHP was supposed to expand? Was it because of lack of penetration?

    (i.e., is JHP more for bad guy defense than hunting?)
  19. WardenWolf

    WardenWolf member

    Lack of penetration? Hell no. It blew clean through, no expansion. I was hunting javelina.
  20. 303 hunter

    303 hunter Well-Known Member

    Bear Ammo makes soft point 223 steel case. Decent accuracy. Deadly on coyotes and smaller whitetails.

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