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223 loads for the TC contender 21 in

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by 280shooter, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. 280shooter

    280shooter Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have a good load or better load using 45-55 gr bullets Maybe Imr 4198 powder,Im still trying to get this to work,I loaded 21 gr of 4198 under a 45 gn hollow point,and 22 grn of 4198 with the 50 gr,If any one has a better load for the TC I like to know. The twist is 1-14
  2. GooseGestapo

    GooseGestapo Well-Known Member

    I had a Bushmaster with a 14.5"bbl. It really liked 21.6gr of IMR4198 and the 55gr SptBT bullet.

    I've loaded for a friends 16.5" T/C carbine and my Rem M7 w/18.5"bbls.

    They prefer Win748/BL-C2; as do most .223's.
    I use 26.9-27.5gr under a 55gr bullet, seated to 2.221" oal except for the plastic tip bullets which I seat a tad longer.

    Others will recommend H335. I didn't see anything exceptional with it.

    My next prefered powder is RL-15, but it is typically compressed. It is exceptional in my Rem M7 with the Sierra 65gr BTSP which is decently accurate from the 1/12" twist, but your results my vary. Sierra recommends at least a 1/10"twist. (I get 3,000fps and kills deer like a .243wcf w/100gr bullets....) As I said, exceptional for a 18.5"bbl in .223.

    I don't care for the lighter bullets in the .223 as BC and SD are low. At and beyond 250yds, the 50gr and heavier bullets out perform the lighter ones. Accuracy with your barrel will favor the 50-52gr bullets. For all-out accuracy, try either BL-C2 or H335. Also perhaps good performers are TAC or "Exterminator" from Western. I've never used either of these so can't speak from experience.
  3. 280shooter

    280shooter Well-Known Member

    thank you

    I will have to try the 55 grn i have 50 grn and have 52 gr coming from midway usa .I have factory fmj in 55 gr, but i like to try and reload close to the factory,aand in the soft point,
  4. rg1

    rg1 Well-Known Member

    26.7 grains of 748 with Hornady's 50gr V-Max shoots great in my Remington XP100R pistol and also equally well in a Rem 600 in .223. That's with RP brass, RP 7 1/2 primers at a col of 2.205".
  5. 280shooter

    280shooter Well-Known Member

    I have some ball ammo i bought a few years back when ammo was a lot cheaper then it is today, I pulled the ball out, and checked the powder, its a tiny ball powder, does anyone know what that might be? maybe blc2? heres whats on the white box,20 butir,5.56 mm, ball m193 lot 81 mal 12-82,,if anyone knows what the powder is i like to know,it does shoot well in my mini 14,
  6. eliphalet

    eliphalet Well-Known Member

    I have used IMR 4198 in several .223's including a Contender with 45 to 55 grain bullets with good success.
  7. Mike 3-4

    Mike 3-4 Member

    HI: I shoot a T/C 21"barrel w/1in14 twist. The best loads in my carbine are with 52grn V-max,26grn Varget,Fed 205, It chronographs 3078 fps, 28.4 es,11.3 sd. You'll also find 26 grn of H4895 is just as good and a tad faster 3200fps.
  8. frankd4

    frankd4 Well-Known Member

    The powder in the old Mil cases is WCC844

    The powder in the old Mil cases is WCC844.

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