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.223 problems

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by redw7blue, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. redw7blue

    redw7blue Member

    I am having some feed problems with my reloaded .223 ammo. I am also trying to shoot them in a new AR-15.

    I am loading 55g bullets with 24g of H335 powder. The problem is the second round is not feeding into the chamber and getting stuck. The round also has markings on it where it is getting stuck somewhere.

    Is 24g not enough powder? Or is it just a new gun and needs some time to break in?

  2. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    24.0 grains H335 / 55 grain bullet is a good middle-ground load and should work just fine.

    By "getting stuck" are you saying it gets stuck before it gets to the chamber?

    Or gets stuck after chambering and the bolt fails to lock all the way?

    Case scratches on AR-15 ammo is usually caused by the magazine feed lips, and is normal.

    Does the gun work with factory loads?

  3. Idano

    Idano Well-Known Member

    Try a different magazine before digging any deeper looking for the problem. Magazines are one of the number one culprits. Since you said the problem is with the second round not feeding then I would guess that you are clearing the chamber with fist round so your load I am guessing your load is not short cycling the gun. You can take that load up to 25.3 grs according to the Hodgdon website so it wouldn't hurt to bump your load up to say 24.7 gr, but I would still try a different magazine first. My experience with the AR is that as a rule the gun preforms better at the higher velocities.
  4. Geneseo1911

    Geneseo1911 Well-Known Member

    Where did the brass come from? Did you FL size it?
  5. redw7blue

    redw7blue Member

    Factory loads work fine.

    It is getting stuck after chambering and the bolt is failing to lock all the way.

    I just shot 10 rounds with NATO brass with 25.1g of H335 and also 10 rounds on commercial brass with 25.1g of H335. I did not crimp either sets and did not have any problems this time. Not sure if more powder helped or not crimping helped.

    I am worried that 25.1 might be to much powder for the NATO brass.
  6. redw7blue

    redw7blue Member

    NATO brass came from top brass and I did not resize it. It said it was resized and it fit just fine in my .223 guage.

    The commercial brass was once fired brass from the range.
  7. Mt Shooter

    Mt Shooter Well-Known Member

    Mine did that, the case length was too long, trim it and should work fine.
  8. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    You need to adjust your sizing die.

    Screw it in until you can feel the shell holder. Then screw it in another 1/8 - 1/4 turn.
    There should be a definite "bump" when you reach full press toggle extension.

    What is happening is the flex in the press linkage is allowing the die to spring away from the shell holder and you are not completely resizing the case.

    You can chamber-check your resized cases in the gun to see if the bolt will lock on them.

    Then, make sure you are not accidently crimping when you seat the bullet.
    A heavy crimp will buckle the shoulder imperceptibly, but they won't chamber, and will be near impossible to get back out!

    If you do want to crimp, you have to trim every case to exactly the same length.
    Or else use a Lee FCD collet crimp die which is not length critical.

  9. steve4102

    steve4102 Well-Known Member

    Hey blue, Take Rc's advice and adjust those sizing and seating dies. You are loading for an auto-loader and the brass needs to be sized properly and those shoulders bumped back for easy chambering..

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