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.223 questions

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by VetteV12, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. VetteV12

    VetteV12 Well-Known Member

    I'm going to be buying a .223 for varmints/coyote hunting and the 2 that I've narrowed it down to is the savage arms 10 predator hunter and thier 12FVSS. The main differance is that the predator is a heavy 22" barrel with full cammo over the gun, and the 12FVSS is stianless with a 26" bull and fluted barrel. Both have the same twist of 1:9.

    351 WINCHESTER Well-Known Member

    You don't need a 26" bbl. for a .223. It's just a waste of good gun metal.
  3. W.E.G.

    W.E.G. Well-Known Member

  4. Coltdriver

    Coltdriver Well-Known Member

    The 1 in 9 twist is made to stabilize a bullet over 55 grains.

    You might take a look at the ballistics of .223 bullets over 55 grains and ask yourself why you would want to mess with them.

    A standard 1 in 12 twist .223 is a great 235 yard flat shooter. With a 55 grain bullet or less.

    The 1 in 9 twist may not help at all with a 40 grain bullet.

    You will start to get a fairly significant arc with a bullet much over 55 grains when shooting from a .223. regardless of the twist.

    Savage makes a great rifle. I would look for one with a 1 in 12 twist if I were buying .223 for shooting coyotes. And my experience is that a 22 to a 24 inch barrel is all you need. In fact it may well be the case that a 26 inch barrel is slower for the same charge than a 22 inch barrel.
  5. Slamfire

    Slamfire Well-Known Member

    Yes, I don't think you are going to get much if any useful velocity from the longer barrel. Just check to see if you like the balance and if it fits in a gun case.

    I have some 26" barreled match rifles. In 308 you get a trifle more velocity and a bit more sight radius. But they don't balance as well as my 24" barreled rifles and they are harder to fit in a case.
  6. jhansman

    jhansman Well-Known Member

    I have the Savage 12VLP (almost got the 12FVSS, but opted for the other), and it is easily the most accurate rifle I have yet shot. Yes, it's big with that 26" barrel, but if you are varminting from a fixed spot, the gun size ought not matter that much, and the extra 4" will serve you.
  7. skinewmexico

    skinewmexico Well-Known Member

    My 1-7 Savage shoots 80g Berger VLDs very well from 500 yards out. I'd get the 12, so if I wanted to change the barrel and do something else with it some day, it wouldn't look so Fuddite.

    I feel the same way about a fully camo'd rifle. People killed coyotes for years with out it. And you can get a camo job that is just as effective with a couple of cans of Krylon.
  8. stubbicatt

    stubbicatt Well-Known Member

    I have a longer barrel on my CZ which has the slower 12 inch twist. It balances nicely.

    I've owned and shot the heavy barrel rifles, and I really think that a properly manufactured rifle with a "skinny" barrel will shoot as well as the heavy barrels, and it is so much more pleasant to carry.

  9. rangerruck

    rangerruck Well-Known Member

    Really, you may need to move fast, and track, and that could be hard and entangleing to do with a 26 in bbl. the full cammo job one from savage, was made for , and designed specifically for, yote hunting, so that should tell you something. the 26 in bbl job, is made for dog towns, and target shooting to long range. Plus , if you are gonna hump around in the woods, a 26 in bbl is much heavier, and gets hung up easier , on a lot of F(*& you vines.
  10. vmfrantz

    vmfrantz Well-Known Member

    I agree with stubbycat that a smaller contour barrle can shoot just as well. Although that only works for me when I dont shoot a lot of rounds consecutivly. You will need to give the barrle time to cool between shots. I know, I have tried this.
  11. trstafford

    trstafford Well-Known Member

    short and light in 223 heavy in 22-250

    If you are stuck on getting a 223 then consider this CZ in 223


    If you are wanting the rifle and the cartridge is not a problem consider stepping up to 22-250 or 243 in the long barrel they will better utilize the longer barrel length.

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