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257 Wby Build

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by CountGlockulla, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. CountGlockulla

    CountGlockulla Well-Known Member

    I picked up a NIB Weatherby Vanguard Series I in .257 wby mag for $250. The one with the crappy black plastic stock. Ive always wanted a rifle in this caliber and I've also have been wanting a nice, lightweight "mountain" rifle. There is also a chance that I will get to go to Kazakhstan to hunt Ibex in the next 2 years so I thought why not.

    I'm willing to put up to $2500 including optics into the build. Maybe a little more if I need to.

    1. The trigger is nice enough for hunting so I'm okay there. If I do replace with an aftermarket trigger these are made by Howa correct? Which brand would you recommend?
    2. Even though I haven't shot it yet, the stock has got to go. When replaced I will have it properly bedded. Have you had good luck with the B&C Medalist that is on the newer Weatherbys? Should I just spring for the McMillan Edge?
    3. I'm hoping after the stock mods the gun will shoot well. The barrel is only a 24". Any reason to go ahead and replace with a 26"? I'm guessing I'm only giving up 75 fps, but that is a wild, unqualified guess.
    4. Keeping in mind I want to keep this as lightweight as possible for its intended purpose, what scope would you suggest? You think a Nightforce 2.5-10 compact is too heavy?
  2. GooseGestapo

    GooseGestapo Well-Known Member

    I have a Vanguard in .257wby. It too wears the plastic stock.
    I've free-floated the forend on the stock and epoxy bedded the rear reciever and forward reciever lug.
    I also replaced the horrid factory trigger with a Timney replacement. The trigger is not the "Howa" trigger. The "Howa" trigger is actually much better than the trigger that Weatherby was putting on them at the time my rifle was built. (circa '05-'06).

    If I were to rebarrel the rifle, I'd definitely go with a 26-27" bbl. But, don't expect a Howa/Weatherby to be a "featherweight" mountain rifle....However given the velocity and accuracy of my current bbl, I'll just stick with the 24" factory bbl.

    If I were to re-stock I'd go to a local pawn shop that has a Vanguard in .30/06 with a nice walnut factory stock on it. I buy the rifle, swap stocks and then take the '06 back and re-sell it back at the "trade in" value. For about $100 I'd have the wood stock....

    Mine wears a Nikon "Buckmasters" 3x-9x scope. For big-game, this is more than enough magnification.

    If I had your "budget", I'd order a Weatherby Super-Featherweight Big-game Master w/stainless fluted bbl and synthetic stock (about $1,300.00 iircc). Trade in your Vanguard, and install a Leupold 2.5-8x VX-3 and call it good..... And buy a good laser range finder, binoculars/spotting scope and hiking boots with whats left over.....

    I've got a whopping $450.00 in my Vanguard ($250 for rifle, $175 scope/rings) +$90.00 for the Timney trigger. It shoots near 1/2" @ 100yds and gets 3,600fps+ with a 100gr Hornady PtSpt "Blems" I bought for ~$9/100 several years back..... A decent investment in a "beanfield" rifle. My Vanguard weighs ~10lbs..... not a tote all day in the mountains rifle... I've got a Rem. Mod-7 that (2 actually, 7mm08, and .260Rem) that are far-far superior "walk-about" rifles.... I even got bursitis in my left elbow carrying the .257wby to and from some deer stands in Alabama in '07. Have only hunted with the rifle twice since that season....

    If I were in your "shoes", I'd trade the Vanguard for a Remington M700 "MountainRifle" in .270 and get the Leupold scope and call it good.... For something more "exotic", get it in .280Rem and have it reamed to .280AI....
    You're going to have a hard time getting a rifle that will "out-shoot" what you have already got, and it's going to cost you $$$$ to get it done... and still only be a 1.5-2moa gun with a sufficiently light barrel to achieve your weight goals....
    But, it's YOUR money, after all...
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2012
  3. MachIVshooter

    MachIVshooter Well-Known Member

    If I had that kind of coin to drop and wanted an ultralight mountain rifle, I'd go with Kimber's Mountan Ascent in .280 AI and top it with a Leupold VX-3 2.5-8x. Rifle, scope & rings would curb at just over 6 lbs.

    If you really want wood, the walnut-stocked 84L is still just 6 lbs 2 oz (and a bit less expensive).

    I'm a Remington guy, and do all my hunting with M700's (.17 Rem, .25-06 Rem, 8mm Rem Mag and .375 RUM) and a 673 guide gun (.350 Rem Mag). But if I were shopping today, I'd go with Kimber.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2012
  4. CountGlockulla

    CountGlockulla Well-Known Member

    Okay so I beat you guys to the punch before even reading the thread.

    I walke ino a gun store today to get some .257 ammo and walked out with a nice deal on a Kimber Montana in 270 wsm. The Vanguard is going up for sell.
  5. JustinNC

    JustinNC Well-Known Member

    Ill give ya $200 for it...being as it aint technically "new" ;)
  6. MachIVshooter

    MachIVshooter Well-Known Member

    You'll love it. I don't particularly care for the WSM cartridges, but it should do everything you need it to quite well.

    Even though I have MORE than enough big-game legal (Colorado) rifles .244", .257", .264", .284", .298", .308", .311", .323", .358", .375" and .458" (multiple cartridges in some diameters), I still have a hankering for an 84L classic select grade in .280 AI. Lord help me if I stumble across a good deal on one. lol.
  7. CountGlockulla

    CountGlockulla Well-Known Member

    I would love to have a 280. I'm a 7mm fan. If this gun doesn't shoot like I want it will be rebarreled I'm 7 wsm.
  8. CountGlockulla

    CountGlockulla Well-Known Member

    Also I forgot to mention I have an excellent "walk about" rifle for 300 yards or less (which realistically all my kills have been under this). A ruger gunsite in .308. Very, very handy.

    Some of the Kazakh guides are saying 350+ meter shots are not uncommon so I wanted something with a little more umph. This should do it. I'm looking at a Swaro Z3 for the scope.

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  9. Moparnut

    Moparnut Well-Known Member

    I'll give 250 and pay for shipping! Lol
  10. CountGlockulla

    CountGlockulla Well-Known Member

    I sold it on a local forum for $300 within 21 mins of posting. If he backs out I'll let you know.
  11. ElToro

    ElToro Well-Known Member

    Is .257 wby as common as 270 wsm in every corner store in khazakstan?

    I would have stuck with the weatherby and put a good stock and optics on it and new trigger aNd called it good. Then again I'm not going on any international hunts an time soon either. I know a guy hat took a Marco polo sheep somewhere near there. That ain't a cheap hunt Or easy at those elevations Good luck.
  12. CountGlockulla

    CountGlockulla Well-Known Member

    According to one guide over there 270 wsm is pretty popular on thier hunts. Im not counting on being able to buy it there however.
  13. pwillie

    pwillie Well-Known Member

    I took a stock Winchester model 70 classic with boss,and put a Hart Match Grade barrel (26) in 257 Weatherby...1/4 @ 200 yds.....Mc Millian stock,topped off with a 4x16x50 Swarovski TDS..trigger is set @ 2.5... Excellent,and feels like a 22 recoil...taken white tails @ 450 yds...mainly because that as far as we have shots.....257 Weatherby Nosler PT,120 gr. Best rifle I own... I do have a 25-06 Ruger No 1 that can be punched out to 257,but I'm fine with it..Action is as smooth as butter...:)

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