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.25ACP CZ 45 misfires

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by BEARMAN, Jan 26, 2005.


    BEARMAN Well-Known Member

    Just got a CZ 45 double action only .25 acp because it was inexpensive and reported to not have too many problems. First trip to range with a brand new box of WINCHESTER WHITE BOX .25 ACP I have about 4 out of 15 failure to fire, even with multiple primer strikes. Is the WINCHESTER WHITE BOX .25 acp noted for bad primers ? Or should I be checking my firing pin or hammer spring? When it fired it was right in the centre of an IPSC target at about 10 yards which is not bad for a pocket pistol with a groove down the top of the slide for a sight.

    MICHAEL T Well-Known Member

    I belive I would check everything, and try a different brand of ammo. Then if I still have a problem, time to be sent back.Might send it back any way just to be safe. My self I've never had a 25 fail to fire.
  3. guy sajer

    guy sajer Well-Known Member

    Cool little pistol ! I owned one at one time . I'm guessing yours is dated in the late 1940's ?

    Do to age and possible use , I would consider checking into spring replacements from Wolff Springs . I believe they offer some for this model .

    Also , remove the slide and take a look at the firing pin . Push it from the rear to check that it moves freely and to inspect the firing pin tip for damage . If it's gritty , flush it out with some Hornady "One Shot" spray cleaner/lube . Since the slide's off , go ahead and pull the grips , then flush the trigger mechanism as well .

    Let us know what you find . These are well built pistols .

    BEARMAN Well-Known Member

    Bought some REMINGTON UMC YELLOW BOX .25 ACP, everyone I fired, shot without a hitch, burp or missfire. Tried a few of the WINCHESTER WHITE BOX stuff AGAIN, three or four in a row no fire ,some maybe fired on the second hammer fall. Either my hammer spring is too light and WINCHESTER PRIMERS ARE HARDER than REMINGTON PRIMERS or I got a bad box of Winchester stuff.

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